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t12415.122019-06-21Question regarding a VN you ratedI found a website that lists the characters.
t12415.102019-06-09Question regarding a VN you ratedI got some good news. I found more information about the game including the characters.
t12415.92019-06-05Question regarding a VN you ratedThere's this website. I think it sells for real cheap. link
t12415.72019-06-04Question regarding a VN you ratedI also rated it a 10 because it had an interesting story and really good beautiful relaxing music.
t12415.62019-06-04Question regarding a VN you ratedI basically rated this a 10 because of the character design.
t12415.42019-06-04Question regarding a VN you ratedIs 186000578001 the product code?
t12415.22019-06-04Question regarding a VN you ratedHoly. I never realized this is an extremely rare game. I found out about this on blind pure luck. I never thought a game that looked pretty