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t14915.142020-10-27Why were you drawn to visual novels?I seen a lot of talk surrounding Katawa Shoujo and wanted to read it for the sake of investigating a new medium. In retrospect it was definitely a
t14865.162020-10-25Birth controlIt's true that the genetic "issues" with it are exaggerated, riddled with asterisks, fallacies and misattributed external factors, especially when
t14860.82020-10-16Best heroine.Konami, yeah. Yuuri and Tina were competitors for the title but Yuuri's route being practically invaded by her sister took away from some
t14854.102020-10-14The r/visualnovels growth in the past 2 monthsWhy anyone here would use that cesspit of a website, let alone keep track of its traffic, is beyond me. It's depressing to think that's the sort of
t14849.42020-10-12Restoration patchCan attest with the post above that it's no longer being worked on, unfortunately. Conversely, the fandisc was actually fully translated and released
t14848.122020-10-12Why Don't More People Read Visual Novels? AnalysisDouble-edged sword. More popularity would mean more money filtering in, thus more translations, which would benefit me particularly since my chronic
t14819.132020-10-09Which is your favourite vndb theme to use?I'm using the Gekkou no Carnevale (black) theme, though now I feel inferior for not being able to read it.
t14476.32020-08-06Scenes being skipped automatically"are you sure it's not just still capturing your mouse/keyboard inputs when you're on the other window?"I'm not sure, actually. I've never had
t14476.12020-08-06Scenes being skipped automaticallyI noticed that, occasionally, when I minimise the window or overlay it with another window, the VN reads ahead automatically. I could leave the room
t14461.112020-08-05Censorship and 17+ English.Funny because from the art style I initially thought this was a nukige, only to discover it was censored for some inexplicable reason.
t823.172020-07-29How is this game?It's an incredibly short VN, which I don't think done it any favours as far as the pacing was concerned. For example, most of the separate events and
t13802.132020-07-28favorite heroineMadoka obviously received the most narrative attention as far as writing was concerned and had an appreciable dynamic with the MC even after the
t14295.302020-07-08Which VN has your favorite soundtrack?The entire Grisaia trilogy, really. Elements Garden are great composers. Hoshizora no Memoria has two particular tracks I'm especially fond of as
t14207.42020-06-18Favorite heroineI wasn't particularly fond of any of them, which is unusual for me as far as VNs are concerned. Probably Alice or Keiko but they all had this visibly
t12919.152020-05-17Best girl?Saya was the most entertaining, had the best route to boot.
t12865.82020-04-29What is this about?The power of two.
t3473.762020-04-19Favorite Route Voting Poll"Not sure why you say this about "without any actual incest" - are you using an AA version or something? Was there a subsequent TL where Chinami was
t13816.182020-04-18VN centered on life after marriage, ....not NTR!That you have to specifically request for there to be no NTR is telling of the majority of the contents of this "theme". That said, I'd imagine
t12588.92020-04-06If the sister doesn't win we riotDefinitely. Somehow I doubt Shigure will get any romantic or erotic scenes though, unfortunately.
t13351.32020-03-02Read before you enjoy this"Each twin has her own route or both of them only shares a threesome rotue/ending? Or maybe both?"Their routes are shared.
t12794.262020-02-20How often do you listen to the full voiced lines?I always read quicker than the line is actually delivered so end up skipping past them, though I do enable the voice to continue after reading the
t13459.162020-02-07What do you look for in a good VN story?A solid aesthetic, quality character dynamic (making for entertaining interactions where you wonder well in advance how they would clash or meld with
t13174.162019-11-29So, Future Eroges can be uncensoredCensorship is rarely, if ever welcome. If this leads to me not having to pollute my eyes with hideous mosaics anymore then this is a positive
t11095.72019-07-21So Takaaki...The MC is hardly the most annoying thing about this VN, especially when you have what is potentially the single most insufferable heroine in any
t12599.162019-07-14Kirari is not a slutBeing non-virgin doesn't make you a slut if you only have one partner throughout your life, granted. Of course, when you decide to become a lustful
t12543.1112019-07-04Is this really a tone work's game?Not surprising. Toneworks devolving into shamelessly forcing NTR into their visual novels was something I could see the groundwork for even in
t12394.132019-06-06General DiscussionIt tries too hard to be self-aware. Constant fourth wall breaking, memes and inside jokes. My main issue is that the routes themselves are
t12198.62019-05-06English ReleaseI would've thought that the "spiritual prequels" to Grisaia (the entire -uta trilogy) would've been translated by now. Perhaps Frontwing found them
t11846.22019-01-25Do you read the train talk?The train talk is most of the VN to be honest. It's interlaced with discussion of local politics, the surrounding region and the community but I
t11765.62019-01-12majiro.bin crashUnfortunately I couldn't find any fix for this, including the Windows compatibility mode and running it as admin. I also stupidly deleted
t11434.172019-01-10Onikiss announced by SolPressI know it's got all the fundamentals, but I still don't get the popularity, Moonstone's other translated titles are a lot better at what they do
t11434.152019-01-10Onikiss announced by SolPress#14 Imopara didn't really pull it off too well though, especially the actual "imouto" aspect. Felt more like a roommate sex simulator, but I never
t11645.132018-12-14Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...I'm sure there are numerous better ways to translate "onii-chan" for an English audience (if at all) if the character in question isn't actually the
t5540.372018-11-09Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki, opinions?"I recently started to play this game again after dropping it once a long while back. Then I finished the common route, and dropped it again, for the
t7134.202018-11-06Irotoridori no Sekai -GD-We'll see how good that reason is when it's released. If it had as much reason as Hoshimemo had (none) then I doubt it. There's a notable difference
t7134.182018-11-06Irotoridori no Sekai -GD-"For the most part best vns have true routes (for example ALL games from Key), exceptions are rare (Type moon). True route doesn't mean what "other
t11467.332018-11-06Abortion in vn?Have you considered that maybe they don't want an abortion? You have to consider that for one it's taken a lot less liberally than many other options
t11427.92018-10-31Order Routes????"It's funny you mention the alternate dimension thing, because that's exactly what Rewrite does, and it's hardly intrusive. I'd argue against your
t11427.72018-10-31Order Routes????You reply to me a lot, I guess we disagree on many points. Rewrite and Symphonic Rain aren't moege and even then it's blatantly obvious that the non
t11427.52018-10-30Order Routes????Up to you. The great thing about Yuzusoft is that they don't make VNs that have all but one heroine being useless padding (which is unfortunately far
t11422.132018-10-28Homophobia"but homosexual/bisexual characters in JVNs are almost always just there for fetish value and rarely to express any sort of message or theme."Most
t11422.102018-10-28HomophobiaDoesn't sound like much a problem to be honest. Otherwise you end up with a western VN situation where most of the characters are homosexual/bisexual
t7134.142018-10-27Irotoridori no Sekai -GD-"That's an awfully loaded statement there. Off the top of my head, the Nasuverse eroge and the Hiei Baldr games both use a heroine-based route system
t7134.122018-10-27Irotoridori no Sekai -GD-I can't really call it anything else other than a nakige (and by that logic even Hoshimemo would apply after the common route), maybe. Even then I
t7134.82018-10-27Irotoridori no Sekai -GD-Because true routes in any heroine focused non-kinetic VN are essentially the developers insulting you for preferring any of the other heroines or
t7134.52018-10-27Irotoridori no Sekai -GD-I was interested in this but found out it had a true route. Really kills my enthusiasm for a VN
t10429.132018-10-26nice to see this getting translatedI'm definitely willing to buy Yuzusoft moege if nothing else (mainly because it's a step above most other VNs in that genre, as most of the other
t3473.672018-10-19Favorite Route Voting PollNever read Little Busters or Majikoi but from what I've heard they're both somewhat stereotypical circle-of-friends type VNs with an absolute
t8188.62018-10-18NTRTo be fair Sumika did warn you in advance the scene she was going to show you was fucked up. I mean it might appeal to NTR lovers but it really didn
t3473.652018-10-18Favorite Route Voting PollI never meant to compare her route to literal EVN shovelware made in someones spare hour they had off or a shock value guro VN made for the sole