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5Finished1bitHeartNice aesthetic, but didn't connect with me at all. I'm a bit confused as to what the story was trying to accomplish. Was the point that Nanashi is a psychopath that doesn't actually get what empathy is and is just pretending, or did I miss something? Also the ship between Mikoto and Nanashi is kinda creepily pedophilic. I mean, sure, it's anime and whatnot, this shit is common, I was just a tad weirded out ^^'2019-02-05
6FinishedA Day in the Life of a Slice of BreadReminds me a little of The Stanley Parable, but with bread.2018-12-09
4FinishedA Harmless BiteI like Cocco's design a lot tbh. Other than that, uhhh... I'll be honest, it's a case of Dead Dove, Do Not Eat: I don't know what I expected. (The gore-y bits were cool tho)2020-07-24
-StalledAMNESIAI've read the prologue and a tiny bit on one route ages ago, then stalled because my old laptop was a piece of junk that couldn't even run a goddamn VN properly. Will get back to it one of these days. (...Plus, I bought it only because it was the first big-name, high-quality VN I've seen on Steam. Yeah, I know, I'm dumb ;w;)2018-11-11
7FinishedAsagao Academy: Normal Boots ClubWarning: This VN WILL make you subscribe to every single creator that appears in it.2018-11-11
5FinishedBAD ENDIf you don't want to put romance in, just don't. Trust me, your story will be better for it.2018-11-27
5FinishedBard Quest2022-06-252022-06-012022-06-01
5FinishedCarpe DiemWhat a twist! Fuck you :)2018-11-11
-StalledCarpe Diem: Reboot2018-11-112020-01-08
6FinishedCateauAll those years trying to befriend every animal I come across finally came in handy~2020-04-202020-04-202020-04-20
7StalledCLANNADHOW FUCKING DUMB CAN YOU BE SUNOHARA?!! (I still love you <3) UPTADE: After completing the Sunohara route I'm pretty sure no other will appeal to me quite as much, so I'm stalling it for now. High school SOL drama can't stay interesting forever, even one as good as this one. Will resume on another date.2018-11-21
6FinishedDaisy ChainDetective work + bunnies + cute visuals = SOLD!!! <32018-12-26
-StalledDandy ShotStalled mostly because the game was a technical mess on my old laptop, hadn't gotten back into it yet because A - I don't feel the need to, B - I've read some horrendous reviews that make me even less enthusiastic about picking it up again... Which I will. Eventually.2018-11-11
1FinishedDanny Devito Dating SimWhy do I keep finding this trash?!2018-12-16
2FinishedDeathdays EndNothing ever goes anywhere (as it is, apparently, just a prologue to a longer story... How nice of the dev to specify this exactly nowhere...). None of the supposedly Japanese characters and places have Japanese names (plus the names that are used are cheesy as heck). Not how split personality works. Not really how surgery works. Pretty sure not how juvenile deliquent facility works, either. Needless shock value. Technical issues. What is the point of this VN, anyway? I do hope that the author will continue to improve and do better in the future, as it's clearly their first project and there is some potential poking it's head out, but as it is, it's just not good.2018-12-27
6FinishedDetective Butler: Maiden Voyage Murder2019-04-28
5FinishedDino DearestSurprisingly funny. Shame that we'll probably never see the continuation...2019-01-03
7FinishedDoki Doki Literature Club!I just wanted to date Natsuki, dammit ;v;2018-11-11
2FinishedDonald Trump Dating SimI swear to God I don't go looking for this crap, yet it keeps finding me2018-12-27
7Finished(Don't) Open Your EyesFren, please, stop running away from me so that I can tell you how you look ;-; I want to help you, I really do, but I can't if you keep doing that... You poor thing.2019-12-312019-12-312020-01-08
4FinishedDungeons and Don't Do ItBit of a visual mish-mash, to be honest. The story is fine I guess, but the main character was annoying. Oh, and most of the side quests and their characters don't really tie together at all, which I think is a tad of a missed opportunity.2018-12-312020-04-202020-04-20
5FinishedEmily is AwayLemme smash. Please.2018-11-11
6FinishedFox HimeIt made me want to learn Chinese just to make a retlanslation patch. Seriously, Mori-chan deserves so much better than this >:(2018-11-11
6FinishedFox Hime ZeroThis one's readable at least. Mako is still fantastic, tho she acts more like a stereotypical loli in this one. Still liked it tho.2018-11-11
8FinishedGyakuten SaibanIt's still the best one in the series and no one can convince me therwise. The relationship between Wright and Edgeworth is probably the best part of this VN, but it may be just my internal fujoshi speaking... Also what the fuck, the last chapter had me literally yelling ;w;2018-11-11
7FinishedGyakuten Saiban 2'Twas ok. Pearls is cute as heck. Franziska is ok, but I like most of the other prosecutors better...2018-11-11
7FinishedGyakuten Saiban 3One word: Godot. 'Nuff said. A+2018-11-11
5FinishedGyakuten Saiban 4The only thing I really like about this one is Apollo. How ironic: the entry that I like the least introduced my absolute favourite character in the whole series...2018-11-11
6FinishedGyakuten Saiban 5Hey look, it's a post-original trilogy game that has a prosecutor that doesn't suck! Incredible.2018-11-11
6FinishedGyakuten Saiban 6MAYA'S BACK MAYA'S BACK MAYA'S BACK MAYA'S BACK-!!!2018-11-11
6FinishedHakoniwa no GakuenCute animu faces smeared with blood make this VN perfect for me. It's a shame that some parts of the mystery weren't explained all that well...2018-11-21
10StalledHakuouki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~The first VN I've read and still the best one. Absolute favourite <3 And yes, I technically still hadn't finished it... Look, forcing myself to read through even the most wonderful of VNs will lessen the enjoyment tremendously. I'll come back for the other half of it, for sure, but only when I feel up to it. Which will probably be soon, actually.2018-11-112014-09-26
1FinishedHarold Dating SimTrue masterpiece :)2018-12-16
6FinishedHatoful Kareshi ~Kibou no Gakuen to Shiroi Tsubasa~Yes, the pigeon game is actually pretty good. Not kidding.2018-11-11
5Finishedher tears were my lightLove the concept. The characters and artstyle are so adorable, oh my God <32020-04-202020-04-202020-04-20
8StalledHigurashi no Naku Koro niRe-read Onikakushi and damn, it's just as good as I remember, if not better~ It's a little bit sad that one of the most relatable things in the story is the paranoia... ;v;2018-11-112020-04-11
9FinishedHomestuckGuess who got infected with the Homestuck Shitidiot Brain Fungus in Anno Domini 2022? *points to self* This bitch!!! It really is worth the hype. All those Tumblr kids were on to something.2022-06-252022-06-032022-06-20
5FinishedHomestuck Beta2022-06-252022-06-032022-06-03
5FinishedJailbreakReally dumb and gross, but also really fun. Good for a quick laugh.2022-06-252022-06-012022-06-01
5FinishedJurassic HeartContains a dinosaur. GOTY.2019-01-03
6FinishedKaii Keijiban to Nanatsu no UwasaRather good for a mobile game. The mysteries were pretty engaging.2019-01-24
1FinishedKasane Teto and Hatsune Miku are LesbiansThe songs made me smile a little.2018-12-17
4FinishedKokonoe KokoroA monster girl game where the fact that the heroine is a monster girl doesn't even show in the descriptions, much less dialogue. It's just... Boring.2018-11-27
3FinishedLegends of Talia: ArcadiaThe dragon was cool, but that's about it.2018-11-11
4FinishedLilium x TriangleCute girls doing cute things. 'Nuff said. Also smut.2019-02-17
5FinishedLily's Day Off2018-11-11
5FinishedLily's Night Off2018-11-11
-StalledMaitetsuI like trains2019-12-31
2FinishedMonmusuDoes this even count as a novel? Whatevs, the girls are cute.2018-11-11