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t13172.12019-11-20happens same timeFull Kiss and Full Kiss S really happens at the same time.
t12805.22019-11-10Hinata? No thanks (spoilers)what a waste Hinata route especially the last part is so good. Actually i would say that him choosing to give up his sense of duty is a good thing as
t13116.172019-11-07Rating 'bad' gamesI guess there are people who rate it on interesting or not. There are some visual novel that can be very boring all the way. Not interesting at all
t8350.22019-11-07Short Reviewits quite interesting, sad that u dropped it. The girls do mature which is good. U played it without even completing a single route. Touko route
t5112.52019-11-06Shinobu Deserves her own routeNot surprise Shinobu is a girl i mean it was quite obvious
t13068.72019-10-27Bishoujo vs Otome gameBishojo games are better since otome games the characters are too handsome and always handsome so it makes it boring. Bishojo ones is better cause
t13034.72019-10-26feng is now under bankruptcy proceedingshoshizora e kakaru hashi series and akaneiro ni somaru saka are still currently their best vn to date tbh.
t13034.62019-10-26feng is now under bankruptcy proceedingswell Yumeiro isnt that good overall. Like at least 2 routes were good. The true route which is the sister and the miko girl route. The rest is normal
t13059.12019-10-24Realised that both girls will lead to DC2So Nemu is the main heroine in da capo. Kotori is the main for alt da capo. I realise that these two will end up with Sakura creating da capo 2. I
t13055.12019-10-24Did u enjoy D.C. 4 compared to the other 3I find this disappointing as some info are in the wrong routes. i mean only a few routes were enjoyable. I would rather replay D.C. I to D.C. III
t13049.42019-10-24D.C. and D.C.4 happens at the same timeso DC4 lacks compared to the other DC in plot wise other than the main heroine and true route.
t13054.12019-10-24Chiyoko route no revealDisappointment. I think the daughter revealed should be in Chiyoko route so its sad. I mean some point they will learn that Shiina is their child as
t13049.12019-10-23D.C. and D.C.4 happens at the same timeDoes the two happen at the same time. The D.C. Characters that appear are young. Its definitely not timeskip since it is young Sakura. D.C. 4 is
t12833.22019-10-23-SPOILER- DC 4 as basic problem in DC seriesIn other words, D.C.4 is focused on Sakura tree. So this happens during the same time as the D.C.
t13040.32019-10-23DCI and DCIV Kotori differentyes we are. Am talking about the kotori from D.C. and D.C.4
t7260.82019-10-23Canon uncertaintyOtome is the canon girl for D.C II and Rikka and Ricca for D.C. III. Nemu for D.C .
t10816.42019-10-22true route disc?#3 she is the true heroine simply because of Sakura which is their grand daughter. If u have seen the ending and p.p also implies that she is the
t13043.12019-10-20Rikka route is niceRikka tells the story about Ricca is so good.
t13040.12019-10-19DCI and DCIV Kotori differentAre the two Kotori different
t13025.12019-10-14Route order.what do u all think of the route order. I feel that the order is Himekami Akane, Christina Aimi Ravenscroft, Kayano Nagisa, Amakake Naho and than
t13024.12019-10-14Common route how is itHow do u find the common route. I found it quite boring.
t13019.32019-10-14timing for this vnI see. But it looks like it long. playing it and it took the thirty hours to fifty range instead of ten.
t13011.32019-10-14about MCHe does train with Asuka again only in her route alongside his own teacher. The two of them train and teach everything they know to Asuka. So only
t13019.12019-10-13timing for this vnIs this really ten hours to thirty hours as it feels longer than that its common route is quite long and some more it is quite long. Its more like
t12976.82019-10-07Piano Duet denied reason weirdthis is different from those.
t12976.62019-10-07Piano Duet denied reason weirdI see. but how many needs to be named
t12976.42019-10-07Piano Duet denied reason weirdthere are quite a number of visual novels with that tag but it becomes spoilers. I can name for u.
t12922.62019-10-07Asaka Ushiothere is no canon pairing since none of the other heroines were intro at all. plus there is only one heroine who goes to the cake shop. The rest
t12968.52019-10-05favorite heroineoriginal poll Mashiro won. and Misaki is 2nd most popular. Gotta love Mashiro after.
t12976.12019-10-05Piano Duet denied reason weirdDenied. We don't even have a pianist tag, this seems way overly specific. I know it's way overly specific but we do have a pianist tag. that tag is
t11353.72019-10-02GDThis isn't half as good as Wagamama High Spec or the OC after. Tbh it is quite boring compared to the Wagamama high spec. played it and its ok. Most
t7319.52019-09-30Connection between with AmaKanoRuika route is with Koharu. Kanade route is none and Kanade and Yuuki is related seems like it. Though Kanade and Koharu should have also been done
t12922.32019-09-28Asaka UshioIkr. It is her though as an easter egg. she never really change. only voice but sounds older no face though. This means that quite a few years has
t12922.12019-09-27Asaka UshioSeems like she has a voice that is female adult baker and the way she talks is very much like Ushio and her speech is very Ushio like.
t5479.82019-09-19Green Green GDIts up to u as the remake only has 5 heroines also so there is no diff. its the same 5 heroines except the art style is better and updated. That's
t7508.42019-09-18What do you think about this game?baldr series seems more focus on the battle than romance. I think this game is ok but I prefer Passage. some of their Kiss series are quite
t215.862019-09-18Edelweiss - General Discussionshould have played Haruka route last as she is the main heroine and also her route is the best out of all the routes there. The other routes lacked
t5479.52019-09-18Green Green GDoverdrive edition and original ed has no diff just updated art that is all.
t12876.32019-09-18Madoka Route represents the title of this vnUi is the main heroine but her route has nothing to do with the title.
t8792.32019-09-17Your Impression for this game?It is so so
t12876.12019-09-17Madoka Route represents the title of this vnplaying all the routes and Madoka route is the only one that felt like the name of the title. The rest of them doesn't at all feel like it.
t7785.32019-09-17The animeThe anime was better for Ui route only in terms of confession but overall loses compared to the vn. Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi is actually Madoka Route
t12856.12019-09-13same placeI just realised that this and Kiss Bell and some other have the same places so is it possible that it is the same setting
t12461.12019-06-14Just RealisedJudging the way they did Tania route before her confession, I realise that both Takumi and Tania already had feelings for each other but they did not
t12456.12019-06-13Kyudo is not archery and it is under its ownKyudo is also said to be different than archery and it is not just to hit the target, it also is to practice meditative Zen. If its possible can the
t8414.22019-05-29there is one more heroineactually Tokino sister and Tokino are the two new heroine as Tokino is not a heroine in the main game but a side
t7763.72019-05-20I need some spoils!!Agreed even Kitsune is also damn annoying unless u enter her route. I prefer Erika as a side character than as a main. Oh Satou and Erika and Kitsune
t7763.52019-05-19I need some spoils!!Erika more likeable when she is his wife. TBH I don't really like Erika at all she is like the most dislikeable character unless u play her route
t12351.12019-05-18Just realisedWho is Leo wife will affect who else becomes his childhood friend.
t12308.32019-05-18Sequel and fandisc problems.1 and 2 are mostly the same while 3 is alternate and added new stuff.