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r54397.62021-06-19 at 16:17sodderyAkaya Akashiya AyakashinoIs complete patch
r78908.22021-03-29 at 19:09sodderyDa Capo Dialog Update PatchUpdated links for patch to direct to the blogpost detailing the patch and a direct link to patch.
r78908.12021-03-29 at 19:03sodderyDa Capo Dialog Update PatchCreated release for the Da Capo Dialog Update patch from Doddler.
r45595.312021-03-05 at 05:38sodderyBokuten – Why I Became an AngelWhile the Nitro games store was discontinued, servers can still sell games by joining the server and purchasing them. This can be done by joining
r75699.12020-11-12 at 15:57sodderySengoku Rance Limited EditionCreated the release entry for the hardcopy release of Sengoku Rance most information can be found at the original store page: link MangaGamer
r45595.282020-08-04 at 22:27sodderyBokuten – Why I Became an AngelBokuten returned to Steam on 8/4/2020.