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t19861.52023-03-10Is Fragmentation Dream included in REGRET END?Who knows, it hasn't even released yet and kind of doubt MangaGamer knew about it before it was announced to work a deal out for it. Hapymaher sold
t19861.32023-03-09Is Fragmentation Dream included in REGRET END?Cool, that seems likely it will include FD. Will be picking this up then.
t19861.12023-02-24Is Fragmentation Dream included in REGRET END?I saw Fragmentation Dream was added in relation to REGRET END on vndb, but the only mention of it I saw on the listing and webpage mention the new
t2108.50232023-01-04Candidates for deletionlink Game hasn't been mentioned since 2020 by the publisher after being banned by Steam and Yggdrasill Interactive has been inactive on social media
t2108.49602022-11-20Candidates for deletionr98735 dupe of r98736 r98734 dupe of r98733
t2108.49542022-11-17Candidates for deletionlink is not a dupe and is to differentiate the Steam version which requires a patch to the 18+ version that was confirmed to sell on other
t2108.49252022-11-01Candidates for deletionTo be fair, that SteamDB update seems to be an automated one by Steam since it affected thousands of other apps, so still possible they are basically
t17589.3842022-10-28Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thi#377 To be fair, the high school setting I believe was still present in the Japanese and Chinese Steam versions. What other changes and enhancements
t17589.3742022-10-26Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thiWas the black dress in the original PC version at all? Laplacian released an OP for the Switch version and it seems they are using both the school
t2108.49012022-10-14Candidates for deletionLes Grandes Odalisques is cancelled link
t17895.282022-10-07English localization announcedSurprised it got unbanned on Steam
t2108.48822022-10-04Candidates for deletionr96549 r58789 dupes
t2108.48792022-10-03Candidates for deletionr78712 is a dupe of r95891
t16804.372022-09-19About that TL projectIs this proof enough to remove the edited MTL tag?
t17589.3682022-09-06Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thiYeah, I rathjer wait for a proper translation than bother with MTL, especially with a project like this trying to deliver a definitive experience
t2108.48392022-09-04Candidates for deletionr95130 Denpasoft has never stated they are doing an 18+ version of Parfait. It is not in their project status page and it is not mentioned amongst
t2108.48232022-08-20Candidates for deletionr63315 There has been no mention of the Steam release in years.
t2108.48112022-08-01Candidates for deletionr62625 is confirmed to be scrapped link
t2108.48002022-07-21Candidates for deletionlink seems to be dead. The forum thread linked hasn't been updated by anyone working on the project in over 3 years. The person who made the thread
t10096.222022-04-19Any1 working on the restoration patch? + engSeems Snowy Ryujin picked it back up link
t2108.46582022-04-01Candidates for deletionr88845 the website has been reverted back to how it was teasing a ONE remake instead of MOON. Seems like it was likely an April Fools joke.
t8242.10062022-03-26The how to edit thread@1003 Exactly, all of this information tells a story. Even a special thanks can reveal a lot and having that information available is worthwhile
t8242.9772022-03-25The how to edit threadPlease do not delete those roles entirely
t17946.12022-03-07Restore EntryThis entry should probably be restored now that they released Tokimeki Memorial.
t17589.2482022-02-26Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thiWould it be possible to make a patch which includes restoration of the high school setting and the TLC/QA improvements, but not the 18+?
t17589.1652022-02-15Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thiPeople tend to forget AsZ exists so don't blame people for saying so.
t17589.1442022-02-14Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thiYou do realize he can't do nothing about the mosaics right? At best an unofficial fan patch could be made, but they rarely happen and likely wouldn't
t17589.1012022-02-10Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thi@100 Pretty lame. Instead of releasing a day early, they should've delayed it by a month to give it proper proofreading and to test the bugs.
t17589.992022-02-10Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thiAny chance they will fix the typos, grammatical errors and other bugs at least?
t2108.44792022-01-23Candidates for deletionr68847 project suspended and company no longer has the license for it link
t17589.192022-01-05Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thiI don't understand why they changed it to university only for English but not Japanese and I think it is not university in Chinese either.
t17585.52022-01-04How many H-scenes are present in the original?How vital are the other scenes aside from that one? Is it possible to still get the point across and maintain the same impact with the scene removed?
t17585.12022-01-04How many H-scenes are present in the original?Curious since the English & Chinese release will cut them out.
t2108.44122021-11-29Candidates for deletionI see no reason to delete them yet unless Sol Press truly folds. Despite them being FTB forfeited, it does not mean it can'[t be reversed or resolved
t2108.43972021-11-19Candidates for deletionI played TDA and it is weird viewing it as one complete entity considering how it has been previously released. It would be like combining the Muv
t2108.43822021-11-18Candidates for deletionI think it is fine the ministories are their own pages, but the photons probably should be their own entries as alternative versions of chronicles.
t2108.43692021-11-16Candidates for deletionlink They say Resonative will launch around the same time as the Japanese version around the 1:13:32 mark.
t17356.12021-11-16English TranslationWould it be possible to add the English translation entry and just note that it was released pre-patched?
w3137.32021-11-15Daibanchou -Big Bang Age-I found the gameplay fun, but the management aspect especially towards the last like 25% of the game was just a chore.
t2108.43642021-11-15Candidates for deletionShould aNCHOR be listed as the publisher for KimiNozo and Total Eclipse? And should the English release of Resonative be added?
t2108.43602021-11-15Candidates for deletionShould Ayu Mayu Alternative be listed as part of Photonflowers when there are now pages for Atonement and Succession/Inheritence? Those two are in
t16804.302021-11-09About that TL projectIs this MTL?
t17302.122021-11-08Pulled from steam and DenpasoftJust hope the partners Sol Press had don't get completely turned off from future localizations and that the licenses are completed by other
t17302.42021-11-07Pulled from steam and DenpasoftIt was taken off JAST the other day. Can only get it from FAKKU now for the English release. Guessing Sol Press specifically screwed over Laplacian
t16321.52021-10-1818+?I am fine with this being all ages, but the complete series bundle with the higher resolution versions of previous episodes are all ages versions
t2108.40932021-10-06Candidates for deletionr46906 As far as I can tell, MangaGamer never stated they were doing Double Edition, only that their release of Hadaka Shitsuji would include the
t17114.12021-10-02Should the entry for fan TL come back?The translator's Twitter account is back and the website is back up. They also released a demo prologue video last month. link link link
t8145.292021-08-29Release of the translationA translation existing at all usually discourages people from ever doing a better one. So in the cases of bad ones, they leave a lasting impression
t8145.192021-08-29Release of the translationSeems like edited MTL honestly
t16515.42021-08-24Shiravune Censored Shotacon Protagonist in MegasukKind of wild they released an official patch for it, but gave it no visibility