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t10474.162021-10-19Kamaitachi no Yoru - Rinne Saisei (translation?)#15 Yeah I saw, someone needs to get to work on that PS1 version. I'm thinking of caving and just playing Rinne Saisei but if there's a slight bit
t10474.132021-10-19Kamaitachi no Yoru - Rinne Saisei (translation?)#12 That or PS1/PS2 which adds QoL and improved graphics without weebifying the whole thing to shit. I'm thankful that there's a TL and I understand
w2954.22021-10-12Muv-Luv Photonflowers*I'm doing just fine in terms of burnout. This is an exclusive issue to this series, and I do get enjoyment from it. Just not the regular kind, a
t16054.1702021-10-06Reporting MTL releasesI'd hardly call it minor given all the Hou Arcs and more are 100% machine-translated, but sure, I guess that's fine.
t16054.1682021-10-06Reporting MTL releasesr80821 according to the description and the repository linked within link
t16794.672021-10-03WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?The user then proceeds to devolve the discussion further from the original argument to once again escape mentioning the broader issues only alluded
t16794.502021-10-02WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?#49 I have no stake in this but it increasingly sounds like with every post that you just want to be/be seen as above the story in some way or
t16054.1462021-09-10Reporting MTL releasesr82819 one of the columns link I'm pretty sure this is a dupe entry to r82663 since Clover Moon is working on it
t10302.3032021-08-31Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink Only vote is the Tsukihime Remake, and finished it in an impossible amount of time from release. All the early Tsukihime Remake votes should be
t8145.162021-08-29Release of the translationThis is not the same translation as the one previously announced by Cafe. link link They've denied it twice already, safe to say this isn't it.
w672.142021-08-19Mahoutsukai no Yoru#13 A good game.
t16728.512021-08-04A VN Play Time Voting Thing#20 Late as fuck but yeah I used to use RescueTime but at the end of the day it's software to track productivity mostly. The 3 month free user limit
t16728.92021-08-03A VN Play Time Voting ThingI recommend ManicTime.
t15269.262020-12-28"Not a VN"?"It is probably not a visual novel, but we kept hands off from it. If a relatively unknown game like 13 Sentinels can garner such an outraged