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c63574.42019-04-05 at 03:36weird101Natsumeadded trait
c49570.32019-03-01 at 03:25weird101Eltcreed Valentinadded eccentric
c64206.22019-02-18 at 16:27weird101Fin Euclaseadded personality
c64396.22019-02-18 at 16:25weird101Sachsen Brandenburgadded duel
c49569.42019-02-18 at 16:24weird101Cyrus Tistellaadded personality and action
c49569.32019-02-18 at 16:22weird101Cyrus Tistellaadded criminal
r62190.22019-02-13 at 06:33weird101Diabolik Lovers More, Bloodremoved patch description
r62190.12019-02-13 at 06:32weird101Diabolik Lovers More, Bloodadded tumblr translator
p8851.12019-02-13 at 06:28weird101AKUI CHANSERAadded Diabolik Lovers translator
c49855.22019-02-12 at 00:32weird101Kagerouadded
c49854.22019-02-12 at 00:31weird101Kaguraadded serious
c49856.22019-02-12 at 00:29weird101Irohaadded a few
c49851.22019-02-12 at 00:27weird101Hidetomi Misawoadded red hair and naive
c4238.122019-02-11 at 10:50weird101Albert Macdguladded and removed
c4238.112019-02-11 at 10:50weird101Albert Macdguladded
c4239.82019-02-11 at 05:01weird101Makoto Izumichanged spoiler levels
c4238.102019-02-11 at 04:52weird101Albert Macdguladded rude for the way he speaks to women, though that may be typical of the times so feel free to remove if you want. It may also be for humor.
c39882.82019-02-11 at 01:18weird101Anne BéartReplaced rape with tentacle rape
c48896.72018-12-08 at 02:34weird101Sano Kojimajealous of his brother if you spend time with his brother first
c776.82018-12-08 at 02:20weird101Blood DupreIt is implied after alice said he had seen all of her (or something along those lines) and he keeps pinning her down in a few scenes where it fades
c782.82018-12-08 at 02:16weird101Aceadded offscreen sex because after the ball it is implied