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t15084.42021-01-05Next Game Should Be AwesomeLmao Neko Para is on Playstation and Nintendo Switch. Why would the dev endanger public reputation by adding Shigure route?
t12264.52020-11-15My Total ReviewI agree with Beliar. There's a LOT WORSE on f95. They have outright gore on there. An off-screen abortion is mild in comparison.
t13819.42020-10-31English Translation@iisderp Thank you so much for sharing this!
t14872.12020-10-17My Thoughts on the Game ~Hasegawa is the alpha male who fucks every girl he meets, even the teachers! This game gets a bit predictable that every single girl you meet
t14768.202020-09-23This game felt kinda racistWhy so many butthurt e-stalkers here? XD I've never been banned from discord groups, I tend to leave when there's nothing interesting to me. Nor am
t14768.12020-09-22This game felt kinda racistBOB joins the basketball team and always talks about how he plans to "go pro" in the NBA and he's got a big dick that one of Yukako's classmates
t14760.52020-09-20Store LinksAhhh thanks butterfly girl. My bad, my bad.
t14760.12020-09-20Store LinksDid anybody else notice the store links for this game are affiliate links so someone could make sales??? Is that a regular thing on vndb? If not
t14668.12020-09-04My General ThoughtsThe game is under an hour long and very straight-forward. Your first time meeting Freyja, you’re a terrible slave who wastes her time. The second
t8268.52020-08-14Question about content and tagsIf you're actually curious about the specifics I found a more up to date review here - link
t14523.12020-08-14General thoughts on itThe overall story is very basic. Sexy crescent moon ninja girls fight the bad guys of the evil Noroi faction. Often after defeating a member of the
t14269.12020-06-29General ReviewThe game is short with only a handful of decisions, but has lots of cheats and endings. Half of the endings involve forcing yourself onto the girl
t13819.12020-04-13English TranslationThis thread is for fans of the series who are wishing for an english translation. MangaGamer may do it eventually, but we'd have to keep an eye out
t12733.152019-09-16MangaGamer InterviewIf MangaGamer translated Marina Cuckolding Report 2, I'll love them until the end of time.
t12873.12019-09-16Just Beat It! My Review...You are the average wanker. You spent your young adulthood reveling in your excesses, but it never made you happy. All of that is finally going to
t12697.12019-08-05My Review of the GameThere are three main routes for this game. They are called “Thanatos”, “Pathos”, and “Campus”. It is impossible to choose your route without using a
t12564.12019-07-07My Review of Mayumi 2Mayumi’s Cuckolding Report Two features eleven sex scenes, four fewer than the previous title. The first game had video tapes of your wife cheating
t12418.12019-06-04Sequel??Whatever happened to the creator of this game? Will there ever be a sequel?
t12417.12019-06-04Where to Find it?Where can I find a store page or free download of this game?
t12389.12019-05-29My Review of Detective MasochistDetective Masochist features 20 porn scenes in total. Each scene has multiple CGs with numerous variations. Heavy use of zooming and panning
t12373.12019-05-26Info on the game at largeMy Girlfriend’s Amnesia features over 100 porn scenes in total. 40 of them include fully uncensored sex between two or more characters. Each scene
t12324.12019-05-13The Story of the GameYou love your wife. Your life together is fun and without friction, but also kind of bland! When you meet Davis and his wife Kyleigh, the discussion
t12311.12019-05-10My Thoughts on the StoryYour close friend Izumi has discovered a strange crystal. Now, aliens are looking to steal the crystal for reasons unknown! You challenge the aliens
t12299.12019-05-08My Thoughts on the gameImpersonating a university tutor, you’ve managed to enter the house of the suspected diamond thief. Seduce the two ladies of the manor and find out
t12281.12019-05-06My Episicava ReviewYou lived your childhood in a peaceful village with your fellow emulators. This unique race of people can use powers from all five races of man. Life
t12264.12019-05-02My Total ReviewWith at least 20 sex scenes in total, this game has a wide variety of content to explore. Plenty of fetishes are there to see! One scene has your
t12209.12019-04-18My Thoughts on the GameThe game offers the full emotional experience of seducing a girl. The build-up towards the intercourse is relatively lengthy, and you have ample time
t12164.12019-04-08My Thoughts on the lewd contentThe game has 7 hentai scenes in total, each with multiple CGs and variants. All sex scenes are devoted to vaginal sex. There are no anal gangbangs
t3041.52019-04-08Do the choices matter?YOUR CHOICES DON'T MATTER!!!!
t3730.112019-04-08About Chou Dengeki StrykerThe game is good enough but gets tedious after the first few hours
t6410.32019-04-08Cho Dengeki Stryker ReviewSurprisingly good review!
t7234.52019-04-08Linkara review Cho Dengeki Stryker (partially)link was a yawn
t12079.12019-03-21My Honest Opinion...The hentai is delicious and the writing is prosaic. The writer describes in detail how Anna’s flexible fingers tease other girls’ pussy lips. She
t12041.12019-03-11Last Weekend Game ReviewThe hentai content is minimal and ruins the mood set by the horror elements. Someone was just murdered in the kitchen, and Alice’s first response was
t11975.12019-02-26Snow Daze ReviewSnow Daze features 15 sex scenes. Each scene has a unique CG with numerous variations. The author shows a mastery of the art of escalation. With the
t10854.32019-02-26Blood-relatedShhhh, he needs to pretend they're not related to keep his patreon going. Low key screw patreon tho
t9518.102019-01-29Marina's Cuckolding ReportThis game is incredibly awesome! link
t9680.112019-01-29Don't like NTR? Just watch the Extra Scenes.Any other NTR Games? I've enjoyed this one but want more! link
t11866.12019-01-29My Thoughts on the GameMarina’s Cuckolding Report features 12 sex scenes. Each scene has up to 4 unique CGs with numerous variations. The author clearly understands the
t11758.12019-01-02My Review of the Game!There are 30 Base CGs in this game with numerous variations and cut-in images. “Cut-ins” are when a character image is placed over the primary CG to
t11743.12018-12-30I recommend this game!With at least 40 lewd scenes in total, this game has some varied and high-quality content to explore! Most scenes have plenty of build-up that gets
t11697.12018-12-20Finished the Game ~ Review HereStarlight Drifter is a gorgeous sci-fi visual novel that stands out among the rabble thanks to its amazing visuals. The premise had lots of potential
t11420.132018-12-14Lackluster -- Hikari! Clover Rescue GDOh boy, some people really need to calm down and just enjoy life more.
t11646.32018-12-14Just Finished It, Here's my ReviewWhat are you talking about? What's OELVN?
t11420.82018-12-13Lackluster -- Hikari! Clover Rescue GDI definitely do not think it was lackluster. It was just, simpler, than a lot of other crazy VN's out there. I swear, its either the woman gets tied
t11646.12018-12-13Just Finished It, Here's my ReviewYou are the average male who’s sucked into a world of magic and mystery to battle the mysterious Corporation. Rescue the lost heroines of this world