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t15204.292021-01-17favorite heroinePersonally think Mayu wins hands down, followed closely by Nanami. I liked Hazuki but her route feels the weakest compared to the other heroines
t13662.42020-03-12One True End and/or Multiple EndingsAh, not what I was expecting but sounds pretty interesting. Looks like I will definitely be picking it up then. Thanks for the quick responses.
t13662.12020-03-12One True End and/or Multiple EndingsSo, quick question for anyone familiar with this one. Does this VN feature a One True Route gimmick? Noticed it hasn't been tagged as such and am
t12115.52019-04-02true ending ?This VN has no single, true ending. At a certain point by the end of the common route, the story branches onto the true route which features a true