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t11949.52019-02-21Need someone Translate Chao Head Noah PSPOkiie, i will try made it. (*´з`)b
t11949.32019-02-20Need someone Translate Chao Head Noah PSPEr, i can do it like that at here?
t11949.12019-02-19Need someone Translate Chao Head Noah PSPCurrent Im starting PJ at here: link Patch had complete all story, demo... still left about 300 line from Route Noah, so if anyone interresting with
t11790.12019-01-11Need help extract file nss.npaHelp, help, I need to help extract Stein Gate JAST's .npa file, I tried exnpa tool but failed, if anyone has free time, please help me extract it
t11756.122019-01-03Need Help Extract File SEEN@kilicool64: Oh. Sr, I will fix it right now ! Thank! @ellurion: Oh mem~~~ Now I will should meet a real hard time, when should typing each line of
t11756.92019-01-03Need Help Extract File SEEN@ellurion: Sorry for reply late~~ Your Here
t11756.72019-01-03Need Help Extract File SEEN@ellurion: OMG!! it complete work, thank you so much!! If you have add time, plz help me extract this file SEEN, its SEEN of Tomoyo After English
t11756.52019-01-02Need Help Extract File SEEN@ellurion: Etou, you can help me extract seen of tomoyo after english edition? Tomorrow i will send it for you, hope you can help me. Thanks (*^▽^*)
t11756.42019-01-02Need Help Extract File SEEN@ellurion: OMG!! Great, i took it, now i will test it right now, and thank you! @kilicool64: Yeah! I really dont had lot knowledge it, because it
t11756.12019-01-02Need Help Extract File SEENAnyone can help me use RLDev extract this file SEEN? This is file SEEN of Kanon, I want use it for Kanon Psp, hope everyone will help me!!! Thank you