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t14535.212021-06-24I think my opinion is quite different.....The God part was a copy of brutal king rance 20+ year old game and the god part is far more developed in rance.
t13523.32020-02-10How to extract These files?Thanks it worked πŸ‘
t13523.12020-02-09How to extract These files?I have krkr extractor. But there are other files I can't extract. Like Pack link Pac link Afa link Int link Right now Afa and Int are most
t13521.12020-02-09How can I extract the afa files of this VN?I am trying to extract the afa files of this VN. Does anybody how to do it?
t13107.12019-11-04VNs written on?Are VNs written with hiragana and katakana or is it written on the hell ohhhh i mean KANJI!!!!
t13046.12019-10-22The VN with most characters including space.I am looking for the longest visual novel ever made. The visual novel with the highest number of words and characters. Note: by characters I mean
t13028.12019-10-15Help me.I played Fureraba. But now I have a problem. After Finishing Rina's route I have unlocked extra option. But it stays on CG mode. I can't change the
t10445.42019-10-13Rina route nude spritesWhat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They had a function like this!!!
t13014.12019-10-13Help on the extra section.On the extra section ( or option ) I can't change the mode. It only stays on CG mode. Help me change the mode.
t13005.82019-10-12The time it took.Wow you are slower than me. It's nice that you have time. The good part of being a slow reader is that you can process the information better.
t13005.62019-10-12The time it took.But I also stop for some long sentence.
t13005.52019-10-12The time it took.It said my interactive time was 20 Hours.
t13005.22019-10-11The time it took.It took 32 hours but I cut down 4 hours for brakes and other things.
t13005.12019-10-11The time it took.It took me 28 hours to finish from start to finishing Rina's root. I used an app called gameplay time tracker.
t12964.12019-10-03Will this visual novel ever be fully translated.I want to know if this visual novel be translated. If so then when will the patch come out.
t12133.12019-04-01Top 3 no-sexual content VN.The rules are simple. Give a list of your 3 to 20 favourite VN with no sexual content. The character can make Jokes or talk about sex in the VN but
t12062.302019-04-01Top 3 favourite Visual NovelsSorry looks like it is very hard to make a top 3 Visual Novel list for some people. I will plan to make a top 10 in the future. The rules are simple
t12122.52019-04-01Can I give link of VN patchs?Yes. Thank you 😊
t12122.32019-03-31Can I give link of VN patchs?Some one told me not to give link for the restoration patch for Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete. So I thought I should ask can I give link of
t12125.42019-03-31How many fake account are in vndb?Thank you how can I end a discussion?
t12125.32019-03-31How many fake account are in vndb?By fake I mean account that was made for only fake voting Visual Novels.
t12123.32019-03-31Can I use emoji?Thanks for the answer πŸ‘
t12125.12019-03-31How many fake account are in vndb?I wanted to know how many fake or second account are in vndb? Any guesses?
t12118.182019-03-31Poster is leaving hundreds of 1 ratings randomlyIs that a bot or a second account.
t11739.312019-03-31The Last 5 Years, The Next 5 YearsI expect more high resolution VN and something we haven't seen yet. Hope the next decade will be a blast. Also hope I find some thing similar to Kono
t12123.12019-03-31Can I use emoji?Hello can I use emoji on the discussion board.
t12122.12019-03-31Can I give link of VN patchs?Hello can I give link to VN patches on the discussion board?
t11739.302019-03-31The Last 5 Years, The Next 5 YearsI think we need something exciting and new. With a great story and comedy and a good cemestrey to maintain the balance so everyone can enjoy it.
t12121.12019-03-31Any VN,s with a relaxing game play and story?I played island and I am at the end of it. And took a break from Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete did not wanted to end it quick. But island is
t12110.72019-03-31rapeI agree to your comment hanamidorikawa.
t12062.272019-03-30Top 3 favourite Visual NovelsSorry for that.
t12070.32019-03-19Adult contentThank You 😊
t12070.12019-03-19Adult contentIs there any English adult version?
t12063.12019-03-17Thank you.Thank you for fixing the information about the character in evenicle. Thanks to yorhel and bakaaki. Sorry I am new and lazyπŸ˜…
t12062.92019-03-17Top 3 favourite Visual NovelsSorry I am new in posting. So i mistakenly made three threads. I just wanted to know what others liked.
t12062.82019-03-17Top 3 favourite Visual NovelsI first read Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete on android in 2016 then pause and played 2 year's later on 2018 November computer. Before the I didn
t12062.32019-03-17Top 3 favourite Visual NovelsI dont like ntr and rape. but i like it if the protagonist raped the heroine and then make out like Bishoujo Mangekyou -Norowareshi Densetsu no
t12062.12019-03-17Top 3 favourite Visual NovelsHello i wanted to know about the site users favorite Top 3 Visual novels. For now my top 3 favorite Visual novels are 1. Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o
t11728.202019-03-17Your favorite routeSorry i gave vote but did not play the vn yet. I gave vote to Rinka for her visual. I might chang the vote in the future.
t12058.32019-03-17Is it avoidable?Thanks that helped a lot.
t12058.12019-03-17Is it avoidable?Are the heroine death's avoidable? I saw the hentai anime of 2017 and I was wondering are the deaths of the heroines avoidable in the game?
t10413.132019-03-15Best girlI like Kotori because she has similarities with me and she has black hair and I like tsundere. And I like the moments of her having fun it looks
t12033.12019-03-10English patchWill there be any English patch? if there is then please tell me.
t5398.182019-03-07english patchThis is one of the first Visual Novel I ever loved.
t11980.82019-03-0718+ English ver.?Heard someone from this website is make in the English patch link Let's hope he will succeed.
t7923.42019-01-1418+ version?You need an app called mega on your PC or android to download This is the link for English 18+ version <link removed>
t11801.12019-01-12English patchWill there be an English patch