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t9711.812018-03-10Fuck, we're old!Lol almost 7 years of VN... ah, good times.
t3744.32013-02-15Suika [BDI.gdb] 100%?I actually need the Mangagamer version. The file is already specified on the title.
t3744.12013-02-15Suika [BDI.gdb] 100%?Anyone here who has the 100% game save file of the visual novel game Suika? I lost my save after my external hard drive crashed. :( Someone help me
t3262.852012-10-15We're getting oldHappy belated birthday VNDB. :D
t1097.122012-05-29Recomendation?@ #10: Anzu is fucking hilarious especially that "chin-chin" pun
t1220.742012-05-24Osananajimi wa Daitouryou - GDI'd love it if the Russian citizens would call Putin "President Puchin" XD A bit off-topic but I didn't knew he held such high rank in Judo much
t2735.42012-05-23Technical helpI suggest you take a screenshot since I can't visualize much of the problem you're having. I have Saya no Uta in my computer and I installed it
t186.242012-05-23Crescendo - Discussion@ #23: Haven't played Yuka's route since her personality bugs me but anyway, I might try it. :D
t2341.2192012-05-23Katawa Shoujo - GD@ #217: Then Im'ma try Emi's if it's sex scene-wise good. :D Regarding to Shizune's I was kinda irk with the protag, Misha and Shizune's
t2731.472012-05-23Thnx for nothing bye byeBye I guess. :<
t2341.2162012-05-23Katawa Shoujo - GDRin's route was the best route among everyone. Hanako's route is simply too melodramatic, Lily's average and a bit uninteresting though, I didn't
t186.222012-05-23Crescendo - DiscussionAyame's route irk me a lot because of Ryo's unreasonable acts after finding out that he's adopted. He should just be grateful for the family that
t1040.362012-05-22'lang kwentang thread"panong hindi ako magiging unli internet kung may ari ako ng com shop?" Kaya pala... unli download rin siguro yan. XD
t1040.342012-05-22'lang kwentang threadAko rin. :D
t1040.312012-05-21'lang kwentang threadHi mga Pinoy. :>
t2717.32012-05-19Keeps getting delayed...@ #2: maybe they finished the partial one but who cares. :/
t2589.282012-05-18How do you like to read VNs?Depends on my mood I guess but usually I read VNs at day... when my parents are out. >:)
t2554.822012-05-18What got you started with/into Visual NovelsOut of curiosity, I just downloaded Yukizakura (first one I had) and voila, got hooked into playing VNs.
t2074.62012-05-18True ending [spoiler]Skipped some scenes (my stomach isn't that strong with gore stuff...) and from what I understand, Touko (Mangagamer ruined her name apparently) was
t2171.42012-05-18Full namesMiou Souma and Miku Ono.
t2306.72012-05-15Lolicon?Dunno with the game but from an anime perspective, I didn't see any loli there and I don't consider Sakuno (if she was the one the tag being
t801.282012-05-14Ok... I ragedI don't think it's bad enough to rage on it but got to agree with #26.
t2400.52012-05-09President OhamaWell, it's obviously on purpose.
t332.122012-05-09That's about it.Never liked the game once the protagonist sexually assaulted his sister for dubious reasons such as seducing. Well what I like on this game was that
t175.882012-05-07Katawa Shoujo: Favourite RouteRin over everyone else since Rin has the realistic type of route.
t2430.82012-05-07General opinionsPlot-wise: Asa Character-wise: Kaede Since I'm into loli: Primula > Everyone
t269.152012-05-07Chie's Route DiscussionI did like Chie over anyone. Sarina has that telenovela-sque kind of problem. Never cared for Kirari so that left me with Chie. Her plot was not that
t426.292011-06-27Soul Link -GD-I did like the True End of Soul Link but the others were horrible especially the random, human and skuya rape scenes. Some characters were unlikable.
t1434.92011-06-27Higurashi General Discussion<censored>
t1879.12011-06-24Ef question?I know this might be a noobish question but it seems that when I played Ef - A fairy tale of the two, I can't see any texts?! Does this mean I need
t1058.262011-06-22There'll be an official translation!Pretty excited with this VN. Gonna see if how JAST will work this one out.
t1084.52011-06-22At the end Nemu... (SPOILER ALERT!!!)Actually, it did confused me since I haven't started D.C. II but indeed, I.F. was one of those VNs with great storyline and emotion-packed. Though I
t1491.52011-06-20What VN should I...Ok then. I should consider D.C 2 as my next VN to play.
t1491.32011-06-20What VN should I...Should I play D.C.I.F. before going to D.C 2?
t1491.12011-06-20What VN should I've recently finished Suika A.S.+. I only need VNs that don't require AppLocale since my laptop doesn't have the East Asian Language
t1489.32011-06-20Suika: Finished it?Thanks. Now I was able to complete it. T.T
t1040.212011-06-19'lang kwentang threadGuys, may nakapaglaro na ba sa inyo ng Suika A.S.+? Nakumpleto nyo ba yung recollection section nun? Kulang pa kasi ako ng 3 eh. T.T May complete
t1489.12011-06-19Suika: Finished it?Has anyone have finished the VN Suika A.S+? Just curious since I still lack 3 scenarios... (2 from Chapter 2 and 1 from Chapter 4?) Anyone has a
t1442.592011-06-16Do your parents/Guardians knowThey knew I'm playing VNs since most of the time, they see me reading the text. I often close my laptop if my parents were there and I'm on a sex
t1162.422011-06-16Da Capo Personal CommentaryAgreed with your comment on Mako... and the heck they almost had the same route as Moe though Moe's story has been deeper than Mako... All in all, I