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r55700.342021-12-03 at 12:39substanceofCHAOS;HEAD NOAH Fan Translationfix formatting
v96.422021-10-11 at 00:55substanceofI/OMovie authors (credited in OP)
r55700.282021-07-07 at 17:13substanceofCHAOS;HEAD NOAH Fan TranslationProgress Update #11
c4085.132021-06-29 at 13:14substanceofAmemiya Hatsunereplace old height tag (she's rather on the short side than everyone else)
c4083.152021-06-29 at 13:14substanceofYosomiya Tsuzurikoreplace old height tag (she's rather on the short side than everyone else)
c4091.182021-06-27 at 05:36substanceofTsukishima Orihimeremove old height trait
c3984.92021-04-09 at 19:57substanceofYasaka AroeShe doesn't have a route
c38152.142021-03-09 at 23:35substanceofHiyajou MahoReverted to revision c38152.12: This trait is about physical appearance, not age
c757.262021-02-12 at 01:39substanceofIbarazaki Emireplace obsolete traits
c764.362021-02-12 at 01:37substanceofSatou Lillyreplace obsolete traits
v17012.482021-01-20 at 04:43substanceofKara no Shoujo - The Last EpisodeReal box art this time (check out link)
v17012.442021-01-10 at 02:56substanceofKara no Shoujo - The Last EpisodeBring back tall cover image but without text bar
c6651.82020-06-29 at 22:54substanceofUtsumi Kaliage (as of jan 2012)
c6648.262020-06-26 at 23:17substanceofYukidou Satoruage (as of jan 11 2012)
c6649.142020-06-18 at 03:32substanceofMayuzumi Rinage (mentioned in newspaper)
c6650.102020-06-18 at 03:31substanceofYomogi Seijiage (mentioned in newspaper)
c6642.162020-06-13 at 01:35substanceofFuyukawa Kokoroage (mentioned in prologue)
r6241.32020-02-16 at 13:40substanceofTrue Remembranceengine for old version
r40.82020-02-16 at 13:30substanceofTrue Remembrance - Remakeengine (kag3)
r41.92020-02-16 at 02:23substanceofTrue Remembranceengine (oops)
r41.82020-02-16 at 02:23substanceofTrue RemembranceEngine
r44561.22020-02-16 at 02:22substanceofTrue Remembrance 2xspecify engine explicitly
c764.332020-01-01 at 20:47substanceofSatou LillyShe IS tall for a japanese woman (average female height in japan is 158 cm)
c4085.92019-12-12 at 06:20substanceofAmemiya Hatsunesexual traits
c4091.132019-12-12 at 05:38substanceofTsukishima OrihimePersonal pronoun
c4091.122019-12-12 at 05:37substanceofTsukishima OrihimeRemove alias to avoid spoilers (didn't heard of it anyway)
c4094.72019-12-12 at 03:32substanceofAkazaki Nenesexual traits
c4078.262019-12-12 at 03:32substanceofTokisaka Reijisexual traits (scene with Nene)
c4078.252019-12-10 at 23:52substanceofTokisaka Reijihandgun appears near the one of endings so spoil it
c45304.42019-12-10 at 23:50substanceofMamiya Shinzouspoil Shinzo
c4082.202019-12-01 at 04:01substanceofHazuki Kyoukoage
c4078.242019-12-01 at 04:01substanceofTokisaka Reijiage
c80883.62019-11-10 at 00:10substanceofAnna GraemSpoiler some details
c54391.62019-11-09 at 17:17substanceofJulianne Natalie Stingray"Protagonist with sexual experience" isn't marked as spoiler on vn page, so..
v17102.712019-11-07 at 20:17substanceofSteins;Gate 0restore cast for Akiha and Nae
c15469.182019-11-07 at 20:15substanceofTennouji Naeunlink from s;g0 in favor of c86624
c86624.12019-11-07 at 20:15substanceofTennouji Naes;g0 instance
c6494.282019-11-07 at 20:05substanceofAkiha Rumihounlink from s;g0 in favor of c86623
c86623.12019-11-07 at 20:04substanceofAkiha Rumihos;g0 instance
c43790.102019-11-07 at 19:52substanceofAlexis Leskinenage
c38152.92019-11-07 at 19:51substanceofHiyajo Mahoage
c6494.272019-11-07 at 19:49substanceofAkiha Rumihoage
c6492.282019-11-07 at 19:49substanceofAmane Suzuhaage
c6497.362019-11-07 at 19:45substanceofUrushibara Rukaage
c6496.412019-11-07 at 19:45substanceofKiryuu Moekaage
c6495.192019-11-07 at 19:44substanceofTennouji Yuugofix age
c6495.182019-11-07 at 19:44substanceofTennouji Yuugoage
c15469.172019-11-07 at 19:44substanceofTennouji Naeage
c6493.252019-11-07 at 19:41substanceofHashida Itaruage
c6487.322019-11-07 at 19:40substanceofMakise Kurisuage