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t14442.82020-09-03c54391.7> What fucking edit war produced info? Sorry if that phrasing was confusing, #6 got me right
t14662.32020-09-03c6649.15> always willing to follow the others I think it's natural when alternative is cold death. On the other hand, she is always the first to push any
t14662.12020-09-03c6649.15How is this contradicts to Tsundere and Lazy? Both of these traits are pretty much true
t14442.42020-09-03c54391.7> link I'm pretty sure at least half of them was never used in-game. What's the actual (preferably official) source of these? Mindlessly pasting
t14442.12020-08-02c54391.7What's the source of all these new aliases? "and not get drunk" She's getting drunk as usual. It's shown during boss's stay at her home.
t13095.382019-11-08Cups for All AgesI'd also like to note characters like Tsugumi from Ever17. Even if we get age ranges, setting hers would be a spoiler, and another instance seems
t12339.112019-07-03A Password Policy UpdateWell, if you has been able to check passwords over public db, does it mean that vndb stores (or stored?) passwords in cleartext?