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v32062.72022-01-24 at 05:00animecacThe VII EnigmaUpdated to new steam images.
r82461.62022-01-20 at 08:21animecacThe VII EnigmaOfficial (edit mistake)
r82461.52022-01-20 at 08:20animecacThe VII EnigmaNo official age restriction.
r82461.42022-01-11 at 03:37animecacThe VII EnigmaLinux added, see steam link.
v32062.62021-11-22 at 09:20animecacThe VII Enigmaformatting error
v32062.52021-11-22 at 09:19animecacThe VII EnigmaUpdated from new steam page update.
v32062.42021-08-27 at 11:35animecacThe VII EnigmaFrom Steam Store
v32062.32021-08-27 at 11:28animecacThe VII EnigmaText edit.
v32062.22021-08-27 at 11:26animecacThe VII EnigmaBetter image
r82461.12021-08-27 at 11:07animecacThe VII EnigmaRelease info update
v32062.12021-08-27 at 11:03animecacThe VII EnigmaNew Visual novel, steam link: link