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w2878.42021-09-25Soukou Akki Muramasa@3 I agree on that. The True route was definitely the best, and I did like the ending fight scene (it was epic) and what they had in the ending was
w2878.22021-09-25Soukou Akki Muramasa@1 I felt the whole true ending / epilogue to not bring a satisfying conclusion to what I felt were the more interesting ideas presented in the VN.
t16890.12021-08-27Worth checking outHi, just wanted to flag this VN to anyone who is big on action / mind-f$#ks / mystery / sci-fi. I was doing some free play-testing for the creator
t16610.302021-08-20Full Metal Daemon Muramasa - English translation@28 Thanks, appreciate the response!
t16610.272021-08-20Full Metal Daemon Muramasa - English translationCan anyone confirm there isn't anything weird involving girls under 18 in this VN? I don't want to see anything like that, and Australia has very
w320.32021-07-23Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru@1 Yeah, I agree. For me if you're going to intentionally betray the premise of what you've already established, I think you'd got to do something
w411.92021-05-16Island@7 There were definitely too many plot conveniences in the story, like the ones you mentioned. I think the story has to be taken with a fair amount
w411.62021-05-11Island@5 What I mean is that it addresses everything, and it was self consistent. This isn't my favourite VN by a long shot, and some of the red herrings
w1532.32021-04-03Root Double -Before Crime * After Days-I'm going to jump in and defend the original review a little here, although I do think both the posts above me have some merit too. I think Root
w562.22020-12-30Sorcery JokersThere definitely aren't 41 different pieces of music. Play the game and you'll see. Maybe some of those are variations or bundled in with sound
w411.32020-09-25IslandAll the ends were tied up and pretty well explained - are you sure you read the true ending? It is pretty hard to reach as you need to reach all the