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9.1FinishedAce AcademyThis is an English VN (I was shocked at first when I heard the English voices because I usually play Japanese VNs). But I really, really liked this game. It avoided so much of the wierdness that often goes on in other VNs. By that I mean that your sister is simply your sister and not your lover, your uncle is a nice guy instead of a secret perv and the main character is not the only one who can get a girlfriend. I liked all the routes, and although the end seemed a bit rushed and the story is nothing super thrilling I simply enjoyed the lightheartedness of it all. I guess I will check out other games by these DEVs2020-10-29
5.8FinishedAmnesiaThe story didn't make a lot of sense to me and the MC not talking made the conversations pretty weird sometimes2019-01-31
-PlayingBaldr Sky Dive1 “Lost Memory”2021-03-16
-PlayingBaldr Sky Dive2 “Recordare”2021-03-16
6.8FinishedBoku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma.An overall very light hearted Ecchi visual novel. There is not much going on really but the characters were all sweet and also the MC is a good guy. So if you like slice of life VNs there is nothing to complain about really.2020-09-11
7.5FinishedChuSinGura 46+1An extremely long VN with a huge character cast that centers around the story of the 47 ronins (which are female in this VN). It has a huge character cast and an enjoyable story with good plot. Nicely drawn characters also. But if you buy the Steam version be aware that the translation is truly horrible at times!2019-02-21
9.8FinishedClannadA wonderful VN! I lived through so many emotions while reading this. But they were not only sad but also incredibly funny at times. A really awesome up-and-down ride... favorite heroine: Kotomi2019-01-31
5.9FinishedClannad - Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi delittle side stories for various Clannad characters. Nice but nothing special2019-01-31
9FinishedCoμ - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku -I really liked this VN. The character cast was cool, music was awesome and the fights very exciting. Perhaps a bit repetitive at times but it was well worth my time. It's a bit sad that you do not have much of a choice concerning the route order2019-01-31
7.2FinishedCupidA touching not too long VN with a very calm atmosphere and special artwork that I found very likable and fitting. It's a bit hard to get all the endings without a guide though2019-02-18
3.5FinishedDate A Live: Arusu Installsee under Rio Reincarnation2020-11-26
5FinishedDate A Live: Rinne Utopiasee under Rio Reincarnation2020-11-26
6.1FinishedDate A Live: Twin Edition Rio ReincarnationI watched the Date A Live anime and found it quite charming. But these visual novels are nothing but boring. I am still proud of myself that I read through them until the end. The reading order is Rinne Utopia --> Arusu Install --> Rio Reincarnation. There is just NOTHING going on in these stories and even the SOL scenes are soo boring. Honestly I have no idea who could find these VNs a good read. Only the Rio Reincarnation part got me half interested, but perhaps I had the most positive impression of it because it was way shorter than the other 2 parts. Worst was the second part where even the dating scenes were totally out of context. Honestly, what a waste of time!2020-11-26
8.8FinishedDies iraeProbably the VN with the best group of villains. They are just so scary! Epic soundtrack that I still listen to sometimes. Very nice CGs. Don't expect much in the romance department though. At certain times the story seemed to drag on longer than needed. And I was also sometimes frustrated how predictable the events were but the end made up for it and showed me why that was so. UPDATE: The longer I think back on this VN the better it seems. It's just such a unique story that I need to rate it higher.2019-01-31
8FinishedDoki Doki Literature Club!Very interesting read. The sudden turn this VN takes took me totally by surprise and from then on it was just outright scary. Very experimental but a piece of art IMO2019-01-31
2FinishedeuphoriaNot sure why this VN is so hyped by some. I fought my way through many disgusting h scenes always hoping the story would make up for it in the end. But it never did. The story makes no sense either. Might be enjoyable if you are a fan of all kind of fetishes but was a total waste of time for me.2019-01-31
9.2FinishedFriendship with BenefitsHa! I still can't believe I played this game. I am usually not into Ecchi games but the reviews on Steam were so good that curiosity won me over. And I don't regret it at all! This game is very special and I will always look back at it warmly. Yes, no doubt this game is ecchi but it's such a happy world with happy characters that it just doesn't feel like it! It's an ecchi game that is just a lot of fun to read with a very relaxed attitude towards sex that I found really enjoyable. And new characters keep popping up and lots of things are going on. You can feel that this game was made wih love. A clear recommendation (if you are over 18)!2021-03-16
9.6FinishedGrisaia no Kajitsu -Le Fruit de la Grisaia-Awesome character buildup; very likable characters; no bad routes (in my opinion); and most important: finally a capable, interesting main character! This Visual Novel makes everything right! A clear recommendation from me2019-04-05
7.8FinishedGrisaia no Meikyuu -Le Labyrinthe de la Grisaia-While this VN was still good and fun, it lacked a serious story line. The background story of the protagonist was the best part imo. The girls afterstories were ok and a good idea but they were too short really. The epic feeling of the first Grisaia just never kicked in2019-06-03
8.4FinishedG-senjou no MaouVery intriguing and story-wise unusual VN. Many plot twists and a nice character cast. Recommended for mystery fans but not necessarily romance fans2019-01-31
6.5FinishedHakuouki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~After reading Hakuoki - Kyoto Winds: I just couldn't really get into this VN. It is high quality and all but it feels more like a history lesson than a story. Time goes by so fast and hardly anything happens. I had a hard time finishing it. Also the heroine is very colorless. After reading Hakuoki - Edo Blossoms: I slightly upped my vote. I liked the second part more than the first one because there was some variance due to the different routes. Some of the routes were quite good (Sanosuke, Okita, Sanan) while others were pretty colorless. The heroine was a bit more interesting in this part than in the first one. All in all I am not enthousiastic about this VN though.2020-02-19
8FinishedHanachirasuA VN with a very unusual (because not at all likable) MC (a sword fighter) that has a quite dark flair. If you are not totally disinterested in sword fighting and like a good but not too long story you will like this. Good soundtrack!2019-01-31
7.3FinishedHimawariThis one was a bit strange in many ways. While it starts off a bit boring (route 1) it gets a lot better later on. The part on the space station is cool although Daigo is a bit too much of a freak for my liking. I thoroughly enjoyed the Aqua and Asuka routes. And then there are 2 after stories that are pretty cool but totally different from the rest of the game! :-O2019-01-31
5.2FinishedHitozuma Hime ClubUnfortunately there are not many VNs out there treating the topic of mature women. So I tried this one. But I got what I saw coming - in a sad way. There is just no depth in this VN, just one H scene following the next. And I realized once more that I am just not much into fetishes. I don't mind such scenes but in VNs I always want a story, too. And that was where this VN was seriously lacking. So, if you are into that you might like this but for me it was all too shallow2020-11-26
7.7FinishedI/Oa very long VN with a unique story, special artwork and lovely music. The story was way too complicated for me though and is the main reason why I took off so many points. Still I don't regret reading it.2019-01-31
7FinishedKyonyuu FantasyYes, of course this VN is pretty ecchi, but I still liked the MC Lute Hende and for an Ecchi game the story was actually pretty good. I will probably read the sequels sooner or later.2020-09-11
8.4FinishedMaji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!!A very huge and likable character cast. Funny moments and funny stories. And finally an MC that is not a total dumbass but instead takes action when needed!2019-01-31
7FinishedMaji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! SI have mixed feelings about this. The huge cast from the first part got even bigger (perhaps too big?) and they were nice and good additions and pretty cool overall. On the other hand I think that especially the After routes of the heroines from the first part were only about the h scenes, and some so boring and horrible that I simply skipped them (with only one route a surprising half-exception). The whole game was really lacking in story and depth. The only exception to that is the final true route that was a lot of fun to read. With such a good cast the game could have been better, but I also wouldn't call it a waste of time. Oh, and the Kokoro story was kinda sweet in my eyes :-)2019-01-31
-PlayingMoero Downhill Night 22019-05-14
8.4FinishedMuv-LuvWhile nothing outstanding the first 2 parts in the Muv-Luv series are crucial to get you acquainted to the many characters. Even without the famous sequel this would have been an enjoyable read. And I love how the side heroines routes are just as good as (if not better than?) those of the main heroines.2019-01-31
10FinishedMuv-Luv AlternativeWhile this will always be a fantastic read, to get out the most of it I really recommend reading the first 2 parts before starting with Alternative. I have never grown so fond of characters as in MLA and even though it was a very long read I would have liked to continue. And the beta are sooo scary opponents. And after the (incredible) showdown I found them even scarier. My absolute favorite VN!!!2019-01-31
9.2FinishedRoot Double -Before Crime * After Days-A mystery VN with a very refreshing setting (in a nuclear reactor) and an unusual MC (a firefighter). The story is great, the production value of this VN extremely high, the characters enjoyable. BUT since the way you make decisions in this game is pretty weird you will definitely need a walkthrough to get to the true ending2019-01-31
-StalledSekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi2019-01-31
9.5FinishedTokyo BabelIt is really amazing how I liked this VN that I simply picked up because it was on a Steam sale at the time I was looking for something new. It is an action/science fiction VN that does so many things right. The fights are exciting and not too drawn out. The characters are very likable - often even the villains - and the music I found awesome - always fitting for the situation. Even the MC was not as horrible as in other VNs even though he is a bit on the passive side. I also liked the humor in the SOL scenes a lot. But the most astonishing aspect was that although this is an action VN it had so many fantastic romance scenes - a lot better that in many a romance VN! I finished that story with a feeling of serene happiness2020-11-03
6FinishedTomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~This VN has its wonderful touching and also funny moments but it is nowhere near its prequel Clannad.2019-01-31
4FinishedTsukihimeI could not really get into this VN at all. The pace seemed way too slow and the routes too repetitive. I am pretty proud of myself that I still made it to the end ;-)2019-01-31