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4.4Finished3001: A MILF OdysseyI couldn't really get into this VN at all. It is as if the author constantly decided to go a different way. This begins with the MC who can't decide wether he should be nice or an asshole. Then you can either choose a submissive or a dominant gameplay at the beginning. And while this is used in perhaps the frist 3 chapters it is completely forrgotten about later on. Also the story goes this way and that way and it just gets too big imo. I do admire the scale of the project though. And it does go into the cultures of some of the races which is quite interesting. Even in later chapters new characters appear but in the end there are so many characters that there isn't really a focus on any of them. But this VN is definitely one thing: it's long! And it currently ends with chapter 8 but clearly more is planned for the future.2023-04-27
5FinishedAcadia UniversityWell, this is a strange one. Just when I thought the story would begin, it was over. Which is a pity since the heroines were quite beautiful and hot2022-06-27
9.1FinishedACE AcademyThis is an English VN (I was shocked at first when I heard the English voices because I usually play Japanese VNs). But I really, really liked this game. It avoided so much of the wierdness that often goes on in other VNs. By that I mean that your sister is simply your sister and not your lover, your uncle is a nice guy instead of a secret perv and the main character is not the only one who can get a girlfriend. I liked all the routes, and although the end seemed a bit rushed and the story is nothing super thrilling I simply enjoyed the lightheartedness of it all. I guess I will check out other games by these DEVs2020-10-29
8.1FinishedAI: Somnium FilesActually I would have voted higher if it weren't for those unnecessary somnium scenes. As happens so often if VNs experiment with new features it's not really what a VN reader wants. I would have been perfectly happy with just a choice instead of those confusing and senseless 3D scenes (I simply used a walkthrough after the 1st somnium scene). BUT! That should not deter from the fact that I still very much enjoyed this story. I liked the characters, I liked the humour and the story was also quite exciting. I definitely plan to play the other AI Somnium game as well. And the credits scene after the end of the true route is simply OMFG! I laughed so hard, it was just hilarious! That alone would have been worth playing until the end :-)2022-12-072022-12-05
7.6FinishedAi Suru Tsuma, Mariko ga Rinshitsu de Dakareru Made ~Anata ga Shiranai Koto, Kare ga Takusan Oshiete Kuremashita~Not as good as NTR Homestay but still not bad. There is not too much of a buildup, and the scenes kinda lack real juiciness, but the 'afterstory' (which is more of a prestory) that you can access from the extras is quite well made and exciting. Also a bit short...2022-04-19
5.8FinishedAMNESIAThe story didn't make a lot of sense to me and the MC not talking made the conversations pretty weird sometimes2019-01-31
8.1FinishedArmy GalsDharker Studios does not have a good reputation but this game was really nice. First of all there are a lot of possible endings so there is great reply value. Then I really liked the heroines and their stories although this is also the weakest point of the game since their stories could have been fleshed out way more. But what was really cool was that not all the heroines had the same amount of (H) scenes. One of them had way more than the others but that was part of the story. A clear recommendation!2022-06-24
3.2FinishedBakunyuu Hitozuma Senshi Pure Maiden ~Gen'eki Fukki shita Bishoujo Senshi no Uremuchi Body o Chin-make sasete Netori Haramase Onaho Harem-ka!~It's always such a shame that as soon as older (aka not teenage) girls are invloved, VN titles tend to degenerate completely. This VN is unfortunately no exception and while the heroines are beautifully and sexily drawn it's the only thing that keeps me from giving this VN an even lower vote. Dominance as part of an erotic story can be interesting, but this is simply ridiculous. I hate it when there is not a trace of respect for women left. Good riddance! Towards the end I simply skipped most of the scenes.2021-09-16
7.9FinishedBALDR SKY Dive1 "Lost Memory"see under Baldr Sky Dive2 "Recordare"2021-03-16
7.9FinishedBALDR SKY Dive2 "RECORDARE"This one is really difficult. I mean there is no doubt that this is an epic VN. And a lot of love and work was put into it. The first problem is that the story itself has many holes and open questions. Then there is the fact that the last and true route is the worst imo. Without it my rating would have been definitely higher. There is just too much of Deus Ex Machina in it. And last, but not least, I think that the 'main heroine' ist the least suitable for the mian character. I liked most of the other heroines way more than her. Still, it was not a waste of time and had lots of good moments in it. And since it's such a classic, a true VN fan must have read this ;-)2021-03-16
8.2FinishedBeskonechnoe leto(Everlasting Summer) This VN has 3 things in common with I/O. 1. It has a soundtrack that I really like. 2. After reading it I was thinking 'what the heck was that about?' 3. Despite of 2.) it left a warm feeling and I will remember it fondly. I liked the pioneer camp feeling, I liked the characters and I also liked the mystery. I liked how the game managed to surprise me a few times (Miku route!). Just don't expect any clear answers in the end and don't forget to read the Zhenya story as well after finishing everything else, you can start that route in the options (!) Concluding I think it was very much worth the read.2022-06-14
6.8FinishedBoku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma.An overall very light hearted Ecchi visual novel. There is not much going on really but the characters were all sweet and also the MC is a good guy. So if you like slice of life VNs there is nothing to complain about really.2020-09-11
5FinishedBoku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma. Suggoi Ecchi!This is kind of a continuation (after stories) für the original Dizzy Demons VN just with less story and more Ecchi. It really gets out of hand after a while, so I rate this quite a bit lower than the oroginal game where you had the process of falling in love at least.2022-10-10
8.4FinishedBounce ParadiseSince Dharker Studios don't have a good reputation I was very surprised how much I enjoyed this VN. The girls had their distinctive characters, there were quite a few endings, the overall quality was good and there also was enogh romance and even some surprises. I even found out that after 2 runs I hadn't even encountered one of the characters!2022-08-05
7.4FinishedBuried StarsFirst and foremost this VN was pretty good. The characters were charming, the atmosphere dense and the story quite interesting. But there were also annoying things that made me rate this lower. The first is that you have to choose what topics you talk about with the different characters and there is just NO WAY to know which topic will raise your standing with them or your mental health and which topics have the opposite effect. In your later playthroughs the topics will be marked if they have positive or negative effects but isn't that missing the mark? Then you have a guaranteed fail on your first play no matter what you choose so don't bother with your choices. And then there are also a few 'weird' routes you can reach in later playthroughs that don't really make sense and can be considered experimental. Getting the clues right is mostly ok when you carefully follow the story though.2022-11-072022-11-30
7.5FinishedCamp with Mom and my Annoying Friend who wants to rail herA quite ok netorare VN with the son being the one whose mom is stolen (although that's not the end of the story ;-) )2022-04-26
8FinishedCHAOS;HEAD NOAHThis one is a bit hard to judge. It started off REALLY good and mysterious. And although the main character is a total loser, he is still a good and believable MC. Then when you progress through the routes, the story get more and more dubious. Sure, you get an explanation for everything that happens but in the end you could also say that nothing has been explained at all because the explanations are all too far out in the fantasy realm. Also I think in the end the game was a bit too focused on one heroine. Still, in the end I would say it was a very good VN and I would surely recommend it to fans of mystery VNs.2023-02-20
7.5FinishedChuSinGura 46+1An extremely long VN with a huge character cast that centers around the story of the 47 ronins (which are female in this VN). It has a huge character cast and an enjoyable story with good plot. Nicely drawn characters also. But if you buy the Steam version be aware that the translation is truly horrible at times!2019-02-21
9.8FinishedCLANNADA wonderful VN! I lived through so many emotions while reading this. But they were not only sad but also incredibly funny at times. A really awesome up-and-down ride... favorite heroine: Kotomi2019-01-31
5.9FinishedCLANNAD - Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi delittle side stories for various Clannad characters. Nice but nothing special2019-01-31
5FinishedClosed GAMEIt is a pity how this game went completely the wrong way. It started off really well with quite a good intrduction of the situation an the characters which made me very curious. Unfortunately in THE CLOSED GAME it is all about rape and many of the scenes really turned me off and made me skip. And then in the end there is the TRUE route which I won't spoil, of course, but which made me deduct even more points for my final opinion on this game.2021-08-03
9.1FinishedConfined with GoddessesI randomly stumbled upon this game. Usually I don't play VNs that are not finished but this game has progressed pretty far so that I would consider it nearly finished. And what a surprise this was! This game has everything that I (and I repeat 'I') want fom an ero game. The MC is pretty nice. The heroines are (mostly) sweet yet sexy. It has very erotic scenes but there is also romance. And there are no too weird fetishes. The characters even have their backgrounds and they do make sense. I really loved this game. And what a nice way to spend a lockdown ;-)))2023-05-30
9FinishedCoμ - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku -I really liked this VN. The character cast was cool, music was awesome and the fights very exciting. Perhaps a bit repetitive at times but it was well worth my time. It's a bit sad that you do not have much of a choice concerning the route order2019-01-31
7.2FinishedCupidA touching not too long VN with a very calm atmosphere and special artwork that I found very likable and fitting. It's a bit hard to get all the endings without a guide though2019-02-18
3.5FinishedDate A Live: Arusu Installsee under Rio Reincarnation2020-11-26
4.5FinishedDate A Live: Rinne Utopiasee under Rio Reincarnation2020-11-26
6.1FinishedDate A Live: Twin Edition Rio ReincarnationI watched the Date A Live anime and found it quite charming. But these visual novels are nothing but boring. I am still proud of myself that I read through them until the end. The reading order is Rinne Utopia --> Arusu Install --> Rio Reincarnation. There is just NOTHING going on in these stories and even the SOL scenes are soo boring. Honestly I have no idea who could find these VNs a good read. Only the Rio Reincarnation part got me half interested, but perhaps I had the most positive impression of it because it was way shorter than the other 2 parts. Worst was the second part where even the dating scenes were totally out of context. Honestly, what a waste of time!2020-11-26
8.8FinishedDeliveranceThis VN was deinitely worth its money. I never would have believed how long the story goes on. The pictures and animated scenes are awesome. It takes a bit to get into the story imo but after all the different endings you get a very good picture. Also I think it's incredible how the look of the women fits their character. And I am really not easily impressed but I think one of the cahacter's beauty is really otherworldly. The balance between ero and romance goess clearly towards ero but the romance aspect was still always there so I was very happy about that. Only complaint: with such a cute wife why would you ever be interested in another woman ;-)2022-07-27
8.8FinishedDies irae ~Acta est Fabula~Probably the VN with the best group of villains. They are just so scary! Epic soundtrack that I still listen to sometimes. Very nice CGs. Don't expect much in the romance department though. At certain times the story seemed to drag on longer than needed. And I was also sometimes frustrated how predictable the events were but the end made up for it and showed me why that was so. UPDATE: The longer I think back on this VN the better it seems. It's just such a unique story that I need to rate it higher.2019-01-31
7.5FinishedDISCIPLINE -The record of a Crusade-This is a good Ecchi VN IF (and only if) you like the topic of female sexual dominance. This is more or less what this is all about. There are 5 endings and only one of these is a good ending. Even if you are a fan of this topic it gets a bit old since more or less all of the females at that school - except for one - are sex maniacs. And on another note: if you have watched the anime with the same name it shares a lot of the characters but the story is largely different.2022-08-232022-11-20
8FinishedDoki Doki Literature Club!Very interesting read. The sudden turn this VN takes took me totally by surprise and from then on it was just outright scary. Very experimental but a piece of art IMO2019-01-31
2FinishedeuphoriaNot sure why this VN is so hyped by some. I fought my way through many disgusting h scenes always hoping the story would make up for it in the end. But it never did. The story makes no sense either. Might be enjoyable if you are a fan of all kind of fetishes but was a total waste of time for me.2019-01-31
8.9FinishedFatal TwelveI am glad I read about this once in a review because usually I don't pick up yuri or yaoi VNs. But the review was so positive that I finally decided to pick this up. And it was a great read! It needs to be said that there are hardly any romance scenes, instead the VN is extremely story driven. And the story captured me, making it hard to stop reading. The characters were extremely interesting with my favorite being Odette Malencon. I also found it cool that the perspective sometimes switched to other characters even though Rinka was the real main character (and IMO she was a good MC). The one thing I was not so happy about was the ending which was a bit too artificial and out of nowhere. If not for that I would have rated this even higher. Still a clear recommendation!2019-01-312022-12-22
9Finishedfault - milestone oneI only picked this up because I got a voucher for it. But I am really glad I did. It is a not very long but touching story that brings up some interesting topics. I got involved in the story and had a hard time putting it away for a break which is of course a good sign! I liked the more western style of the characters and how much love was put into this VN. This is a very positive example of a kickstarter project. I will definitely read the next part soon. But beware: there is an evil cliffhanger at the end!2021-05-11
7.6FinishedFind Love or Die TryingThere is nothing really wrong with this VN, it's simply not outstanding in any aspect. But the heroines are likable, the story gets quite exciting at the end and the slight mystery feeling accompanies you throughout the game. In the end I see this as an enjoyable quick read for when you just want to relax. The 'different routes' (cough, cough) are a bit of a joke though. You will know what I mean when you get there.2021-09-27
8.9FinishedFreshWomenA very enjoyable read. The game and pics are very high quality. The story is interesting and the h scenes are not overbearing and what's best is that they are a good mixture between romantic and erotic - not many such games can manage walking on that thin line. Cannot wait for the next season!2022-09-272022-09-15
9.2FinishedFriendship with BenefitsHa! I still can't believe I played this game. I am usually not into Ecchi games but the reviews on Steam were so good that curiosity won me over. And I don't regret it at all! This game is very special and I will always look back at it warmly. Yes, no doubt this game is ecchi but it's such a happy world with happy characters that it just doesn't feel like it! It's an ecchi game that is just a lot of fun to read with a very relaxed attitude towards sex that I found really enjoyable. And new characters keep popping up and lots of things are going on. You can feel that this game was made wih love. A clear recommendation (if you are over 18)!2021-03-16
8FinishedGoing RogueAnother of those photorealistic (as I call them) VNs. This one has a good story and the relationship(s) develop in an ok tempo. There is nothing too exciting, it simply does its job. The choices didn't matter as much as I would have liked.2023-01-09
9.3FinishedGood Girl Gone BadI found this one purely by accident but it's really fantastic. I have never read a VN where choices matter as much as here. And there are a lot of choices to make! Because of that there is a very high replayability rate. Also depending on what choices you make you can really play the (female) MC Ash completely differently. She can be the nicest purest girl there is or she can be a total bitch or anything in between! And the best thing: it's still exciting to play the good path which is very often totally boring in other games. It's also refreshing to be able to play a female character for once. I will no doubt play the next game by that author (Eva Kiss), can't wait for it!2020-11-032022-10-11
9.6FinishedGrisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-Awesome character buildup; very likable characters; no bad routes (in my opinion); and most important: finally a capable, interesting main character! This Visual Novel makes everything right! A clear recommendation from me2019-04-05
7.8FinishedGrisaia no Meikyuu -LE LABYRINTHE DE LA GRISAIA-While this VN was still good and fun, it lacked a serious story line. The background story of the protagonist was the best part imo. The girls afterstories were ok and a good idea but they were too short really. The epic feeling of the first Grisaia just never kicked in2019-06-03
9.4FinishedGrisaia no Rakuen -LE EDEN DE LA GRISAIA-I have finally decided to read the last entry in the Grisaia series and I don't regret it. I hadn't realized how much I had missed these characters and their kinks. And in this story they really shine. The girls really show what they are made of and I loved it. Now that I have read the whole Grisaia series I have to say that these VNs are really something special. A really nice conclusion to the series.2022-05-18
8.4FinishedG-senjou no MaouVery intriguing and story-wise unusual VN. Many plot twists and a nice character cast. Recommended for mystery fans but not necessarily romance fans2019-01-31
6.5FinishedHakuouki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~After reading Hakuoki - Kyoto Winds: I just couldn't really get into this VN. It is high quality and all but it feels more like a history lesson than a story. Time goes by so fast and hardly anything happens. I had a hard time finishing it. Also the heroine is very colorless. After reading Hakuoki - Edo Blossoms: I slightly upped my vote. I liked the second part more than the first one because there was some variance due to the different routes. Some of the routes were quite good (Sanosuke, Okita, Sanan) while others were pretty colorless. The heroine was a bit more interesting in this part than in the first one. All in all I am not enthousiastic about this VN though.2020-02-19
8FinishedHanachirasuA VN with a very unusual (because not at all likable) MC (a sword fighter) that has a quite dark flair. If you are not totally disinterested in sword fighting and like a good but not too long story you will like this. Good soundtrack!2019-01-31
4FinishedHaremKingdomI really have my problems with visual novels by SMEE. While I appreciate that the women are never treated badly and that they are lighthearted reads they are also really boring because nothing ever really happens except the main character being adored by his girls all the time for no reason. I mean he is nice, but still... I doubt that the girls would be so constantly happy in a harem life. It all seems too much like fantasies of a teen boy with very little self esteem. Even the h scenes were so boring that I skipped most of them. And another thing: the routes were no real routes imo. You could have switched the content of one route with another and it would hardly have mattered (except for the very end of each route). So I am pretty sure this was my last SMEE VN2022-02-07
7.3FinishedHimawariThis one was a bit strange in many ways. While it starts off a bit boring (route 1) it gets a lot better later on. The part on the space station is cool although Daigo is a bit too much of a freak for my liking. I thoroughly enjoyed the Aqua and Asuka routes. And then there are 2 after stories that are pretty cool but totally different from the rest of the game! :-O2019-01-31
7.7FinishedHimeko MaidI found this VN really touching and heart-warming. The characters are extremely charming and likable. It's a very sweet game for in between. It's a shame though that the 2 main heroines' background isnt't explored in more detail, especially for Saeko I would have found that very interesting.2022-11-03
9FinishedHitomeboreI really loved this! A very heartwarming story. The author said in his notes that he wanted to have more routes than one, but honestly I think the one route there is is the perfect one and I don't need any other ones. A clear recommendation!2022-09-272022-09-28