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t18566.92022-06-23next games heroine predictionsNeed more ruka past before entering police
t18566.72022-06-23next games heroine predictionsDaimonji forever lesss gooo I like her va too
t17797.32022-02-12So this novel have same setting with previous of the sexual tag in protagonist make me sick
t17523.102022-01-13rejected by steamdamn steam gotta be kidding me...
w309.42020-09-21SaruteArtist is crazy good.
t12445.242020-08-13Now this is what a true masterpiece should beKirito faced vn protagonist. LMAO
t8414.32020-07-28there is one more heroineYou mean new heroine for Psvita version yeah? but thats weird there H tags on her. And psv version is not 18+ #2
t14311.52020-07-09Only good endings being Netorase?What the hell?
t13309.172020-06-23Well I'll be damned...its all about preference i suppose
t13309.152020-06-20Well I'll be damned...I see Good art i play.
t14198.12020-06-16Did sol press drop it?So did the sol press drop this one too?
t14184.32020-06-14Trials are extremely confusing, any tips?randomely lol You need to get it right for Master Magistrate ranking.
t14176.22020-06-12Routes that have NTRuhh bad ends?
t14114.62020-06-05Anyone have Hook code for this?This works for you with VNR? #5 erohatasensei
t14114.42020-06-05Anyone have Hook code for this?VNR works for me yes(on any other games), but i just can't hook this game for some reason on VNR. Therefore i need the hook code for it. Since it
t14114.12020-06-02Anyone have Hook code for this?Anyone have hook code for this? Can't get it to work with vnr.
t7285.62020-06-02Game doesn't work in Win8+Uhh this might be late but oh well...i am using win10 and it works me. You have to download Win8 update patch TESTAMENT UPDATE 101a from the above
t13958.112020-05-11Stuckunfortunately japanese walkthrough doesnt include answers
t13908.132020-05-07No yuka route?!Usagi....such a shame...i bet they were not capable enough to write her route..
t13939.82020-05-07WalkthroughThey would need it for the number and stuff tho
t13946.22020-05-07I'm stuck#1 @sonikun check this out link
t13939.52020-05-06WalkthroughWell here you go @levixsis #1 link
t13384.62020-03-21Has anyone played this game yet?I NEED SUZUNE ROUTE.
t13547.52020-02-20Blank screen Before opening movieOh Thanks!
t13547.12020-02-15Blank screen Before opening movieIts going White Screen before op i there any solution?
t13420.72020-02-05Dialogue choicesWhat about sinmara? does she have h scene?
t12275.62019-08-28H-CodeSorry but for me this doesnt work with vnr.. Edit : Just edit hook code from /HSN-4*0:-10@F1624:Haharanman.exe To /HSN-4*0:-10@F1624:Haharanman_301
t12623.72019-07-22Questions about this gameOniichan=Mackie.. DAFAQ
t12642.12019-07-22I hope Some Saves This From SakuraGame.If there is a God Somewhere Out there...Please...Please....
t11388.132019-07-22And so, another Cabbit title dies to SakuraGameOH no not again...SakuraGame...
t5189.42019-07-10Midori no Umi: Rating (Some Spoilers)This was actually a decent vn. Also loved the ost's Would have enjoyed more if not for the Tl...
t12099.92019-03-29Why no mochizuki route?periah250 There is...go google it..
t11858.32019-02-07Order Routes?¿?You need to Complete May , Suguri And Natsumae's route then start a new game You will get a fourth option for Koharu's route. And there is no need