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t14164.102021-02-12Best delinquent main heroine?The one i enjoyed the least would be Renna, that's because i'm not a big fan of tsundere heroines and she didn't attracted me too much, now it
t13942.52020-05-10[spoilers] About "NEXT BEAT" endWell, it wasn't an ending, it supposed to be a continuation to leave space for the next volumes but as far as i heard, the next volumes were never
t13952.42020-05-10An English Walkthrough?#3 Wow that's a genius idea, never crossed my mind tho, thanks.
t13952.12020-05-09An English Walkthrough?Does anyone knows an English Walktrough for this game about the routes now that is translated? because i was searching for one and i can't seem to
t13493.32020-02-04What's up with the translation?#2 That's lame...i was so excited for the release....
t13493.12020-02-01What's up with the translation?Here on VNDB it's said that this VN will soon be released on Steam, but i checked the status and it's said that is translated only 30% and 10% edited
t13492.12020-02-01What do you think about the ending?I just finished the game or to be more exactly, all 3 of them, what do you think about the ending? for me it was a little bit disappointing because
t13410.32020-01-11About the translation project....#2 They could raise money, start a Kickstarter, Sekai Project do that and they are a big company, they could do that too.
t13410.12020-01-11About the translation project....I wanna express my opinion about the future translation project of Biman 4 by Euphemic Translations, i was very hype when i heard that until i
t12838.22019-10-31h-Code ?I use VNR and it found this h-code /HWN-8*0@07B31CE1 but it doesn't work for me, no text appear whatsoever, i searched for another h-code but i
t13065.12019-10-25Something keeps bothering me...I understand that the protagonist is a masochist and gets turned on when he's being hurt, but his sisters are straight out filthy bitches who didn't
t12998.12019-10-09No voice acting?I heard about Rance series and i know how popular it is, but it doesn't have voice acting at all?
t12988.12019-10-07Horror?Umm...why is this VN tagged as horror? i played it but not fully, i only finished like 2 or 3 routes and i didn't found anything horror.
t7264.32019-09-30Are, Mamoru, and Kotone related ?I'm late as fuck but i don't care, at the end of Kotone's route, is revealed that they are not actually blood related and she knew it all along but
t9722.52019-08-07HelpI'm late but, meh, that's what happens when you pirate it and you don't have the serial, just get a crack for the game and that's it, if you manage
t11004.42019-08-07Body swapping?#3 That lesbian scene i think it was with his real sister, she has bisexual trait.
t12707.12019-08-07Wouldn't be cool if a chat would be implemented?I don't know about you guys, but i would really love if there was a chat where we can all talk live every time we wanted about VNs, anime and other
t12701.52019-08-07Bad endings? NTR?#4 Ah i saw that part, yeah i don't think that's really considered NTR, she's not a main character, not even secondary one , she just appears in one
t12701.32019-08-07Bad endings? NTR?#2 That's why i was confuse about, i doubted that it have any NTR but i wanted to be sure.
t12701.12019-08-07Bad endings? NTR?The tag of this game says there are only bad endings, i watched the CG set and i didn't saw anything that can be considered a bad ending, maybe the
t11004.22019-08-07Body swapping?I don't think there's any body swapping, i assume that the protagonist took the role of his sister as a teacher ( you can see that at aliases the
t12678.12019-07-31This game is too funnyLmao the situations this protagonist is in can be related to everyone, i never thought that the producers would be aware of all of this
t12675.12019-07-30Any happy endings or something?I haven't played this yet because i'm not a big fan of NTR unless is avoidable or contains at least 1 acceptable ending, but i think this is one of
t12481.332019-07-29At long lastlink A fan patch to restore h-scenes is in progress, there's still hope.
t12655.72019-07-28English Patch ReleasedI really wish they would focus more on bigger and popular VN, i'm not oppose this, i think bigger project deserve bigger attention.
t5541.62019-07-28What is this game and Photonmelodies?Is it worth to get this as a Muv-Luv reader after all? does it add something new to the story or are simply side stories with not much importance?
t12647.52019-07-23Ok wtf?#3 I have patch 1.02, didn't know there is a 1.03 patch, is changing something?
t12647.42019-07-23Ok wtf?#2 Ok, i will start a new game and i'll come with an answer if something changed Edit: I'm back, thanks for help now i can enter her route, i
t12647.12019-07-23Ok wtf?Umm, i try to get on Nijima route but for some reason it's always get me into Riko route, i followed the guide from seiya-saga, maybe is the guide
t12643.12019-07-22It's Cube dead or something?Looks like Cube didn't make any game for 2 years, did something happened?
t12637.12019-07-21About this type of VNSo all BISHOP games have this kind of theme? protagonist raping and making the heroines his sexual slaves? i mean it's kinda boring after some time
t12557.12019-07-06No males? (SPOILERS)From what i understood from the game, in the elfs world there are no males, right? but why in Lucie route, Nol wanted to use the lotion that increase
t4591.52019-06-12Japan Only?!I'm late as freaking hell, but for those who don't know, use AppLocale or NTLEA, i rather recommend NTLEA because it's fixing text errors too.
t12450.12019-06-12Protagonist's curse?What is the curse of protagonist? just from curiosity because it's nothing mentioned about that (didn't played the game yet)
t12435.12019-06-08Protagonist (spoilers)Well, i must say, i really disliked the protagonist first time because he was kinda jerk with Haruka, i mean, he judged her beforehand and thought
t12422.32019-06-08Freaking stuck#2 Ah thanks for the guide, i didn't used any guide until now, i just played it on my own, probably i missed something somehow, i will take a look at
t12426.12019-06-06Kuon annoying as hell (spoilers)God i hate Kuon, is the worst coodere heroine i ever saw until now, she's literally the most annoying heroine from this whole game, it's treating
t12422.12019-06-05Freaking stuckWelp, i'm stuck at 76% at the restoration status, i have no idea how to unlock those other ''shards'', can someone help me?
t11931.52019-06-04Oyako Rankan#4 I don't think this game have any NTR, it's says only good endings in tags, NTR doesn't really mean good ending right?
t12235.162019-06-04There is no Netorare this time around#6 Don't worry, even if it had NTR, it could have been avoided, because that's how NTR AliceSoft games are, except for Oyako Rankan, i didn't read
t11775.42019-04-16Text speed and voice settingWhy the voices sounds so weird tho?
t12204.12019-04-16Good endings?Does the game have good endings? i still haven't played it, the tags show there's bad endings, so that means there are good endings too? i pretty
t12176.12019-04-11Some help?I'm currently at 47 day and i try to get Shiori pregnant and i'm stuck, i have maximum level at her and i can't get her pregnant for some reason
t12149.12019-04-04How to get money?Does somebody knows how to gain money? i just know that you can work at a part-time job, but i have no idea where to go.
t11929.52019-03-24Natsuki's friend (MAJOR SPOLIERS)@4 Yeah i know, it was a great VN overall, nothing to complain about, just that the protagonist and this Onii-chan looks the same and Natsuki doesn't
t11956.12019-02-22Wait...what?I thought this VN was already translated, did JAST made a new translation or?
t7127.262019-02-16Favorite routeHeaven's Feel of course, Sakura is goddess.
t11929.32019-02-16Natsuki's friend (MAJOR SPOLIERS)@2 Yeah, i got that now, so in chapter actually play with another protagonist but it's the same protagonist from another dimension who has
t7153.352019-02-16What happenned on the true end??So in the end why did she left him so many times? because i still don't get it.
t11929.12019-02-15Natsuki's friend (MAJOR SPOLIERS)Ok, so let me get this straight....Natsuki's friend who calls him Onii-chan and loves him, it's actually an alternate version of the protagonist? how