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t12052.72019-03-16Do you think visual novels are innovative?@2 Even nukige are innovative. Interactive porn, that's pretty unique Which is why I don't really play kinetic nukige. Not very interesting
t11978.62019-03-14heroine preferenceWhere is my translation at
t12017.82019-03-07Dies Irae offends ChristianityI find it funny that a conservative catholic would be playing visual novels. Nothing wrong with that of course, but I imagine you've been offended
t12005.172019-03-06MG Survey 2019Once again my picks are Closed Game and Fraternite. Dunno about my third pick, maybe this Kiriya Hakushake no Roku Shimai since it looks interesting
t11654.152019-03-04English TL deadI need to let go of this VN. It's so annoying to be hoping to read a VN for the last 7 years. Why do i still care The crazy thing is there's no
t10791.222019-02-21Hajimete no Okaa-san - a misunderstood gemThis artstyle makes Kanon look like a masterpiece
t11792.182019-02-18Washi Translation's voting pollThe expected game is winning, though I'm pretty sad Zero is in almost last place. That's what I would pick Even the NTR game got more votes. Come on
t11376.102018-10-15NTR?@8 Yea fair. I mostly meant from the plot description
t11330.62018-10-14KnS 3 Theories (spoiler\anticipation alert)Was KnS2 good? I skipped on it
t11376.72018-10-14NTR?I don't know how MG thought to follow up Euphoria with this game. This is more like something Taimanin Asagi fans would be into. Man. It actually
t3617.15122018-10-14Tags suggestions/fixes#1511 Thanks. And yea I figured it's 100% in every single Guilty game, but I was still curious to find out
t3617.15102018-10-14Tags suggestions/fixesIs there any way to filter by developer + tag? Basically I'm trying to look for Guilty games that don't have gang rape
t9665.132018-09-18Thoughts on the GameIt's easy to tell they didn't make a revenge end simply so they can setup a sequel. Which would certainly be welcome. Anyway, something about Marisa
t9460.72018-09-17Vol. 4 announcedWith how short each game is, it's more like Vol. 2
t8152.72018-09-17some questions about the gameI too have a question. I don't really understand the Interactive Movie tag. Is this basically just an anime series with choices? Is it all FMV?
t10852.472018-08-24Sprite is in deep, and will probably go bankrupt.I thought this was about the beverage
t10791.52018-06-18Hajimete no Okaa-san - a misunderstood gem^lol
t10707.12018-05-27Sex robot VNsDetroit: Become Human got me thinking, there's gotta be a visual novel that's done this before. But I couldn't think of any myself. Admittedly I'm
t10396.102018-03-29which visual novel will be a long running series?I could see NekoPara
t10366.182018-03-20If I quit playing a gameMy Anime List had a smart way of doing this. You could add a note at the end of each entry in your list. So I had a big 'dropped' list that just had
t10291.82018-02-26Can someone translate this game?Coming right up, boss! 1 Mesu Kioshi 4, in english! No onions
t10162.272018-02-03MG Survey 2018I voted for DominancE - Empress Fraternite - Clock Up Caucasus - Innocent Grey cmon...
t10190.32018-01-26This just turned out awfulLooks pretty good to me. The art I mean
t10170.12018-01-20the wrong oneAs a follow-up to Euphoria, Mangagamer decides to translate this..... instead of link grinds my gears...
t6997.92018-01-18more like this?I always assume people like @2 and @3 just go into random VNs without knowing they are nukige, and come out disappointed. Cause other than that I don
t10118.42018-01-17English PatchIt's pretty frustrating, but what can you do. They probably want it to be their translation, instead of just handing off the WIP for someone else to
t10141.52018-01-12looking for ramune themed vnthatsthejoke.jpg
t10141.32018-01-12looking for ramune themed vnis it the one where you own a store and 3 lolis show up and they suck on your ramune?
t10102.22018-01-03Kangoku Gakuenuhh, there is no such thing. and after reading those 3 posts I dunno how you would jump to the conclusion that there is
t10029.82017-12-17where to get atlas v14?Pff, you could totally translate a generic nukige using just VNR+Atlas+extra dictionaries+basic understanding of japanese. It wouldn't be a
t10029.52017-12-16where to get atlas v14?It's a great program, combined with VNR and other dictionaries and the voice sample (when there is one) not perfect but gives you a good idea of what
t10045.32017-12-16there's a PSP version of this?I'm not sure I follow exactly what that means, but thanks for explaining anyway. I'm just amazed a game like this would be on a console
t9957.222017-12-16English Patch ReleasedI see. Thanks for explaining Also weird how you can just strip them at any time
t10045.12017-12-16there's a PSP version of this? how could this possibly be turned into a PG-game?
t10044.12017-12-16how crazy is it thatthey're still making games in 1024x768 in 2017? i'm not complaining though. 4:3 > 16:9
t9957.202017-12-16English Patch ReleasedCurious, what is the "Cut-in" option at the bottom? I Set it to on and off but it seems to do nothing. Also thanks for translating this
t9952.22017-11-29getting a "not win32 application"Yea on MG it says Vista and up. Which is bad because the original (not split) support XP....
t9952.12017-11-29getting a "not win32 application"for Kuroinu Chapter 1 I think the game might not support XP anymore. oh well According to the site, the game runs at 800x600 and it -is- a win32
t8906.62017-03-04No sounds of copulationit's kind of a big deal
t8906.12017-03-03No sounds of copulationlol meh, it's hard to enjoy it without that. It's just CGs with (bad) music playing behind. Maybe they added it in the re-releases. Well what a
t8891.142017-02-28English Translation Terminated.From a logical standpoint, what he's doing doesn't make much sense. Regardless he still has every right to do it. Sure there are lots of public
t8684.82017-02-25This game would be perfect, if any of the girls have more than 1-2 scenes? seems like the problem with this game would be lack of lack of character development. never played tho
t8846.152017-02-17why doesn't this site treat kiss images as spoilerDarth Vader is Luke's father. this is spoilery by itself, but without knowing that those two are rivals from differing factions then that by itself
t8780.522017-02-16Secret Projects 2017Wait, so people are voting for this Diabolik Lovers even though it's a PSP/Vita thing? and would require some kind of deal with Sony ontop of the
t8823.32017-02-13thoughts on the voice acting?I see. Thats a shame. In the end I'm still torn lol. I think I will go with voices then. Thanks for the detailed post
t8780.272017-02-13Secret Projects 2017Yea I would guess Ammolite for at least one of them. And this is probably the most likely one v15311
t8823.12017-02-12thoughts on the voice acting?Much like Fate/stay night, I bet there are many people out there that would say a Visual novel is better if it's not voice acted. I'm not an
t8689.222017-01-31Vote for Oyako Rankan in the Mangagamer polloh i see
t8689.202017-01-31Vote for Oyako Rankan in the Mangagamer pollI missed the poll, what were the other options? i like tsumamigui better, but would be ok with this. even though i think there's a similar VN to
t7792.182017-01-29Why does Grisaia trilogy have french titles?damn sorry. pretend i didn't ask.