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v28202.32020-05-08 at 18:49nooksiteMetaWare High SchoolReplacement of single line with further description.
v17716.92019-03-26 at 22:52nooksiteGaokao Lianai Yibai TianMore detail added. New source.
v22541.32019-03-26 at 22:49nooksiteHuayu: BaiheMore detail.
v16800.92019-03-11 at 03:22nooksiteTokyo School LifeExpanded description
v15395.402019-03-11 at 02:41nooksiteFlowers -Le Volume sur Été-Edit 2: Localisation.
v15395.392019-03-11 at 02:38nooksiteFlowers -Le Volume sur Été-Update due to English-language localisation.