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r38346.22015-02-01 at 19:48isaczNarcissuI'm a bit dumb
r38346.12015-02-01 at 19:45isaczNarcissuDoitsugo members were part of the project too. So I guess it's fine if I add the group.
r17112.122014-07-02 at 16:26isaczSaya no UtaAdded Doitsugo Trans as Producers
p4494.12014-07-02 at 16:25isaczDoitsugo TransAdded Doitsugo Trans
r17112.112014-07-02 at 16:18isaczSaya no UtaCompleted Notes
r17112.92013-03-21 at 21:06isaczSaya no UtaWe all make mistakes. - change platforms
r17112.82013-03-21 at 20:57isaczSaya no UtaFix'd some issues.
r17112.72013-03-21 at 20:53isaczSaya no UtaAdded Patch
r17112.52013-03-11 at 22:08isaczSaya no UtaChanged platforms
p2309.42013-03-11 at 22:02isaczDoitsugo TransI'm useless...
p2309.32013-03-11 at 22:01isaczDoitsugo Transfixed link (i guess)
p2309.22013-03-11 at 21:56isaczDoitsugo TransReplace Group
v10.252012-10-04 at 20:29isaczNarcissuScreenshots for german version
v1894.192012-09-23 at 18:52isaczA ProfileAdded a not "useless" screenshot in a different language
v10416.32012-09-18 at 15:20isaczThe Most Offensive Game EverAdd one picture
v7445.42012-09-18 at 15:19isaczMankai Chirarism Dai 1 WaAdded one picture
v3632.62012-09-18 at 15:17isaczLove Love H-Maidadded some pictures
v7564.22012-09-18 at 15:16isaczOne Lazy Saturdayadded one picture
v8534.52012-09-18 at 15:13isaczAkai Majoforget to upload...
v6505.62012-09-18 at 14:24isaczBurakon!Added some pictures
v178.72012-05-06 at 00:39isaczGreen GreenAdded a picture
v214.52012-05-06 at 00:39isaczGreen Green 3 ~Hello, Good-bye~Added two pictures
v1894.152011-11-19 at 19:39isaczA ProfileAdd some Pictures
v8350.32011-11-06 at 18:22isaczPrincess Maker 1Fix'd some information
r16962.12011-11-06 at 18:20isaczPrincess Maker 2Fix'd some information
v8350.22011-11-06 at 18:15isaczPrincess Maker 1Fix'd Pic
v8350.12011-11-06 at 18:15isaczPrincess Maker 1create a Site about Princess Maker 1
v8349.22011-11-06 at 18:11isaczPrincess Maker 2Fix'd Pic
v8349.12011-11-06 at 18:09isaczPrincess Maker 2create a Site about Princess Maker 2
v2002.252011-06-26 at 14:05isaczSteins;GateFix'd Publishers