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c90533.32020-09-11 at 18:43cykablyatidiKomatsuzaki KanameUpdated entire character: body, role, hair, personality, and sexual traits.
c65111.142020-09-07 at 15:27cykablyatidiKozuka YuiUpdate role, personality, and sexual traits
c65107.112020-09-07 at 15:26cykablyatidiYuuki AyakaUpdate what the character engages in
c65107.102020-09-05 at 21:31cykablyatidiYuuki AyakaUpdate role and personality
c65107.92020-09-05 at 21:20cykablyatidiYuuki AyakaUpdate sexual traits, roles and overall personality
c92078.12020-08-08 at 15:32cykablyatidiSeijuroCreating protagonist based upon heroine traits
c64432.52020-08-08 at 05:26cykablyatidiAkiru NorikaUpdate sexual traits
c64430.62020-08-08 at 05:26cykablyatidiKasukabe NaoUpdate sexual traits
c62606.92020-08-07 at 21:39cykablyatidiNanaseUpdate overall character according to chapter 2
c62606.82020-08-07 at 20:11cykablyatidiNanaseUpdate sexual traits and overall roles.