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t16286.32021-06-22Regarding c568.66Thank you for your hard work! o7
t16286.12021-06-20Regarding c568.66You mind updating each of the characters by removing the deleted traits like "average height" while you are updating their clothing traits? Thank
t15208.32020-12-20Regarding c90716.4Ahh okay so its more of a corruption thing then, I do agree its more a cheating instead of NTR since that requires the boyfriend's POV.
t15208.12020-12-19Regarding c90716.4Look I totally understand your change about how its not Netori, I just put the tags there since it was the closest thing to describing the game in
t14807.192020-10-01ThirteenWooo! Happy Birthday VNDB
t14285.32020-07-03Regarding c3938.58Well as long as we agree on the fact that the cgs are really inconsistent in terms of their bust sizes, I appreciate how you clarified the
t14285.12020-07-02Regarding c3938.58We can argue on the arbituary bust sizes of anime waifus all day, but I simply based my comparison on the facial area clarification thing that comes
t13915.102020-05-13Regarding c576.63Well if you don't mind, I'll personally create the instance myself then. I may not be the most familiar, but I have basically finished the whole
t13915.82020-05-04Regarding c576.63Good luck, and thank you.
t13915.62020-05-04Regarding c576.63Well I’m perfectly fine with that,I’ll leave the creation of the instance to you then? I assume you’re more familiar.
t13915.42020-05-04Regarding c576.63I assume that the only characters that would need kid instances are Yuuji, Amane, and maybe Sakaki.
t13915.32020-05-04Regarding c576.63I do agree with you that the trait would be confusing, and I have created a new instance of her childhood self, but I simply felt that this would
t13915.12020-05-02Regarding c576.63If I was to make a new instance for Sachi considering your request about not making the edit to her traits, would you suggest I do the same for each
t13866.12020-04-23Regarding c577.77Regarding your edit of Makina, wouldn’t you use both tags when referring towards two different cgs? There’s a distinction between putting both of the