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t13705.62020-07-03some thoughts about this series so farthe entire appeal of this series (or at least from what I can tell in Soushisouai Lolita no Seikatsu), is the taboo of loving lolis itself. pedos are
t14185.92020-07-01Steam benned Vnoh shit no. please no not Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori I was even anticipating this
t1052.2452020-06-30Quotes question...oh wow what happened to this thread. anyway: ATRI -My Dear Moments- No, I alone possess the special function of being utterly useless いえ、みんな優秀です
t14246.72020-06-25strange criteria in this databaseif its marketed as a gacha then its not a VN? even though the format is 95% the same?
t14197.32020-06-16When trials are basically spinoffs?and there are demos that did absolutely nothing to the game. basically it sold you the idea of something kind of a plot, only for the full game to be
t12405.1552020-06-15The worst translation I've ever seen"That said, thanks to way to literal translations existing, some people got more knowledge about Japan than it might be healthy, without even knowing
t14195.22020-06-15Brainstorming release imageswhat about PVs?
t12405.1522020-06-15The worst translation I've ever seeni for one certainly don't want to see things like "gamergate creep" in prison school anime dub. or in dragon maid dub where luquoa talks about the
t12451.232020-06-14worst visual novel ever#22 summary is just that: a summary. writing is still the biggest factor here. you could use that summary to either write a 1-2 scenario and then
t13789.192020-06-14Which was your favorite route??She gradually begins to open up a lot to the protagonist to the point where by the end of the route they're comfortable enough around each other to
t14144.72020-06-10Bokuten reviewnothing to say about common route other than pure praise to the point I'd say pay full price of this VN just for the common route alone. it will rekt
t12451.202020-06-10worst visual novel ever>namecalling yeah I'm done
t12451.172020-06-10worst visual novel ever^so if you're not a pilot? see where I'm going? >b-b-but it's not for everyone. then for some it'll be shit right? see?
t12451.152020-06-10worst visual novel ever#13 that doesn't discount that this is part of the bad ones. #14 dude that IS legit criticism. dragging the common route with terminologies that
t14144.42020-06-08Bokuten review@3 Tomoe didn't had to be an angel if only Aine didn't fucked things up in the end. but what really triggers me is the Aine = Eina reveal. Umm hello
t14144.22020-06-08Bokuten reviewI'd say pay full price for this VN even if just for the common route. that's how good it is. Minamo route is just a repeat of the other couples in
t13789.172020-06-03Which was your favorite route??Saki is the weather girl right? yeah she's my least favorite for one reason: she tried to control you. to be precise, your sexual advances. look you
t14099.52020-05-31Visual novels: niche or mainstream?might not be for long really. people are increasingly being aware that western AAA games is very much dead with tons of microtransactions and
t14012.72020-05-30Seriously?! (spoilers)copy-paste the save folder elsewhere when you're in the classroom chase scene and savescum from there. it's a really important save point.
t14092.22020-05-30[Spoilers] Nene's Wish On Other Routesthat's her problem why should the others and MC even had to care
t10090.92020-05-29Primula is 10 years oldwhere are my 10 year old looking sex dolls!! ehh who am I kidding, if the phrase "these characters are all fictional and all characters are 18 or up
t14082.22020-05-28Shall I continue this game?you should continue there will be a good plot twist later.
t14081.22020-05-28Steam editionthe h scenes are kinda important to the plot. moreso on Miyuki's scene right before the end.
t14068.102020-05-27Sol Press quits the VN marketand before anyone uses the CCP virus card, SP can just work from home as long as they have internet.
t13963.102020-05-25should i keep plaing umineko?his big issue is pacing... he tends to go on and on when there is no need to do so, that and repetition, even when there is no need to repeat
t13963.52020-05-23should i keep plaing umineko?yeah this is frustratingly long. if I were you just finish episode 1 and jump to the anime. because I did when I was mid episode 3 of the VN and it
t12894.102020-05-22someone give me a reason to keep playing?link tell me if that looks any similar to Sora in the cover art.
t14022.32020-05-19VNs where heroines try to interfere other routesnot so much as 'interfering' but Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki where the androphobic girl was trying to get the MC's attention back to her but fails
t9662.42020-05-19Amnesia -GD-^ you can never know that some women prefer MY SAGGING KNEES TICK men. some women are just do-M. don't M shame. we are in the current year after all.
t14018.22020-05-18Is Taruhi kitsune?there's a lolcow bad end of her where you touch her "cat ears". Usagi mentions that it's ultimately nothing.
t14002.22020-05-16A review , a poll and maybe a discussion?oh yeah this VN. how was the MC in the end? was he even more politically correct in the heroine routes more so in the common route? should I go back
t13999.202020-05-16The end of Windows 7?I'm probably one of the nightmares that #18 is describing as I said in my #5. and the only reason I once went from 7 to 10 was because it doesn't
t13999.92020-05-16The end of Windows 7?#8 I dunno. the old version worked and it's not BSOD-ing. this was almost 1/2 a year ago so I probably can't replicate the same thing now. and please
t13999.72020-05-16The end of Windows 7?#6 I once downgraded to 1511 and it worked for the most part. but win10 still sucks. there are plenty programs that aren't working well with it. most
t13999.52020-05-16The end of Windows 7?win10 build 1903 sucks really bad with gtx 1070. after one restart it will forever BSOD. not that it's any better in win7. it sucks but I'm stuck
t13831.432020-05-15Thoughs of the game and questionsfinally finished mid-chapter 10 where the main case is closed. can I safely skip the heroine routes? because it sounds like its just utter moege
t13908.142020-05-12No yuka route?!finished it. damn the read was really a drag. common route is basically them running around wild in the winter onset. no need for a walkthrough since
t13955.22020-05-09I thought porn was illegal in China?asking the ccp to be consistent in their own law is like asking the CCP to be finally transparent to their own lies. oh sorry, """allegations""".
t13937.732020-05-09The MangaGamer controversy#71 machines can't into art. that's the biggest problem. and art comes from both creativity and innovation, which machines cannot as well. I'd argue
t13937.542020-05-08The MangaGamer controversyso, you think they're hostile to you, and that's bad, so you want to be hostile to them, and that's good. Logic! IF YOU GATEKEEP THEM OUT THEN YOU'RE
t13937.492020-05-08The MangaGamer controversyjust a quick note to add: I'm watching a "debate" of the anime sub versus dub. long story short, dubbers tend to add liberal TLs to the point of
t13937.402020-05-08The MangaGamer controversytranslating tsundere into fragile male ego and thinking there's no ulterior motive is even more baffling. and I wish I'm just being paranoid, but
t13937.62020-05-06The MangaGamer controversy#3 I wouldn't put it past MG to be the next disney/naughty dawg/blizzard/activision/bethesda/EA etc. if those companies got infected by the SJW virus
t13908.102020-05-04No yuka route?!@9 hardly. she just comes out as desperate to the point of even surpassing a middle aged perverted guy. imagine a guy doing all those perverted
t13907.142020-05-02New type of censorshiprandom people on twitter make things up after the fact to pretend that they have power. then how do you explain all the school setting bannings
t13908.62020-05-02No yuka route?!Yuka, the post christmas cake, is best girl? GIRL? post wall is a girl? you don't call 29 year olds a "girl". Kanon is my favorite for now... if she
t13907.122020-05-02New type of censorship#11 if you're gonna point fingers at least do your job properly. point it to the easily triggered snowflakes on twitter. and to valve that listens to
t13907.22020-04-30New type of censorshipfuck valve and fuck steam(?). also why even censor anything that has to do with indoctrination centers that is schools? don't they want the chillinz
t13831.412020-04-30Thoughs of the game and questionspersonally I don't mind rehashed plot devices as long as it is written well and has good pacing. the problem with "original" plot devices is it tends
t13831.382020-04-29Thoughs of the game and questionschapter 4. if you just ignore the heroines and just focus on the arc, I find it much more enjoyable. yes I'm at the point where I'm just ctrl-ing