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t17523.182022-01-14rejected by steam^you really should voice those complaints to steam.
t17523.142022-01-14rejected by steamtHerE'S nO cEnsOrSHiP goYs!!! oh the ignorance.
t17523.122022-01-14rejected by steamwhat do you mean "played" it's not even released yet
t17138.192022-01-11Favorite Heroine?I wanna say saki but then her mouth is just pure garbage. she's good 1 night stand but yeah. she belongs to the streets. so my vote goes to Konatsu
w3383.12021-12-24Furifurethere are 3 endings though and you probably got the good end. there's a neutral and bad end. edit: I actually prefer the neutral end. its the
t17523.62021-12-22rejected by steam@5 yeah that's the more plausible reasoning. maybe resubmit it again but this time, they need a good timing so that normal people would look at it
t17523.12021-12-21rejected by steamlink and so we riot
w3370.22021-12-21DraPri Guu-ta-life 2seconding. did they fleshed out the worldbuild that they completely sidestepped from drapri 1?
w3229.22021-11-29Yamizome Revenger -Ochita Maou to Ochiru Senki-yeah I easily got the harem end on 2nd run and told myself its not gonna get any better at this point.
w3208.12021-11-24Kimagure TemptationI dunno about intriguing plot. almost all segments of the sections are taking too much time that I found myself alt-tabbing. and since this VN is
w3025.92021-11-10Ren'ai, KarichaimashitaI'm starting to see your point. yes the back-and-forth tsukkomi banters are unironically the only thing I find in this vn enjoyable. I just finished
t17282.12021-11-01I'm already stuckjust the prologue and I'm already stuck. I'm at the part where I need to place a spear in the statue room but I can't. also for some reason the 3rd
t13047.242021-10-07Anime announcedit has begun and no takeru.
t17105.472021-10-04Fourteen 🎉ahhh yes 14 the golden age.
t17097.142021-10-03Eroge with best ero animationI'd say stuffs from Courreges Ace and Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou
t17033.92021-09-18Why is this bitch a heroine ?I'm too red pilled for this.
w2836.72021-09-17Soukou Akki Muramasa>expensive >can be mass produced yeah because slave labor produces much more than automation and having infrastructure. dropped for real.
w2836.52021-09-16Soukou Akki Muramasa^ please spoil it. I don't want to read for 15+ minutes just to get to see the reveal. I'll decide after that.
w2836.32021-09-16Soukou Akki Muramasa^ root double was not without flaws but the pacing is decent. also muramasa is action-packed? bruh... the fight scenes ARE a drag. kind of like
t16557.112021-09-10Windows 11 announcedas if win10 don't have many issues already, now they will release an even more unstable win11. *sigh*. the future is bleak for microsoft. i have a
w2757.12021-09-04Zombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga Osowarenai vol.0"but as soon as he warmed up to Mitsuki it turned into more or less a regular zombie survival story" I have a feeling this is the main reason author
w2700.92021-09-01Parqueti just finished prologue. and I'm already ranting inside my head. a perfect perfectness of perfection, created by an amalgamation of different life
t8145.602021-08-31Release of the translation#59 people are turning into facebook and twitter. and tiktok. god i hate tiktok.
t16234.652021-08-27Well, I was expecting more. [spoilers]wow this thread derailed so much I don't even know where its going. and I thought gabe was such a terrible derailer (if you're an oldie to this site
t16818.62021-08-17Why do you like 2D/CGI-Rape?no real preference. if the scene is hot or not, which I admit varies very widely.
t16317.102021-08-14common route gripe@9 look I'm a proud Ayucka hater and I won't touch her FD route from a mile away. yes Ayucka's actions is just emasculating. your complaint of him
t16734.232021-08-13Characters who never got the route they deserveI've seen great characters stuck in shitty routes so sometimes I'm glad I don't have to read those shit routes. better no route than shit route.
w2581.12021-08-11Primal x Hearts"(The Teacher and Bichi.)" the teacher is literally made to be a laughingstock. there's no fleshing out with her lol. bichi is debatable imo. you don
t16768.42021-08-08Otakon 2021 Announcementsprobably novectacle game. even though i haven't touch a single vn from them.
w2511.32021-08-04Primal x HeartsI'm currently on chapter 2. is it just me or did I just easily picked up that MC's online game friend is actually Sera but they both don't know?
t16728.262021-08-03A VN Play Time Voting Thingam I the only one who finds the length to be really helpful? I tend to alt-tab a lot between game, browsing, anime and VNs. knowing the length (and
t15345.92021-08-03Wasn't there a much simpler solution?#8 nono, I'm not talking of the A or B timeline. I'm talking of that house raid and them helplessly raising their hands. THAT'S the first time Okabe
t15345.72021-08-03Wasn't there a much simpler solution?wasn't the entire point of Okabe jumping through so many timelines/divergences is because in the very original timeline there were suddenly
t16626.202021-07-23The Steam Deck."With Windows 11 having access to Android apps" wait, what? "People want "a cheap, small box that can do anything within reason" and despite this
t16626.172021-07-23The Steam more thing to note, imo, is the fuckery that is win11. if that doesn't steamroll (pun intended?) the development of linux I don't know what will
t16626.152021-07-21The Steam Deck.1. I'm pretty sure you can install windows on a tablet. 2. are the controller buttons even needed when playing VNs? 3. but I think I'll stick to a
t16033.172021-07-09This game has no right being this good.I'm about 3 hours in and this game is too busy with the worldbuild and characters. I can't call this a nukige at all.
w1413.262021-06-27Kin'iro Lovericheso I just got past the big reveal regarding Ria route. people are overreacting once again. *that plot device* have been used quite a few times if you
t16317.62021-06-25common route gripethe truth doesn't matter when Ayaka has 99% of the majority on her side (peer pressure again). and Ouro doesn't want to use the so-called "cheat
t16317.42021-06-25common route gripeall that goes away the moment the princess's back is turned. and the "harassment" mainly happens in the dorm where the princess isn't around. again
t16317.22021-06-25common route gripewell the simple answer is peer pressure is a bitch. if that isn't the case then the baseball mini-arc wouldn't hit as hard which will be explained
t16293.142021-06-22an all too common problemI already played this long ago and for what its worth (now that I look back to this) a lot of it are very forgettable. but I do remember Ashe being
t16293.122021-06-22an all too common problem^ okay wrong choice of words. maybe "makes sense" is a better use rather than justified. still trash, but that's beside the point.
t16293.102021-06-22an all too common problemas someone who used to be verbally bullied back in my high school days I'd say this is justified. my only saving grace is that last time I heard from
t16266.92021-06-18How can VNs improve their storytelling?^ that's a huge risk.
t16272.32021-06-18When do you prefer a new VN announced?the one silver lining about translation releases is that you have feedback from the previous players. i find it much easier to decide if I'd play
t16266.52021-06-18How can VNs improve their storytelling?sturgeon's law still applies. 90% are poop and the remaining 10% are either not yet found or played as soon as its launched. and of course this also
t15746.352021-06-17I'm trying to understanddamn I'm so glad I dropped this somewhere in chapter 4. the characters, even at their "berating", they don't feel like human at all.
w1413.222021-06-16Kin'iro Loverichewhy is ayucka as a heroine that far ahead? do people really want to be berated like that?
t1052.2792021-06-15Quotes question..."my three options were to lose an arm, be locked up, or become her friend" = Kin'iro Loveriche