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t10302.1212019-08-30Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadSuspicious duplicate account made only to downvote MLA and Fata Morgana
t10302.1172019-08-12Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink again...
t10302.1152019-08-09Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadSomehow there seem to be user who keep making new accounts to bump WA 2 higher, pretty noticable example being river3, river1 and game777 have pretty
t10302.1122019-08-08Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadSuspicious 6 accounts consistently give 10 to WA 2 which two of them somehow vote on Rance 10 without read any Rance titles before, better check in
t10302.1112019-08-05Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadSuspicious 5 accounts spam 1 on Fata Morgana and Rance 10 one after another link link
t12693.32019-08-04Suspicious rating formula by 4 hidden accountsThere's a new account rated all top rated aside from WA2 and F/SN 1 (again) for some reason I see, thanks for informed, will post on these next time
t12693.12019-08-04Suspicious rating formula by 4 hidden accountsSuspect 4 hidden accounts spam 1 to almost every top rated VNs which WA 2 and F/SN being 10 around the same day link link link link link link l