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t16707.42021-07-29Hottest nukige of all time?Duuude, those custom x-ray shots... That 6th screenshot. <3 I mean, I've had it on my WL since its announcement because it looked like a vanilla
t16673.52021-07-23besides mangagamer and jllistJAST has all of their own, SolPress and NekoNyan's releases. I think they have most of Denpasoft's too. I get my EN VNs from JAST.
t16643.72021-07-20Anybody else excited for this eroge?Artist: INO Instant bookmark, thanks for bringing this to my attention!
t13050.1382021-07-10Sales10 Harem titles for 10k until 19.07., pretty diverse and good selection of VNs.
t16575.42021-07-0910 Difficulties Related to VN LocalizationIssue 3: From what I've seen in the normal gaming industry, 5-6 months is the sweet spot. (Fallout 4, now Elex 2 [rumored to be coming out during X
t16541.42021-07-07Favorite heroineShe's such a beloved heroine, she even got her own fandisk a month ago Icha x2 Study.
t16558.22021-07-06Is this an after story or recap?It's a Presequel.
t16557.22021-07-06Windows 11 announcedLinus didn't seem to have any problems running games on it. Maybe it's just a much bigger Win10 update with nice new visuals? Edit: I really do
t15742.52021-07-05Issue Running this VN on Windows 10#3 For posterity's sake, how'd you get it to work? #4 Look out, we got a badass over here.
t16548.172021-07-05What's your favorite nukige?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)For now, I'd have to go with the bog standard Eroge! ~H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai~. Binetsu Kyoushi Cherry was surprisingly good and probably the
t16246.192021-06-16Can't log into DLSiteStreet worker on You can't fault him for wanting to change things, but as with a lot of these types of issues, he's going way
t16246.112021-06-15Can't log into DLSiteWooo, 30k VNs registered! #2 Try DMM, their SoftDenchi DRM is laughable, get the DMM Player stuff from torrents. I personally buy DMM Game Player
t16243.202021-06-14Do you prefer literal TL or liberal TL?I'm gonna go with a mix of the two. Honorifics with liberal TLs of otherwise off/stilted-sounding stuff. I went with the Liberal TL option, because
t13050.1342021-06-13SalesAtelier Kaguya 10 for 10k Sale, all the way up to Mama X Holic o.o More like 20 for 20k or 30 for 30k O.O WillPlus 10 for 10k Sale, including Great
t16205.52021-06-08It's time boysName checks out.
t16187.62021-06-05StarForce?I'm with #4, DMM's Soft Denchi is such a thinly-veiled 'DRM', that it's barely no DRM at all. I gave a small guide on cracking it somewhere here on
t16102.162021-06-01this sucksBoo this man, boo! VNDB takes some getting used to, yes, but it's actually nice to look at with the default skin and doesn't detract from its main
t12405.1762021-05-30The worst translation I've ever seen#175 We didn't start the fire...
t12405.1722021-05-29The worst translation I've ever seenBeating a dead horse, I see. > Goes through thread to see if he was just as cringey about this VN some years ago, nope, no cringe here :) ("If You
t15635.892021-05-10Amayui castle meister TranslationI don't want MTLs to be acknowledged on VNDB because they dilute a translation's value. VNDB is a part of the (western) VN world and possibly even an
t15635.262021-05-08Amayui castle meister TranslationThe job title translator itself isn't protected like a medical doctor or lawyer, anyone with sufficient enough knowledge of two or more languages can
t15578.492021-05-01First VN?Katawa Shoujo, followed by To Heart 2 and Eroge! in third place. :D All late 2018 or early 2019. Shit, time flies. DDLC was my actual 'first' buuut
t15962.72021-05-01Steam sale:MB Actress Again Current Code -80%'Sales' thread: link. Used for all kinds of VN sales.
t15944.52021-04-29I am wondering...Power dynamics. Whereas vanilla stuff still has a smidge of man overpowering woman it's much more the case with rape, and tentacles give the added
t15937.342021-04-29Sakura no Uta Community Translation Challenge>Studies Translation >Gets told by some internet rando that he doesn't know what he's talking about when he says that 2nd hand translations
t15937.292021-04-28Sakura no Uta Community Translation ChallengeI'm actually with #28 for this particular case. If you want shovelware-style VNs to be the exact same boring copy and paste in English as they're in
t15937.212021-04-28Sakura no Uta Community Translation Challenge#20 What's FEMDIC?
t15937.142021-04-27Sakura no Uta Community Translation Challenge#13 Why can't/shouldn't the Ameriburguers be butthurt? It's not like they're reading 2nd hand translations like Spanish readers apparently do on the
t15883.82021-04-18All age nukige from Orcsoft - is it a joke?Adding onto #7 my hot take: JAST will become the VN equivalent of Steam/GOG, if it isn't already. At this point MG is the only publisher/localizer
t15889.72021-04-18Translation accuracy seriously lacking#6 Yomichan gives both as possible meanings. Don't know if you're trolling/sarcastic, though.
t13050.1272021-04-12SalesMG sale on GOG.
t13050.1222021-04-02SalesJesus Christ...9 wishlisted titles, 500yen each. Sister Lesson, Mama x Kano's FD and Mankitsu Happening are among them!
t15778.22021-03-31Is the localization a bit.... rough?Japanese is ALL about context, look into high/low context cultures if you want to go a bit more in-depth. What did they say in the previous sentence
t15767.62021-03-28How do you prefer these words/phrases English TLd?1) Keep honorifics. It's important to the reader to know what kind of relationship people are in. I'd say in specific circumstances it would take
t15679.72021-03-27Is Cattleya dead?#6 My uneducated guess: Too many "old hags", "used goods" and damned "NTR" (because NTR covers all of NTR for most casual VN users). Maybe they aren
w1712.62021-03-25Koinoha -Koi no Share House-*Looks at tags* 2.5 Unlockable Harem Ending, with Spoilers Hidden hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
t9657.52021-03-15please....#4 link Last edit was nearly a year ago. Could be dead.
t15684.112021-03-13MG Survey 2021#8 I also told them to sell more/all of their titles on other storefronts, like JAST, because PayPal is easier to use than a CC or DC, and let's be
t15684.52021-03-11MG Survey 2021Recommended Haha Ranman, Oyako Rankan and Tsumamigui 3 for licenses. I'm not really invested in the EN scene rn but those are some worthwhile titles
w1574.52021-03-04DoukyuuseiThat fourth paragraph touched my soul. I've been one of those zealots only 1 to 1 1/2 years ago. I see this behavior from other people today and it's
t15641.22021-03-04Virus warning, and crashesDLSite can be trusted. Maybe it has to do with the Serial Number software or something. Sometimes anti-virus software just doesn't like Japanese
t15519.22021-02-08Remove of Melty questIt's the same reason why games like Brave Alchemist Colette are not here on VNDB. I do, however, wonder why Amaenbo ~Sei o Osaekirenai Boku to
t15510.52021-02-07Is there a way to play this in Japanese?Control Panel==>Under Clock and Region "Change date, time, or number formats"==>Administrative==>Change Syste Locale, to Japan ofc Use AlphaRomDiE
t13050.1192021-02-02SalesMink's 29th Anniversary Campaign - Up to 88% Off Packs are cheaper on DMM, up to 50% of the DLSite sale, don't forget to still compare prices.
t15422.22021-01-19What do you think about this line?The translator has messed up the tense if that's the exact line word for word. I'd go with his creampies just not being as good, either because of
t15409.32021-01-17Translation droppedEh, shit happens. Better start learning JP, lol.
t14265.62021-01-12NTR ruin the entire story.#4 Kanojo no Karada ni Tsuita Aitsu no Kiss Ato ~Osananajimi no Kyonyuu Kanojo wa Senpai no Ookina Ude ni Tsutsumare Toroketa Emi o Ukaberu~ The
t15367.32021-01-10Is a localization likely?DMM Points can be bought via PayPal, get it there on sale and then DL the TL somewhere, probably won't get anything better for the foreseeable future
t15331.32021-01-04Why no English translation?Because they (official TL companies/publishers) tend to announce projects when the actual translation is nearly done. Fan-TLs tend to release the
t15319.72021-01-04Question about NTR specificsTry the LiLiM DARKNESS titles if you want avoidable NTR.