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t14042.92020-05-26How to buy from Melonbooks DL!! - A Workaround#8 That wasn't about the lack of payment processors or anything but more about having to re-enter already entered CC information when you buy on DMM
t14042.62020-05-26How to buy from Melonbooks DL!! - A WorkaroundBought it, downloaded it and ran it! No major problems! Had a little scare after getting 404'd on the DL screen but I got the file after clicking
t14042.52020-05-24How to buy from Melonbooks DL!! - A WorkaroundI've looked for the right term and it's actually a 'prepaid debit card'. They're debit cards from the major CC firms that get pre-charged/paid with a
t14042.32020-05-24How to buy from Melonbooks DL!! - A WorkaroundThe item's in the cart and now I'm selecting the payments method. That's how far I've gotten. I have a [debit-style] prepaid debit card so it takes a
t14042.12020-05-23How to buy from Melonbooks DL!! - A WorkaroundTwo things, this is for a very niche selection of titles (I'll only use this for Nee ♥ Summer! ~Nee ♥ Sama!~ myself) and the title is clickbait-y
t12405.1442020-05-22The worst translation I've ever seenlol, I didn't realize that I wrote the same thing a couple of months ago, sorry :D
t12405.1422020-05-22The worst translation I've ever seenI've had my 'shitty opinion of translators/their work' phase a year ago. Please close this thread, it achieves nothing.
t13574.242020-05-19VNs where the MC is a terrible person#23 No, it's a funny misunderstanding :D
t13574.212020-05-19VNs where the MC is a terrible person#18 #20 Mate, your replies have nothing to do with this thread. It's about a villainous, rapey, bad guy MC, not a badly written MC. Donkan
t14007.62020-05-17H-Code for the DL version?btw, you can use this method to make your own DRM-free archives of SD protected VNs. :D
t14007.42020-05-16H-Code for the DL version?Two ways to remove SoftDenchi 99% of the time: 1. DenchiUnwrap, the Uploadee DL is functional. Make sure you drag the correct exe onto it (sometimes
t13999.172020-05-16The end of Windows 7?I second #16's sentiment. You'll have to update to Win10 at some point so why not take the time that you have right now to make yourself comfortable
t2108.31742020-05-14Candidates for deletionr65420 is an unnecessary duplicate or a possible leftover from before we could tag an entry with two languages (I'm guessing the former because I
t13574.112020-05-13VNs where the MC is a terrible personOn that note, the whole -saku series might be interesting to you. There are various Protagonist tags that you can use to search for this stuff, too.
t13954.172020-05-12Can I enjoy this vn with spoilers#16 You should probably learn using spoiler tags.
t13072.32020-05-11English releaseQuick + important question: Does the English version come with the Maid Harem patch/DLC?
t13937.862020-05-10The MangaGamer controversyTBH I'm only this alarmist because my professors [yeah yeah, look at the filthy Translation Studies guy over here, going the boring official route
t13937.752020-05-09The MangaGamer controversy#74 I want to pay as much money as is needed so that the people involved will earn a decent wage. Sorry that I'm not as flexible or comfortable
t13937.682020-05-09The MangaGamer controversy#67 I think the solution is improving the machine translators until their performance becomes even better than a human translation and by doing so
t13937.662020-05-09The MangaGamer controversy#65 I respectfully disagree. You can't accept the shoddiest piece of work into your field of work simply because it's better to have something really
t10839.272020-05-09Desire to be cock blockulaGive it some time, you'll see the twilight soon enough.
t13937.422020-05-08The MangaGamer controversyI think #40 wants to gatekeep/hinder the twittersphere & adjacents from VNs. I understand that. We should also gatekeep the other side, OAG
t10839.252020-05-07Desire to be cock blockula#23 You need to take some deeep breaths and read through your wacky rant again. Tsumamigui 3 caters to everyone, a smart business decision, and it
t13937.122020-05-06The MangaGamer controversy@9 I can actually see how you could translate that although it might be worrisome for the TL to have that in their vocabulary/memory to begin with
t13937.72020-05-06The MangaGamer controversyI'm not the Fata Morgana type of guy, what's going on exactly? Can you give examples of mistranslations? Also, I wouldn't say it's MG's fault but
t950.7312020-05-04VNDB Suggestions!I obviously can't sift through the past 28 pages so I wanted to suggest adding the NekoNyan and Sol Press stores to the VNDB store linking system.
t13907.202020-05-04New type of censorship#20 All we can do is hope that more people who pirate VNs start to buy them or that people wake up to this situation and make the effort to use a
t13050.672020-05-03SalesDenpasoft's GW Sale, only going on for 2 more days. NekoNyan's GW Sale, don't know how long it lasts.
t950.7292020-05-01VNDB Suggestions!#727 Heavy emphasis on WAS, they've learned since then and don't use any sort of DRM at all now.
t950.7262020-05-01VNDB Suggestions!I switched from Chrome to Firefox today but I don't have #723's problem. Didn't notice there was a DRM discussion, my take: There is overlap
t13050.662020-05-01SalesMangagamer GW Sale all of these VNs are discounted on both their storefront AND Steam. JAST GW Sale but they've only added 2-3 VNs on top of the
t13649.112020-05-01The art of the VN made me realise....#10 Admittedly not my proudest purchase lol Why? I'm genuinely curious. It's an OrcSoft title and the art looks good.
t13365.782020-05-01Happy New Lists!Instead of ranting in 'Sales' I might as well use this opportunity to ask if we could, in a future list update, get the ability to sort by Developer
t13900.32020-04-30Leaf pulled all their stuff from DMM?They pulled ToHeart2 right as I was about to buy because I've only found out that there was a download on DMM a week or so before... Don't care for
t13050.582020-04-30SalesSubarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~, Grisaia no Kajitsu -Le Fruit de la Grisaia-, Grisaia no Meikyuu -Le Labyrinthe de la Grisaia-, Grisaia no Rakuen
t11965.132020-04-29h-scenes actually part of game or in menus#12 From what I can see the mosaic-free uncensor patch was only available to backers. Looking at the mosaic-free pics here on VNDB I'd say that you
t13890.42020-04-28Is this series 100% romance?#1 And why the sister have the bukkake tag? I would guess that Bukkake is applied because of the second part: Bukkake refers to scenes featuring a
t13365.762020-04-26Happy New Lists!'Save as default' doesn't work for my user created list, at least I think so. Instead of Playing, Finished, Dropped and Stalled I created one list
t13879.72020-04-26How in the world do they justify the $64 price tagYou either produce 500-1500yen stuff and hope that it sells A LOT to get back your investment or you take an even higher gamble and produce higher
t13880.32020-04-26Are you a sheep or are you human?-
t13829.22020-04-16What happened?You've been active on VNDB since 2012, you've got 7 years on me in that regard and you still haven't learned how JAST operates? It comes out when it
t13819.22020-04-14English TranslationShouldn't you post this for the 2nd one first? You should also be aware of d6#8 .
t13809.62020-04-12Anyone else is hyped?#5 Reading some of the replies in other threads by other people, you can't be too sure.
t13809.42020-04-12Anyone else is hyped?The year is 2020 and there appear to be two people who don't know what 'being hyped about smth' means. Being very excited/elated about something
t13050.422020-04-07SalesHypothesis: Japan is banning foreign CCs because of C19 and the possibility of abusing a more inflated/devalued currency. Thing is, JPY is one of
t13727.2072020-04-06Flagging Images#205 Exactly what I'd already written out but decided against :D #206 I'd say that skull-fucking (dead or alive) is a perfect example of Level 3
t13727.2042020-04-06Flagging Images#203 I'd written a much longer message but I can put it into much fewer words and be done with it: Yeah, nah. Also, Steam shouldn't be used as an
t12690.282020-04-05Ryuusei World Actor Review#27 I don't really care about the VN, but the people who do or want to read it might not want to read these spoilers. Please use spoiler tags or comma