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t13229.42019-12-03Old blue VNs work on Win 10?Just tried all the games in r67846 on Win 10 and didn't notice any issues The original True Blue does not work on Windows 10, this goes for both the
t13241.12019-12-02Polarising ratings.New Atelier Sakura game just released. To those who have completed it, what are your thoughts?
t13236.12019-12-022/10 Another one for the pile. NTR VNVerbose. Just so fucking verbose. And not where it matters, no we can't have that. The 95% of the game's script is frontloaded in its ecchi scenes
t13221.12019-12-01User reviewsWhen is this feature going to be added? It's too discouraging knowing that any review posted in the "discussions" section will never be read by the
t12783.12019-08-28Rare NTR RevengeThe story starts off with our main character -Kouji- waking up to the sound of his wife silently leaving the house at 5 am in the morning. We are
t12752.12019-08-19Requesting reviewTitle
t12485.12019-06-195/10 Msize going downhillFor those who have played it, the general synopsis involves you playing a teacher who is dominated by who of his students. The game involves a
t12460.22019-06-17Wow this game was trash.It would have worked with an NTR-esque narrative if the Extra was properly woven into the main game.
t12468.32019-06-153/10 NTR Battle royaleAn interesting premise by itself doesn't make a good visual novel. There is also no plot to speak of. So what is ''Psy-min Appli..'' supposed to be
t12468.12019-06-153/10 NTR Battle royaleIn a world where students go to a school that takes up 90% of the land on this solitary island and whenever anything happens, this same fucking BGM
t12439.32019-06-105/10 Rare NTR type AThere are no "routes" in this visual novel. The story ends when the MC confronts Nanako in her apartment on her birthday. They both had promised to
t12439.12019-06-095/10 Rare NTR type AFor Your Smile ~Anata no Koto wa, Suki Deshita~ is an anomalous work in the NTR genre. Getting this out of the way, It is pure NTR, no good ends for
t12437.12019-06-093/10 Lazy writingBy the book NTR visual novel. But does anyone reading NTR enjoy by the book storytelling? I would think not. Are all LiLiM games like this? I've
t12428.12019-06-079/10 - Dei Gratia no RashinbanPerhaps saying it does "well" in terms of writing and storytelling in the Hard Science Fiction and Mystery genre is an understatement. Had the
t12421.12019-06-057/10 You gonna get FASHIONABLETis the summer of 1992. You head down to your local PC-98 game emporium Hot girl wearing leapord print camisole with peach pink blazer and lipstick
t12419.12019-06-052/10 TerribleIf you were expecting proper characterisation you won't get it. If you were expecting interesting drama you won't get it. If you were expecting well
t12400.22019-06-01Swapping Party - 7/10 Fantastic NTR game.As a side question, did the same illustrator for this visual novel created a similar "Swapping NTR" doujin CG set? Again revolving around two high
t12400.12019-06-01Swapping Party - 7/10 Fantastic NTR game.By itself, a swapping NTR visual novel would be nothing new, just another entry in a long pile of similar works. You get the gist: Guy with maxed out
t12396.12019-05-31NTR Shimai - 1/10 Absolutely garbageThis isn't the bottom of the barrel. We're through the barrel and plunging into cavernous depths previously unknown to man. This is garbage. Our
t12382.32019-05-28Incredibly disappointing. 3/10There are spelling mistakes in the script, such as double は and incorrect Kanji. So perhaps it does.
t12382.12019-05-28Incredibly disappointing. 3/10Perplexed as to how this game has such a high rating. Put simply, it was so incredibly shallow and lacking in anything pertaining to "good writing