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t12621.12019-07-18fluffy Vn recommendationsdepressed, need fluffy Vn recommendations. -English and male protag please..
t11264.162019-06-27Another one bites the dust.Mispronounced(read MTL) Honorifics, grade, misplaced name in dialogue, annoy me to death :'v
t11264.142019-06-27Another one bites the dust.readable shit XD it's still funny though.
t12483.22019-06-24WOW Just WOWhope get eng translation~
t10551.32019-06-23Is the heroine a virgin?yup, she is a virgin >> spoiler >> link
t12423.32019-06-06Recc Vn with similar protagdone with that~ well basically any Smee protag. anyway thanks for reply
t12423.12019-06-06Recc Vn with similar protagAny recc ? assertive protag. Please not Nukige :'v
t6702.692019-06-04What's your opinion and at what age did u read?it was 6 years ago, around 13 years old. "Damn this story is messed up!" was my first impression, but well it's pique my interest. i really feel
t8413.1072019-06-03The protagonistfinally decided to try this Vn, wish me luck guys -.-