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t16216.122022-05-19Text extractionI can't believe someone is actually translating this. Thanks a lot, man. I (or we) appreciate it. Take your time as much as you like. I don't really
t13400.72022-01-11Favorite heroineUshio satisfies both my rod and heart :)) EDIT : Just finished Sasa's route and I'm actually impressed hmmm this is getting tougher... I might change
t16589.12021-07-11Question regarding the storyDoes the story take place after the normal end or the true end?
t15691.52021-04-01possibilty of english trasnlation?Yep. It's announced. Very cool :) Thanks, NekoNyan.
t15204.72020-12-26favorite heroineHazuki is my favourite. In terms of individual route, Nanami/Ayase is really good. Not sure about Mayu since I've haven't played her route yet.
t12859.22020-08-02100% the longest game, I even playedI am having a blast reading this so far! It's damn good. May I ask how long on average it takes to finish one route? I want this to last longer. ;_;