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r84696.32021-11-19 at 11:24shiawaseMuyuu Senkyou Romanesque: Chronicles of RefugiaUpdated the name of the release.
c101091.12021-11-19 at 11:22shiawaseAliceAdded the first Alice.
r84696.12021-11-19 at 11:11shiawaseYume yū senkyō romanesuku: Chronicles of RefugiaAdded the release date the developers gave. It will be an episodic steam release starting in 2022.
v32810.22021-11-19 at 11:08shiawaseYume yū senkyō romanesuku: Chronicles of RefugiaAdded some staff. It's not complete yet.
v32810.12021-11-19 at 11:01shiawaseYume yū senkyō romanesuku: Chronicles of RefugiaAdded the visual novel with a summary and picture.
r64147.72021-06-13 at 15:04shiawaseKimi ga Shine -Tasuuketsu Death Game- (up to Chapter 3 Part 1 section B)Changed the section to B, since it came out recently.
r64151.92021-06-13 at 15:01shiawaseYour Turn To Die -Death Game By Majority- (up to Chapter 3 Part 1 section B)Just updated it to say Chapter 3 section B since it just came out.
v28525.22020-05-25 at 20:41shiawaseWitch's HeartFound the image in better quality (but not by much...).
r72075.12020-05-25 at 20:38shiawaseWitch's HeartAdded English release.
r72074.12020-05-25 at 20:32shiawaseWitch's HeartAdded the jpn release. I put it as "complete" since all other entries in the series are their own games and are not patches used to add to the first
v28525.12020-05-25 at 20:26shiawaseWitch's HeartAdded title, description, and length of the series. Added Image. This game has mini-games but it really is just mostly narration and dialog. It even
c83621.12019-06-10 at 11:22shiawaseToto NoelAdded Noel/Rio as a character.
c83620.12019-06-10 at 11:14shiawaseHannakiAdded Hannaki/Tia as a character.
c83619.12019-06-10 at 11:06shiawaseHoemiAdded Hoemi/Sue as a character.
c83618.12019-06-10 at 10:58shiawaseMishima KazumiAdded Mashima as a character. I can't find his name in kanji to copy it...
c83617.12019-06-09 at 22:25shiawaseYabusame AliceAdded Alice as a character.
c83616.12019-06-09 at 22:14shiawaseIbushi GinAdded Gin as a character.
c83615.12019-06-09 at 22:06shiawaseSatou KaiAdded Kai as a character.
c83614.22019-06-09 at 21:55shiawaseEgokoro NaoCorrected Nao's gender
c83614.12019-06-09 at 21:55shiawaseEgokoro NaoAdded Nao as a character.
c83536.32019-06-09 at 21:47shiawaseTazuna JoeChanged romaji of Joe's name to that of vgpersons translation and added a trait.
c83535.32019-06-09 at 21:43shiawaseChidouin SaraAdded more Traits to Sara.
c83613.12019-06-09 at 21:38shiawaseYabusame RekoAdded Reko as a character.
c83610.22019-06-09 at 21:23shiawaseBurgerberg Q-taroChanges his name order to last name first name
c83612.12019-06-09 at 21:22shiawaseHiyori SouAdded Sou as a character.
c83610.12019-06-09 at 21:12shiawaseQ-taro BurgerbergAdded Q-taro as a character. But I can't get his name in Kanji currently...
c83537.22019-06-09 at 20:57shiawaseChinogi KeijiAdded more Traits to Keiji's character and corrected his gender
c83608.12019-06-09 at 20:54shiawaseKizuchi KannaAdded Kanna to characters
c83536.22019-06-09 at 20:28shiawaseTaduna JoeCorrected Joe's gender
c83537.12019-06-06 at 21:10shiawaseChinogi KeijiAdded another main character
c83536.12019-06-06 at 21:01shiawaseTaduna JoeAdded another main character
c83535.22019-06-06 at 20:51shiawaseChidouin SaraAdded picture of the protagonist
c83535.12019-06-06 at 20:49shiawaseChidouin SaraAdded the protagonist to characters
r64151.12019-06-06 at 19:03shiawaseYour Turn To Die -Death Game By Majority-Added the unofficial English release
r64150.12019-06-06 at 18:58shiawaseKimi ga Shine ― Tasūketsu Death Game ―Added the release of chapter 2 part 2
r64148.22019-06-06 at 18:56shiawaseKimi ga Shine ― Tasūketsu Death Game ―Corrected that this release is pretty much a patch with further content
r64149.12019-06-06 at 18:55shiawaseKimi ga Shine ― Tasūketsu Death Game ―Added the release of chapter 2 part 1
v25931.22019-06-06 at 18:53shiawaseKimi ga Shine ― Tasūketsu Death Game ―Added image of the title screen
r64148.12019-06-06 at 18:52shiawaseKimi ga Shine ― Tasūketsu Death Game ―Added the second release
r64147.12019-06-06 at 18:49shiawaseKimi ga Shine ― Tasūketsu Death Game ―Added the first release.
v25931.12019-06-06 at 18:42shiawaseKimi ga Shine ― Tasūketsu Death Game ―I added the newly translated Kimi ga Shine. I am a bit unsure how to edit staff as I can't read Japanese and all I know is that the game was made by