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t13542.32020-02-15Sakura no Uta savegame?THANK YOU
t13542.12020-02-15Sakura no Uta savegame?Can someone plz upload Sakuuta completion savegame? Lost my files right before last route.
t12425.202019-06-07Visual *novel*?"Nah, you are simply beyond being merely petty and pedantic." Ah, a tsundere. Very nice. "The definition of novel is "a long printed story about
t12425.172019-06-07Visual *novel*?"Just play some more and proper title and see whether or not this medium is up your alle, or more on zog more enjoyable things." Isn't Subahibi a
t12425.72019-06-06Visual *novel*?"what" Think about it, the term implies an equivalence between the visuals of a VN and the language of a novel. But that's completely wrong. It
t12425.62019-06-06Visual *novel*?"Some Japanese person came up with the name, likely not really knowing what the words meant. It's not something we can do anything about."I doubt it
t12425.12019-06-06Visual *novel*?VNs really don't have much to do with novels. They usually seem to consist of 95% dialogue and 5% internal monologue. Most classic novels have