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t8661.152019-12-07Timeline and babiesWow, the third game absolutely ruins the first two. What a cuckfest
t13246.32019-12-04Monobeno all-in-one pack on sale for 500JPYThanks OP!
t10989.122019-12-04What is this?Are there any gang-bang/Borderline NTR scenes with Kiyora? How is her route?
t13200.62019-12-02What are the endings for this game?Thank you :)
t13200.42019-11-28What are the endings for this game?#3 Could you tell me what happens, please? I don't care about spoilers. Thanks :)
t13200.12019-11-28What are the endings for this game?Is there any netorare?
t8044.22019-11-28ReviewThanks for the review. I don't care if the game is a full-blown nukige, so I think I'll enjoy it :D
t12977.22019-10-06amazingThis is a masterpiece my dude
t12560.82019-10-04Is there netorare?I was a bit inactive in VNDB, sorry for the late reply. The exactly SAME thing happened to me when I was playing imouto paradise LOL If I'm not
t12957.212019-10-04Is there NTR in this game?#14 What happens in her route? #18 and #19 I agree. Even if you don't necessarily self-insert, you can still empathize w/ the MC. So you'll feel bad
t12901.262019-10-03Ara ara Nukige recommendations?That's why I love this community. Amazing job guys.
t12957.92019-10-03Is there NTR in this game?What a cuckfest lmao not my cup of tea. Put the plot is great tho, worth it
t11337.122019-10-02its sad yet its the truthOk, captain save-a-hoe
t12957.32019-10-02Is there NTR in this game?Can you tell me the route and who is the heroine and the dude? Thanks
t12957.12019-10-02Is there NTR in this game?Title
t12560.62019-08-18Is there netorare?@5 i downloaded the CGs are you are right indeed. Why would they ruin the game like this? Holy shit, shitty company and game. I'm mad now lol
t12560.42019-08-15Is there netorare?@3 Oh shit, but with his mother (heroine of the first game), or with the other girls? :(
t8342.22019-07-18A hidden gem...?Wow, nice review, thanks! I actually got interested in this. How good was your japanese when you read this?
t12279.22019-07-16English Version?We probably won't have any, this is too niche of a game imo
t12607.62019-07-16will this game have incest ?@5 yes, indeed. I have nothing against the release of NTR titles, but I imagine that the release of NTR titles delays the release of the vanilla
t12607.32019-07-15will this game have incest ?Oh shit this is sad, I hate when Anim releases NTR titles
t12602.82019-07-13Which tags do you exclude by default?Only Netorare and Only Bad Endings. Can't stand it, I get mad just by reading the synopsis hahaha
t12600.42019-07-13This novel is awesome@sakurakoi, yeah, you're right, it was rather standard. But I found the execution really nice. The CGs and sex scenes were really well done and I
t12600.12019-07-13This novel is awesomeSeriously, just play it guys
t12588.32019-07-10If the sister doesn't win we riotI hope she finally gets a route
t12584.12019-07-10What are the endings of this game?Is there any good ending?
t12581.12019-07-10Are there good endings in this game?In the mother's rote. Is the NTR avoidable?
t12560.22019-07-09Is there netorare?The first game has NTR, the other ones apparently don't
t12444.102019-07-03Does this game have NTR?HAHAHAHA nice song, shroomlord. And you guys are pefectly right, but as I said before, not my cup of tea. But I can see the appeal. Maybe I'll play
t12444.72019-06-29Does this game have NTR?Thanks! It's not my cup of tea still, so I'll pass
t10500.82019-06-29MasterpieceIt would be even better with less fendom
t12444.52019-06-11Does this game have NTR?This is disappointing :/ hahaha Thanks for the help anyway, you saved me :D
t12444.32019-06-11Does this game have NTR?So the NTR is unavoidable? Such a pity, I really wanted to play this game
t12444.12019-06-11Does this game have NTR?If so, how bad is it? Thanks