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r76639.12020-12-25 at 23:45brook09JS Ena-chan Itazura Kensa ~Kiyowakko, Chijoku no Hijou Kaidan~Translation is missing from this site. Here is the source of the translation done by EvoRobot. link Since it has been out for 5 months I thought
r76636.12020-12-25 at 23:26brook09Boku no Satori: Aki no Datenshi HenShared the English Translation Patch for this game. Bought the original game from dlsite, and found the patch torrent a while back on a message
v28559.22020-06-02 at 00:29brook09Mischief in the toilet using hypnosisBabel made
v28559.12020-06-02 at 00:27brook09Mischief in the toilet using hypnosisGirl gets hypnotized
c89478.12020-03-28 at 14:02brook09OkonogiToo many characters are missing from this awesome vn. i thought about adding some completed the main game yesterday so i thought abt adding some