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t16515.12021-07-01Shiravune Censored Shotacon Protagonist in MegasukApparently shiravune started to censor shotaconnstuff in their visual novel that they translated like megasuki with white censor bars on the h cgi. l
t16041.12021-05-13Only on Steam so farThe game has only been released on steam so far, with a free 18+ patch on jast usa. For someone like me who avoids buying games on steam, this is a
t15904.12021-04-21Protagonist QuestionSo how is the protagonist in this visual novel. Looking at the tags of celebritiy and actor, I'd presume he's pretty good looking and has a good
t13749.32021-04-12Who is the best heroine?Agree with op asami is honestly the worst of all, jus a shitty ass vulture. Honestly I'm glad that I used the skip button whenever she was on screen.
t15204.372021-04-11favorite heroineHands down nanami her route was so adorable, and really liked her relationship with satoru.
t15747.72021-04-01DenuvoThe denuvo has been cracked :D
t15171.72020-12-16Komachi routeFinished komachi’s route, while the stuff with the cult and schwarld was pretty good. I friggin hated komachi to the friggin bone, and that end was
t15184.12020-12-15Release of sequels?So any news from denpasoft of when they will release part 2 and 3 of this vn?
t15171.12020-12-11Komachi routeDo I really have to play through komachi’s route to unlock the other heroines route’s? While going through the tags I noticed she’s not listed with
t14906.12020-10-24HookcodeLooking for a working hookcode for textractor.
t14902.12020-10-23AnimationAre all h scenes animated in the taimanin yukikaze animated verison? Also how about the other taimanin games like asagi do they contain animated
t13329.32020-09-04End1 (before doing End2 (Seiya Saga)) - No cons?!Don't worry while the poster above has said that route 1 is the fck route. They get together in both routes, so all in all this one has only good
t14475.12020-08-06Trouble updating GameHaving trouble updating the game whenever i try to update it i get the windows error message that the isnt in the same directory or isn’t installed
t14219.12020-06-19Hookcode?Need hook code for this as only parts of thext are getting captured through textractor
t14218.12020-06-19Hook CodeNeed a hook code for this as not all the text is getting hooked
t14185.12020-06-13Steam benned VnThe visual novel english translation by Sekai Project has been banned by steam link
t13746.22020-06-11Nakige? spoilers WELCOMEBumping up the thread
t14168.12020-06-11Game ErrorGetting a black screen upon starting this game the music is running fine in the background but the screen of the exe file is black.
t14125.42020-06-05Problems Siglus engine.exeDid it followed intrsuctions still no window opening the apps running in the background in task manager. Could it be its not compatible with win 10
t14126.12020-06-05Windows 10?Is this not going to work on windows 10, like the other cage games from pre 2010? Tried running it the window opens and closes after few seconds :)
t14125.12020-06-05Problems Siglus engine.exeHave problems running this game while i start the siglus exe file whetever with aplharomite or no region loader, the app is running in my task
t14117.12020-06-03Miyu Futaba Fate [Spoiler]So i want to start this game what i wanted to ask is if she is getting raped by other people than the main mc. Also how far does the bullying go for
t12283.102020-06-03Time worthy VN?If u ask me a big fat NO... so far completing shirones route. I have to say the main character is one of the worst if not the worst in any vn i have
t14112.12020-06-02Animation StyleDoes every game that minori released has that much animation and sprites in it like trinoline. I was happily surprised to see how good trinoline
t14109.12020-06-02Where are they?Are these guys still alive ? They did gods work literally providing a uncesnored version to all Sakura Game Games. What happened to them did Xi get
t14108.12020-06-02no 18+ ContentSo since i saw no 18+ tag and with the recent steam banning of vn with lewd content, is it safe to assume that neko works wont do any lewd content at
t14090.52020-05-31Getting Error MessageAlready looked for it no mangagamer and minori folder in my appdata folder
t14090.32020-05-30Getting Error Messagei have tried everything running it as admin redownloading it etc. dont knows why i get this error message need help it worked proprerly beofre dont
t14090.12020-05-30Getting Error MessageNeed help get this error message whenever starting trinoline exe file. link Save directory Creation failed. :/
t14089.12020-05-30No H-Scenes?Looking through the tags i noticed this one has no 18+ scenes is there any reason given why they chose not to do any h scenes in this one? Is it
t8267.42020-05-27How is this VN played ?Wrong i got into hibikis route by choosing the orange decisions, the pink ones copped me out of her route.
t14073.12020-05-27Walkthrough?Anyone got a walkthrough for this one? Couldnt find one my regular site seiya saga.
t14067.12020-05-26Aberdeen H scenes or heroines for him?So i saw aberdeen in the cast list for protagonists so wanted to ask if he got any h scenes or heroines in the fan disk. Feel free to spoil me.
t14063.52020-05-26Cant start itnevermind got a windows 8.1 iso, used that and transferred the files from main pc to the vm. so now it works with the changed system locale
t14063.32020-05-26Cant start itthere has to be a way to get this one working with locale emulator, i would rather not change my vm to jp locale, and my main system is out of the
t14064.12020-05-26Not startingHave problems getting this one working with locale emulator any solutions ?
t14063.12020-05-26Cant start itFor some odd reason i cant start this one with japanese local locale emulator, all other of shirisus games work fine jus this one has the problems. :/
t14055.12020-05-252 Main Heroines of kodomo himitsuDoes this contain netorare meaning do the girls or rather main heroines of kodomo no himitsu have sex here with other boys cause i dont see the
t14051.22020-05-25Any Walkthrough for this?link Found one myself leaving this link if anyone ever has the same porblem as me
t14051.12020-05-25Any Walkthrough for this?Looking for a walkthrough for this game im stuck where i can only get the jars and the futon in the apartment but cant get the other component for
t14050.12020-05-25Steam Version18+Is it possible to play the steam version uncensored meaning with all s*x scenes is the patch from the directors cut working on it?
t14047.12020-05-24Steam banned no uncen Version?So since the game was banned on steam or rather not allowed to be sold on steam cann we also forget a uncensored version of it ? I got the jp
t13943.12020-05-06Unlock Second map?So how do i unlock the maps/playground where i can have intercourse with her? Got all stars on the first map dont know how to continue?
t13905.32020-04-30Second Mapthe autosave in this game is shiet the game already crashed multiple times losing my whole progress i had. Its making me aggrevated instead of
t13905.12020-04-30Second MapHow do i unlock the second map of this game got all stars on the first map but still dont have the activities with intercourse yet.
t13778.12020-04-03Hook CodeAnyone got a proper hook code, sometimes not all of the text is getting through
t13738.82020-04-01Past arc worst story arc of this vn esp villainlol get over it the vast majority does not like the second pahse of the game with the convenient villain. Also get over your for Aiyoku no Eustia
t13738.62020-03-31Past arc worst story arc of this vn esp villainIn my opinion kotone's route is the best, the development she goes through and how clutch she comes in the story is really good. in Akari route she
t13762.12020-03-31Number of protagsSo how many protagonists does this game have, on the mc page is see 3 on the page but are all those the same person Also is it possible to switch
t13746.12020-03-29Nakige? spoilers WELCOMESo how sad is the nakige part of this vn also do any of the heroines die. Also is something going to happen in the imouto route? feel free to spoii