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t12549.162019-07-18ReviewI'll just have to skip her route entirely. *having standards and sleeping around* in the same phrase LOL
t12613.292019-07-18Start the Engines!Ok, how does one start hook-coding? what is the hook-coding 101? is it safe to download these packages? are most open-source and all that?
t12549.112019-07-07ReviewTBH I was just afraid OP was telling the truth: link
t11602.672019-07-07Tone Work's 4th project: TsukikanaIdk why talking about real women should be banned. Your view about sexuality and by extent women affects your opinion of eroges. What you call toxic
t6702.712019-07-05What's your opinion and at what age did u read?I liked the story...really I did...until the NTR scene. Anything after that made the story seem just meh.
t12549.52019-07-05ReviewNot trying to stir up this topic again but: is there actually NTR in this game? that is relevant. I don't like it, will ditch the game if yes. On
t12457.202019-07-01Remake/Custom versionAny news?
t12537.252019-07-01Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinction''I refuse to add the current hermaphrodite trait to intersex characters because that's just as derogatory to call transwomen "traps".'' But but
t12457.172019-06-15Remake/Custom versionhey nice work out there. cheers.
t12442.122019-06-15Concerned userIf a heroine just fucks alpha-chad-males or normal males or hetares or monsters is totally irrelevant. If the sluttiness of Netorate Type B
t12459.182019-06-15Why so many Netorare titles@2 good point. never thought about that but in fact I know a good portion of male friends who would not mind to be step on/cheated if it was from a
t12459.12019-06-14Why so many Netorare titlesIs Netorare actually a trend in japan? out of the titles released {I just checked in this website} in the last 2 months at least 10+ were about
t12442.62019-06-14Concerned user*This time i saved the password of this throwaway* As @5 said. how can a women that {gains sexual gratification} in cheating your partner not be
t12457.32019-06-14Remake/Custom versionDepends mate. Why create this at all? is going to be paid? iwhy not help insteads translating japanese visual novels?