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t15170.122021-05-10What is "Mugyu"Really? I didnt notice at Umi, thanks btw :)
t15910.52021-04-23Can I skip 4 Heroine Samapoke?As a result it worked towards Shiki, for some reason the two options have the same goal but whether they have a difference later. Ma, I'll try this
t15910.42021-04-23Can I skip 4 Heroine Samapoke?I think I can choose the "yume ni mukau" option link
t15910.32021-04-23Can I skip 4 Heroine Samapoke?Ma, I already know about ctrl key but it's still boring, I think there's a special option to skip, thanks ... I'll do it.
t15910.12021-04-23Can I skip 4 Heroine Samapoke?I played Samapoke a year ago, this year I decided to play Reflection Blue. I have already installed Reflection Blue, when I play it, Reflection Blue
t15170.82021-03-26What is "Mugyu"Eehhh... That's interesting
t15495.22021-03-18About the new seriesSo this is a continuation of Yuki iro? I've finished Haruka Senpai, and it looks like it will be hard to finish the fourth episode. let's just say I
t14738.142021-01-14What If? this game gets anime adaptionThere will be an announcement later, just wait for the results. link
t15274.12020-12-28Am I the only one who doesn't get stands?I think the stands are only on the Kujou route (eps 1) Are you the same? It should be on the right bottom, please check the image. link *spoiler
t15013.292020-12-15Misaki kyouko role?Alright i've been finished SamaPoke, and yeah ... What is Kyouko role? At the end of the epilogue, Kyouko mentioned Hitomi ... It means that such a
t15013.252020-12-13Misaki kyouko role?#22 I finished Islamon, and yeah .... it was really long, I had to repeat a few times just to beat # 1 I was surprised that Grandpa Shiroha wasn't
t15170.42020-12-11What is "Mugyu"Alright, I got a lot of feedback here... Thanks gais
t15162.52020-12-11The reason you are playing this?Eehhh... So H-scene not include stories? I said everyone has an opinion, I really like the H-scene. You chose Petrichor for stories? Ohhh man.
t15170.12020-12-11What is "Mugyu"I wonder what is Mugyu, is it just words to make it sound cute? Maybe only Tsumugi spoke like that.
t14862.502020-12-11General discussion.This is terrible, kidnapping, rape, black market, somehow from some spoilers from my friends. Well, this is putting me aside
t15162.32020-12-11The reason you are playing this?Come on, isn't the H-scene really interesting. Ma, everyone has their own opinion.
t15013.232020-12-11Misaki kyouko role?Okay, i'll do... Thanks again.
t15013.212020-12-11Misaki kyouko role?Okay, i understand... Btw , do I need to finish Islamon? link
t15013.192020-12-11Misaki kyouko role?Okay thanks, i'll gonna finish Tsumugi right now.
t15013.172020-12-10Misaki kyouko role?isn't it Shichiechou on Ao route, hhmm.... I doubt that any other girl will be able to see the butterfly. Isn't that some kind of Sorakada family
t15013.112020-12-10Misaki kyouko role?Okay, looks like I have to finish this. I still don't understand about Kyouko. I think she's just a support Chara who showing up when the MC needs
t15013.92020-12-10Misaki kyouko role?What is the SP website?
t15013.82020-12-10Misaki kyouko role?why are you so interested in Kyouko?
t15013.62020-12-10Misaki kyouko role?I still finished only two Heroines, so I don't know that far.
t15013.52020-12-10Misaki kyouko role?I don't know, I haven't gotten that fall. for now I'm still on the Shiroha and Kamome route. I'll finish Ao later.
t15162.12020-12-09The reason you are playing this?I think this is a good Mellow's visual novel. I first discovered this while opening Twitter and yeah, I got hooked on the opening theme song. I also
t13531.62020-12-09Your Favorite Heroine poll !Ao is good but Kamome more better, i mean those drama
t14738.102020-12-09What If? this game gets anime adaptionYeah, that Was be interesting.... Especially Kamome Eoute
t14809.32020-12-09(SPOILER) Hotta and UmiI'm still curious about Umi, at least I'm still playing Samapoke ... Is Islamon very important?
t15013.32020-12-09Misaki kyouko role?I think Kyouko is just a warehouse keeper who appears when Hairi needs something.
t12405.1642020-12-09The worst translation I've ever seenseems like something is wrong with you.
t8049.22020-10-27Short ReviewMy fav route : Konomi & Ayana I like Ayana's H-scene part ..Big oppai is the best. although I'm a little confused by the ending. Did Haruma and
t13926.12020-05-04Kirikiroid PatchAre there Kirikiroid users here? I want to ask if there is a special patch for Kirikiroid (xp3, tjs, etc.) which is definitely not an exe. Cant
t13752.42020-04-02Someone can give me recommend like this?Wtf so funny xD, why i make thread on my profile lol, someome moving here. Ma, i don't know much or less about forum guideliness sorry if i make some
t13753.12020-03-30Thanks for HeroSoftThanks for all member HeroSoft, you are solid to translating visual novel from japan/eng to Indonesia. Intinya, semangat bae
t13752.12020-03-30Someone can give me recommend like this?This is best vn for me, so can you give me recommendation similar to Inochi no Spare? Maybe some sad ending, and also i'v been finished Dekinai
t13607.32020-02-29How can i get Izumi Shno Route?Really? thanks for information, i have already finished Miki, Airi and Yume routes.
t13607.12020-02-29How can i get Izumi Shno Route?How can i get Izumi Shno Route? I have spend long time but never get Izumi Shino route. someone can tell me?