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t3232.422019-09-14Tomoyo After GDNecro after seven years, finished reading the memorial edition. A few random thoughts (spoilers): * I guess many will read this VN after having
t12839.62019-09-09After StoryThx, then I won't skip Fuko's route. I didn't even know that you *have* to finish her route for After Story. btw, I took a short glimpse at Tomoyo
t12839.12019-09-08After StoryCan I skip ahead to After Story, having only read 1) Tomoyo 2) Kyou 3) Nagisa 4) Kotomi? Or will this ruin the experience? I'm just not that
t12786.12019-08-28Anything similar?I mean mostly with regard to the mc: someone who seemingly doesn't take anyone serious, constantly jokes in a way most people around him don't