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t12547.32019-07-05Translation?I understand, I just want to know if there is some info regarding translations besides what´s in here. Will check the game´s page for sure.
t12547.12019-07-03Translation?Does anybody know if there is any translation project for this game? Love the Lilith Taimanin series and Lilith games in general are awesome!
t10773.32019-07-03TranslationThat would be great! Does anyone know where to find it?
t8661.132019-07-03Timeline and babiesIs there any translated version for this game? I guess that would provide some answers
t7297.52019-07-03How to play Tokyo Shota Street guideIs there some way to translate this game, or some sort of translation guide? It seems very interesting.
t10864.22019-07-03Win 7 No sound for Voice ActorI have the same problem
t8218.82019-07-03Lilith needs to make more games like thisLilith needs more shota games!