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t13543.12020-02-15familiar art? and is this game good?is this the same artist as the illustrator for you-zitsu? man the art is so good and is this game worth it? i saw other thread, and people say it's
t13464.32020-02-10VNR/Textractor/ITHVNR doesn't worknvm managed to use textractor after installing new updates :o
t13464.12020-01-27VNR/Textractor/ITHVNR doesn't workso what're you guys using? none of those 3 works for me, i wonder why :o
t12483.252020-01-22WOW Just WOWtbh this protag is really likeable, and is it weird if i found him pretty cool? i only played bethly route atm, but seriously though, eventhough he
t13292.42019-12-16h-code?nvm, managed to make it work using embedded trans lol
t13292.32019-12-16h-code?ah what's that? :o
t13292.12019-12-15h-code?anyone got h-code for this? thanks before
t13269.82019-12-12use VNR?try use cmvs32 rather than 64, that's how it works for me
t13279.32019-12-10about uguisu#2 thanks! i think i'll go for her route next, thanks again~
t13279.12019-12-10about uguisucan someone spoil me about her death tag? i'm curious
t13251.12019-12-04walkthrough?is there any walkthrough for this? thx
t13182.32019-11-26There's secret ending?i it's the normal / no cg end huh.. thanks alot! sorry for this
t13182.12019-11-24There's secret ending?okay i didn't know that, my bad how to get secret ending?
t13181.12019-11-24all heroine isbisexual? this is new for me lol interesting
t12254.92019-11-08favorite heroineMOCHIZUKI FTW
t13011.42019-10-16about MCwelp i'm kinda disappointed that MC doesn't participate in matches again, but can't complain though, i like this MC compared to other MC like that
t13000.12019-10-10Regarding these tags? [spoilers]Yandere and Reverse NTR? spoil me please :o who's the yandere and subject of reverse NTR? kinda curious before playing this VN
t11443.262019-10-05Best Girl ~ Route [Poll]MAMA TOUKO FTW
t11689.32019-10-04Best Girl [Poll]mama reika ftw
t12960.42019-10-03Broken text..Font issue?@2 now it works! thank you so much! yeah changing format make it works :/ damn pulltop game lol
t12960.12019-10-03Broken text..Font issue?does anyone knew what japanese font they use? Kinda stuck here, this is the first time it happened to me, all other jp VN works perfectly, my system
t9625.212019-09-28Favorite route? *SPOILERS* (of course)Best route is any route other than yukino I feel like, yukino route is kinda..trash For me personally, it's like the writer itself doesn't know what