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t12052.112019-03-20Do you think visual novels are innovative?As a whole? No. But occasionally, there are innovations.
t10765.52018-06-07cut content?Apparently, a few alternative choices have been cut and at least one ending appears to be missing. Can't verify though, it's just what I have read on
t10211.82018-02-18New localization company with 5 titles announced.They even try to be mosaic free when possible, that's nice.
t8995.22017-03-27Remake or Sequel?It's a sequel.
t6821.122016-11-12English Patch OutIf you consider how bad, butchered and "localized" some of the official english releases are, I'm not sure "translation quality" is a good argument
t8403.82016-11-02Anime adaption#2 I don't think you have to squeeze several routes into one anime. I would say that is actually the worst way to adapt a VN to anime. I would
t8152.22016-08-18some questions about the game1) This is much worse than School Days. 4) But it's also very different. There are no "bloody" bad ends and no real NTR. 2) Why not? 3) She is the
t6790.232016-07-18How'd you feel if Japan no longer censored?Give japanese artists a chance to learn all about the female body. As long as they have to censor, we really cant expect well drawn genitals. Some
t7994.62016-07-05SP and sakusasu localizationTheir 18+ support is lacking. They do not seem to put as much effort into securing 18+ releases with removed mosaic as their competition.
t5300.1592016-07-03English localization of PS3 versionFrom the description it sounds more like an extended version. But I dont doubt you, I guess I can look forward to this one after all.
t5300.1572016-07-03English localization of PS3 versionStill no Gold version? :-/
t7383.22016-01-18Seinarukana -GD-That's great! Did they say anything about an uncensored release or will it share the fate of the predecessor?
t7299.162015-12-26Why are alot of visual novels eroge?That's because for pc releases you only have to obey the law. For console releases you have to obey Nintendo/Sony/MS and they dont want be associated
t4439.352015-11-22English version available now on mangagamer ! :DI started with Kisaya's Route and it was so dull... But the others were decent enough once I started skipping through the boring bits of the drama
t6693.532015-07-07Sekai Project translation coming to SteamI would rather read pointless arguments than have them go radio silent.
t6687.182015-07-03English releases from JASTMangagamer doesnt seem to take much care of most of their partnerships anyway. They translate one title, forget about the partnership, announce 3
t1391.852015-05-03Tears to Tiara discussion.I skipped through most of this (the slice of life/comedy parts). The story and writing were really uninspired.
t5499.982015-01-05Official Translation AnnouncedWill this be uncensored or mosaic'd? any info on that?
t5846.22014-10-14What happened to are back. ""Welcome back to We're terribly sorry for being down for 10 days without any warning. That was due to hardware failure