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t12732.32019-08-15MangaGamer teases with no rewardVNs with gameplay take a lot more time due to technical work. Translation is not all they have to do. It's a lot more complicated than just
t12730.52019-08-15Text IssuesThank you so much! I was so worried I wouldn't be able to finish this one. I really like this game.
t12730.32019-08-14Text IssuesIt's not a font issue. I changed fonts three times and I still get letters smashing into each other like that.
t12730.12019-08-14Text IssuesFor some reason The letters are smashing into each other making an almost unreadable mess . I'm guessing my computer updates fucked something. God
t10651.282019-08-09Mangagamer's Licensing Odds With This Title#26 This eroge would never make it to Steam with this character in it. Anyway, god I've been crossing my fingers for this game.
t12690.52019-08-05Ryuusei World Actor ReviewI had my eyes on this ever since I saw some demo impressions. Really hope this gets an English release. I would love to play this before I turn 40.
t5457.42019-07-20Black screen during videoThe videos don't appear at all for me. I installed the K-lite codecs and everything. Maybe it's my OS. I didn't even realize this had videos until I