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t15808.32021-04-05Favorite girl ?_
t15611.22021-02-27Best heroine?Actually I like Hikari and Nahoko because they're can cooking (I like Main Heroine that can cooking). But somehow in Nahoko route, her relationship
t15549.12021-02-15About SuginamiI mean he is always appears in every D.C series and still a mystery about how he appears in every timelines.
t15547.12021-02-15Are there any VN like this?This is first VN I've ever play which all main girl can cooking. Usually, there is one main girl that can't cooking in some games . Are there any VN
t12736.42020-09-16About Urara's EndingYes. And i don't understand why someone put "proactive protagonist" tags in this VN. He's completely a coward.
t13707.12020-03-22different scenario writer Da Capo 4I wondering why Circus not choose Ameno Chihare, Mochizuki and another Da Capo Series Staff before to continue for writing scenario Da Capo 4. The
t13349.92019-12-30Favorite heroineTo be fair, i prefer misaki as my favourite heroine than another girl.
t13354.42019-12-30Is Aoi has a route?Thanks all. That's very helpfull
t13354.12019-12-30Is Aoi has a route?In the VNDB content its say that Takigawa Aoi has a sexual content but i can't find it. Can someone help me where the place?. Thanks for your help,
t12917.52019-12-24Romance is kinda forcedSome route in this VN maybe little flat. I only interested in Kirika's and Shizuku's route. and also i love this VN's BGM especially BGM 13 because
t13226.32019-12-01Soundtrack is really goodYes, especially this song 初桜(Hatsu Sakura)
t13210.42019-11-30Best Giirl poll Koi x Shin Ai KanojoI prefer ayane for the best girl. She is deeply in love with the protagonist. I actually don't like tsundere but Ayane is different. It's rare to
t13210.32019-11-30Best Giirl poll Koi x Shin Ai KanojoPeople sometimes have their own opinion which the others are not agree with that.
t13053.12019-10-24[poll] Favourite heroine?Who is your favourite heroine? For me, i prefer Reina because i like her personality..
t12946.32019-09-30Anyone can give me some recommendation?Hmm..if you prefer class president's heroine you can try this. I think this route is good. E School Life. Mia's route Da Capo Mako's route Kiss Ato
t12736.22019-08-16About Urara's EndingThread closed. Sorry everyone, I'm finally get the good ending after several trying.
t12736.12019-08-16About Urara's Ending Is this route only have bad ending? Is there anyone who get good ending in her route? I always get bad ending. Thank you . Sorry if my english bad
t12689.12019-08-03[poll] Best Girl and Best Route For You?Vote the heroine and route you like and if needed, you can write your reason.