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t14060.22020-06-02Favorite routeI would vote Sensei but damn thats the FD route.
t5972.462020-01-23opinion@forever-here Watch the anime, finish it. Think of it as Asuka's route without romance, like a common route of sorts. Then skip to VN Episode 6
t12968.132020-01-22favorite heroineMisaki. Mostly because her route and character remind me a lot about Maya & Satsuki. I really wish we had an Aoi route.
t13011.72020-01-22about MCIn Misaki's route he is apparently preparing to participate in the world race (after credits epilogue). I don't think he is going international (like
t7128.412020-01-15Who do you like better?Mari as a person, but Kazusa as a route.
t12795.42020-01-12End of Maya's routeI'll put in some arguments. FIrst of all, Hoshioka is a uni prep school. Why is someone's mother who keeps nagging their daughter to get back to
t11413.22020-01-12Another append threadDefinitely saves Maya route. But not in a satisfactory way. It skims through important parts (like how they convinced her mom, maya meeting Chieri
t9625.222020-01-07Favorite route? *SPOILERS* (of course)Ehhh where is my Airi route?
t4716.52019-12-28AmaneAoi mentions a comment where he says Amane's nearly a decade older than Asa Yoru. The point to note is he doesn't say "exactly" or "over". They're
t10413.152019-12-28Best girlI'm a huge fan of older female/younger male romance and I feel Amane's route tops this trope with both the story and h-scenes. Not to mention her
t9902.452019-12-21Another butchered game?H Scenes are important. In IMHHW, Amane's route is completely hollow in the english ver and loses all its charm. I can understand why there was a
t7216.382019-08-13Koichoco --GD--I'm more surprised nobody hated him in Satsuki's route for getting lovey-dovey with the enemy. Perhaps because they couldn't see it happen slowly?
t7289.62019-08-13Shinonome's handI think its meant to represent a shogi move or something but they could have picked something miles better.
t11357.22019-08-13Random little questionIts most likely Michiru. If you don't lock onto Chisato route, you realize she is following you.
t7572.62019-08-13HazukiI think Mifuyu's route is supposed to be the "older girl" route. Which is why they skipped on Hazuki. Also it seems she will only throw in her lot
t12650.22019-08-13Can we talk about how good Isara route is?Mifuyu's route was my favorite. Also how people turned their back on Oojima in Isara route... I actually expected that hatred in Satsuki's route
t12652.32019-07-24(Spoilers) Coda, Kazusa NE's correlation to her TEThat was probably going to be the SNE, which is the most abrupt route. STE is still the closest to what you want. She gave up, moved on. Sure
t12652.12019-07-24(Spoilers) Coda, Kazusa NE's correlation to her TEI recently had a chance to play Coda. While replaying the Kazusa NE for a second time, I had an ephiphany, so decided to expand upon it. What I aim