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t15935.12021-04-26Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki Highschool English transAfter translating Yukiwari no Hana, I've now also done Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki Highschool, the old Famicom Disk System game. I also found
t13891.72021-01-29Yukiwari no Hana youtube translation(partial)link So! I have now combined both parts into one "movie", this time recorded with a PVR instead a DVD recorder, so the picture and sound is better
t13891.52020-05-07Yukiwari no Hana youtube translation(partial)Part 2 ! link
t13891.42020-04-29Yukiwari no Hana youtube translation(partial)I don't kno how to "reply" but thanks tomtheerogeman, I'll check it out. I have no idea how romhacking works but I would like to keep translating
t13891.12020-04-28Yukiwari no Hana youtube translation(partial)I've just discovered the YaruDora series, and am playing Yukiwari no Hana. As I also know japanese and as a practice exercise I've translated about
t2042.32019-10-19There's a movie apparentlyYou could watch my review of the movie, perhaps? link
t12692.12019-08-03Sound Novels on Super FamicomHello. I don't know your policy on self-promotion or linking to stuff, so go ahead and delete this if you want. But I've made a couple videos which