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t7750.122016-05-03Does this one have a 'true route'?prob one of the worst vn of eushy i would say everythings kinda inconsistent tbh how did this even get funding there isnt even a clear route in this
t5972.312015-02-01opinion@26 i agree asukas and misakis are the better routes i can totally see a fd or sequel coming for masaya flying (after for each end or true end
t5733.52014-10-16Thoughts on the Series [Probable Spoilers]just finished~ the ending really surprised me the side routes are really a side dish, gives you a good laugh and sort, but then i bored me and drove
t5486.212014-10-10F/HA English Patchlol after many years of waiting i learned japanese and can now read lns fluently - - was about to make this my last trans patch for vns
t5441.62014-08-22Status update (pre-2014)i hav a feelin theyre aimin for the 20th aniversary for leaf to release but still the wait is painful
t5299.12014-05-06commentsjust in case people didnt notice, marelle route has 17 chapters yes you have to replay the whole thing to completely finish unlike baldr sky, theres
t2782.972014-03-05Majikoi! A. This really isn't a sequel..a4s list up is ughh, homura, i want more monshiro if its a loli it took some searchin to even remember rin a5s much better
t5111.52014-03-05A-3 (incredibly minor spoilerscandy soft and minato soft (and circus) both heavily uses the setting surrounding martial artist heroines and kuki corporation, tho they are slowly
t4058.62014-02-20DraKoI Short Reviewinteresting but felt like reading a rushed manga that got axed within 5 chapters
t4742.132013-12-28Some hours into it, worried. [Spoilers]sumikas rape is physical (with some mind fuck) then pure mind after the beta disassembled her as they fucked with her(literally and metaphorically
t4758.22013-11-20Usotsuki Ouji to Nayameru Ohimesamai agree its quite generic, although havent play melt series yet though, played 77, will play melt after this sprites also looked weird to me for some
t4720.22013-11-11Glitchy text?needs display language set to jap in windows 7 enterprise or ultimate windwos 7 home or pro needs Vistalizator or any alternate way to make windwos
t4505.142013-11-07Site updates@13 thx never bothered looking at their site was on google looking for the torrent for gaiden 2 for the whole week (found share, but its so slow for
t4505.112013-11-07Site updatesit may turn out that fantasy 2 is the prequel to 1 and the rest of 1 gaiden it is mentioned in the first few scenes of gaiden 2 in the 1st meeting
t3803.142013-09-02僕が天使になった理由 reviewgreat review on a overdrive fes, finished deardrops and stryker u know im bored when i start ranting about a vn, i got bored halfway typing this
t4424.12013-08-06Commentsall the girls do is eat in the beggining = = edit1: just finished grand route and prologue yuuji, the one man army overall finish of the story was
t3011.212013-07-23Sousei Kitan Aerial: Commentshopefully a full game on nagi route, if they do execute it well enough itll make an epic story
t1881.162013-04-05I cant skip it...anyone kno wats the cause of these shut down? mine shut down at the shopping scene and right after i choose 行くぞ、霞ッ!! in the onsen part
t3594.32013-01-17Gun Knight Girl: commentssame here the protag pissed me of so much that i almost gave up the game neverless it had a good plot and setting would have given a 9 if the protag