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t17022.52021-09-20How to unlock hard mode w/o beating the game?THANKS!!!!
t17022.32021-09-19How to unlock hard mode w/o beating the game?Saying that there's a second opening kinda spoils the game doesn't it? Now I'm expecting a good ending. All second openings I get from JRPGs often
t17022.12021-09-17How to unlock hard mode w/o beating the game?The game is too easy on the highest difficulty that I can choose without beating the game (Normal). You can pretty much just go swords blazing every
t16984.12021-09-10Will there be a 4th Nightmare Visual Novel?I want to see more Setsuna.
t16657.12021-07-22Do I need to read the Tayutama 1 before 2?* Title
t16522.22021-07-03Where's the other defloration scene for Futaba?nevermind. Its in the main heroine's scenes. I believe it's the 2nd last if I remember.
t16522.12021-07-02Where's the other defloration scene for Futaba?There's are two cgs showing Futaba's defloration in the cg gallery (one showing her front, and one showing her backside) but there's only one
t15274.22021-01-26Am I the only one who doesn't get stands?WTF dude!? I'm still reading this VN. Warn us about the spoilers!
t14832.12020-10-06All of Shuuji's "Tastes"Does anyone know all the tastes that Shuuji can feel and their corresponding emotions? Just asking out of curiosity. No spoilers please. I'm still at
t14479.12020-08-06Music like thisSomeone I know listened to one of the BGMs in this visual novel, specifically "Breakfast is Ham and Eggs", and found it very good. I myself also
t14080.12020-05-28Senren Banka animation?I saw an animation option in the config menu but I've yet to see any animation in this visual novel if my memory is correct. So far I've read through
t13852.12020-04-21Nintendo opening?Whats the opening of the nintendo/ps4 version called? The one on PC is nekoichi. What about the one on nintendo?
t13783.12020-04-06What does シュベスタ mean?I see it often in the game when the blond girl says it but I don't know what it means. I'm guessing its "Schwester" but what does that even mean. It
t13384.52020-02-22Has anyone played this game yet?Akizuki-chan literally BEST GIRL!! She has great personality. Her laugh is so cute! Her hair makes her look so strong yet still preserves her
t12719.42019-08-13September 2019 release?I knew it. Too good to be true. Well, I'll just continue studying Japanese then.
t12719.12019-08-11September 2019 release?So I was checking Tayutama 2 on VNDB and it said the complete and all-ages version of Tayutama 2 will be released on September 2019. Is this true? I