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t10545.32019-10-26Does the MC . . .He expresses his love but doesn't say he loves her
t12939.32019-10-26Explain Mizuha shiratori's bad ending.#2 Sorry if i angered you (.w.)>
t12939.12019-09-29Explain Mizuha shiratori's bad ending.Can you explain this ending to me? I think i missed something .-.
t12903.12019-09-23Ex normal ver and Steam version Difference?What is the difference between the steam version and the Ex version? I was wondering what is the difference between them?
t12865.12019-09-14What is this about?I have seen this game and got me intrested. Can anyone tell me something about this VN and Thank You!
t12722.12019-08-12I need a good novel.Can someone give me a good novel and have less sexual content, i don't need any sexual content if possible.