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t14251.52021-07-21It a waste of time to play itWe all know that no one has actually read/played Doki Doki Literature Club. They just watched some Let's Player react to it on YouTube. So yes, in a
t7744.232021-07-17Any plan for a translation ?If I recall the translation was dropped a long time ago. Apparently there was some issue with the text engine which caused spacing problems when
t16604.52021-07-15Speed story progessYou have to level up in reputation to progress the story. So yes, if you're only interest in story, do the quest which earn you more reputation
w2379.12021-07-08Kodoku na Neko Shoujo o Hirotte Hajimaru, Iyashi no Kozukuri SeikatsuWait, you're complaining about download speeds being unreliable on a pirate website? (the fact that you mentioned that you considered actually buying
w552.72021-06-22Princess Evangile@5 If you like overused romantic comedy clichés, horrible characters that don't get called out despite their shitty actions and one joke about a
t16217.392021-06-12Visual Novels Are games?@38 Maybe. But they sure know how to write some amusing song parodies. And at the end of the day isn't that what really matters? Though admittedly
t16217.372021-06-12Visual Novels Are games?No. And if you think they are let me prove you wrong in the form of a song: link
t16212.22021-06-08How good is the 1st title?Artwise I still think it's Choco chip's best work.
w2173.82021-06-06Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Isekai Ero Mahou Gakuen!>This nukige is so garbage that I immediately had to go and replay Sansha Mendan just to cleanse my palate The irony when almost all the criticisms
t16160.22021-06-02Until Dawn?No.
t16102.132021-06-01this sucks@11 "meant to say anilist, vndshit should take inspiration at least from one of them, this website looks like a self made naruto forum posted in 2007
t16155.22021-06-01Are the Vampire: the Masquerade VNs worth playing?I'll just leave this here: VtM: Coteries of New York Pretty much a visual novel set in the Vampire The Masquerade setting. Can choose to play as
t16147.12021-05-31The black sheep of Empress/Sei ShoujoIf there ever was a title that has weird history compared to all the other works from Empress it would be this one. Aside from the content being
t15793.202021-05-21Did Takahiro really write this?Eh, MMO, simulated reality, tomayto, tomahto. It doesn't help that SAO represents MMO's about as well Naruto represents ninja's or Fairy Tail
t15793.182021-05-21Did Takahiro really write this?@18 "it's the first "stuck in mmo" story as far as I know" The Matrix: Am I a joke to you?
t15793.142021-05-21Did Takahiro really write this?@13 That probably has to due with the fact that manga/anime is just more profitable than vn/eroge in general due to it having a wider reaching
t15793.112021-05-20Did Takahiro really write this?@1 "Rather than only focusing on the heroines, it shows more about the setting itself and the political intrigue between the different factions. "
t16033.42021-05-12This game has no right being this good.The Kyonyuu Fantasy has series has always tried to go above and beyond just the standard nukige setup. You could go the first 3 hours of Kyonyuu
t15871.172021-05-08Frontwing to localize this game.@1 "Came out of nowhere and next month? Succubus Gakuen and this makes this the year of the Oppai. " Come to think of it the English translation for
t15871.132021-04-16Frontwing to localize this game.Do you think that if the English release sells well Frontwing might have the opportunity to localise older SQUEEZ titles since Milk Factory only has
t15409.172021-01-21Translation droppedHuh, I'm surprised they couldn't pull through with this one. Tsurezure Scans has a pretty solid track record when it comes completing long projects
t15329.32021-01-10Original character sourceThe characters actually look a bit more different from their other media counterparts this time around. If you really want a blatant rip-off just
t15294.42020-12-31No one never noticed that exist charactersYeah, I know. All I'm saying is this is hardly the first time character artwork has been repurposed to make an entirely different VN. I'm well aware
t15294.22020-12-31No one never noticed that exist charactersIf you're this surprised by VN makers re-using old drawings to due to laziness, ohhh boy.... let me tell you about a artist named Sano Toshihide.
t10611.52020-10-30I enjoyed the cute partIf there ever was a series that embodied why people dislike genre shifts it would be Muv-Luv.
t14893.22020-10-22Is there any bad romantic VN that must be read?Isn't a bad romantic VN just 90% of moeges though? I'm pretty sure you could just click the Random visual button a few times and find what your
t14878.12020-10-19English 100% saveDoes anyone have a link for a 100% save of the English version? The 100% save for the Jap version doesn't seem to be compatible with the translation.
t12971.72020-10-10Nexton's localization pollSo it's been a year. Any updates? I know securing localization deals takes a lot of time due to behind the scenes company negotiations (and the
t14360.82020-07-21Finally got around to reading this dumpster fire@7 The developer literally tweeted that he was try to quote: make fun of weeb games. Granted, he also tweeted that wanted to change people’s
t14360.62020-07-20Finally got around to reading this dumpster fireWhat did you expect from meme fodder garbage? This was made by a guy who stated that he wanted to mock visual novel audiences, despite him not
t14336.92020-07-15Evenicle 2 English Release Announcement@8 Funnily enough, I've seen a lot of people complaining about Aster's character and saying it would be hard for Alicesoft to make a protagonist less
t14314.262020-07-14Alicesoft ENG Twitter@22 Escalayer's translation was finished a long time ago, it was just released recently. But yeah, I was under the impression he had transitioned to
t14314.212020-07-14Alicesoft ENG Twitter@16 @17 I'm surprised Quof is still translating VN's/eroge. From what I've heard, the only thing he's translating these days is Ascendance of a
t14314.42020-07-10Alicesoft ENG Twitter" upcoming Choukou mobile game " Guess it was only a matter of time before Alicesoft went the Black Lilith route huh? And with one of their more
t12405.1462020-06-14The worst translation I've ever seen@146 "Wtf? Why does this thread even exist? Its nothing but a blasphemy written by an emo dude who got pissed at the game because it didn't appeal
t14118.32020-06-04Early game is too hardEarly game can admittedly be frustrating if you don’t know what your doing. But it becomes quite easy to break the game after a few level ups. Here
t14083.22020-05-29Full or partial translation.Depends on ZAP. They're the group that have been responsible for the interface patches for Eushully games. Looking at their track record they usually
t14027.22020-05-21Lute lineageNo. At the end of one route he ends up knocking up all of his wives. The DLC for Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2 (which was only released in Japan for a
t13937.102020-05-06The MangaGamer controversy@4 Ok I should clarify what I actually meant by that: E.g. After partnering with Alicesoft and getting the rights to their big titles, did
t13937.12020-05-06The MangaGamer controversyI wanna start this off by saying this isn’t a thread about discussing whether MangaGamer is wrong or right. With that said however, I’ve never seen
t13883.162020-04-27it has english version now@14 @15 Thanks for the insight, I guess its more what companies do on a case by case basis.
t13883.132020-04-26it has english version now@5 " All fan TLs are illegal period as they are derivative works of copyrighted materials, but almost all developers just don't feel like suing fans."
t13883.72020-04-26it has english version nowYeah, machine translation and asking for money for fan translations are pretty much the 2 cardinal sins that the vn community despises the most
t13831.202020-04-23Thoughs of the game and questions@19 How so? I'm just giving a example where the hero unable to forgive the villain makes for a good ending narratively speaking. John Doe pretty much
t13831.182020-04-22Thoughs of the game and questions@16 You've never seen the ending to the movie Se7en have you? Sometimes having the hero not forgiving the bad guy and killing him is the best way to
t13831.132020-04-22Thoughs of the game and questions@10 11 12 What did you expect? This is by the same guy who wrote Princess Evangile. As far as I'm concerned Kure is a hack who only knows how to
t13852.32020-04-21Nintendo opening?Wait, so this has come to Nintendo/PS4? God help us all.
t12718.202020-04-09Popularity Poll@14 Looking thought this games scenes I discovered another side character (the dentist onee-sans co-worker) greatly resembles Belfast from Azur Lane
t3314.20912020-03-31TraitsNot sure if this has been asked before regarding traits but if a character has a trait applicable in a non-canon route but not in the canon route
t13714.72020-03-23Another one bites the dust.....@4 @5 Actually, from what I've heard the reason the fan translator stopped working on Bunny Black 3 was something to do with the text engine