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t12991.272019-10-09Where are all the isekai vns?@26 Firstly I never said "its popular therefore it's automatically trash" I simply stated that something CAN be popular whilst also not being good
t12991.242019-10-09Where are all the isekai vns?@23 I want to end this as civility as possible. I totally agree with your point that a genre itself is perhaps too broad to be judged as objectively
t12991.222019-10-09Where are all the isekai vns?@22 I will agree with you however that their are no bad story ideas only bad story executions. And from what I've seen the majority of isekai's
t12991.202019-10-09Where are all the isekai vns?@19 Alright, you want a story example then? The Room is objectively a bad movie, I don't think anyone will dispute that. However it is very
t12991.182019-10-09Where are all the isekai vns?@16 I'm gonna use an analogy here to get my point across: isekai is to storytelling as McDonalds is to food. Nobody's saying you can't enjoy
t12991.142019-10-08Where are all the isekai vns?@13 Those are the exception, not the rule. Those to be fair most isekai media is just power fantasy, waifu wish fulfillment and the majority of
t12991.102019-10-08Where are all the isekai vns?@1 In the trash, where they belong.
t12853.202019-10-06Which eroge franchise is the most successful?@above So, with the monetary success of all these gatcha games spin-offs, how long do you think we have before the eroge industry become a greed
t12971.22019-10-05Nexton's localization pollYou think they're gonna be doing their translations via MangaGamer?
t12869.302019-09-27Hope its a huge success.@29 Yikes. Sounds like he had the same problem George Lucas is currently having. Guess that's what happens when you sell out.
t12901.242019-09-26Ara ara Nukige recommendations?Yay for big tidded Onee-sans/MILFs I guess. Also obligatory shit post: Forget Ara ara, where are my Ora Ora/Muda Muda heroine tags at?
t12869.192019-09-18Hope its a huge success.All I'm saying is that there's are respectful ways to market your franchise's mascot and this probably isn't it. Especially if your mascot is
t12869.82019-09-16Hope its a huge success.@7 I didn't mention this before because I didn't wanna spend hours on tying out my reply but I should have brought up its also a two way street. If
t12869.62019-09-16Hope its a huge success.@6 A lot of drama involving ProJared and his now ex-spouse and a few other individuals involved in the NormalBoots group. It's easy enough to look up
t12869.22019-09-15Hope its a huge success.I don't. This meme fodder bullshit is why Engilsh visual novels are universally considered a joke. Colonel Sanders himself is probably rolling in his
t12741.52019-08-18So.. Neko gacha?@5 Isn't using a flamethrower on a dumpster fire kinda redundant though?
t12741.32019-08-18So.. Neko gacha?Guess it was pretty much inevitable after their monster gacha game.
t12718.102019-08-16Popularity PollOMG. Lecia's costume is total just Prinz Eugen's default costume from Azur Lane except it's a catsuit. They even have the same hair colour, iron